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Why dream of garlic: heads, teeth, a lot of garlic in a dream

Garlic is a familiar seasoning in cooking, giving the dishes a savory flavor and aroma, and enhancing appetite. It is widely used in folk medicine, and thanks to folklore, this perennial herb has been entrusted with the glory of a means capable of scaring off vampires. However, some ordinary people do not like the pronounced specific smell.

Probably, therefore, various dream books in the definition of what dreams of garlic, lead to conflicting interpretations.

Why dream of garlic: heads, teeth, a lot of garlic in a dream

Dream Interpretation: see garlic in a dream

Dream Miller suggests that the girl garlic serves as a symbol of profitable marriage. Men spice prophesies the respect of others.

Weeding the beds with garlic personifies perseverance in achieving a dream. Purposefulness will certainly lead to success.

According to Wanga’s dream book landing teeth in the ground symbolizes a deep faith that can protect against the forces of evil. If you had a chance to knit a pigtail of ripe garlic heads, you can be happy.

The intrigues of the sleeping enemies will turn against themselves. If you dream clearly felt garlic aroma, you can safely engage in the fight to protect the reputation.

Nayavu will be able to easily dispel all discrediting rumors and defeat the enemies.

Esoteric dream book reports that garlic is usually a dream as a foreboding of the thrill of reality. To the adrenaline rush will lead some kind of incident, and in the most favorable case — an extreme kind of leisure.

Gypsy dream book interprets garlic as a good symbol. Ahead of the period of prosperity and material well-being.

If you dream of garlic woman, then modern dream book treats what he saw as a change of social status. It is also a sign that the dreamer will be able to defeat emotions, and will act under the influence of the arguments of the mind.

As a result, you can successfully marry or move up the career ladder. The plot of the dream, in which the sleeper eats garlic, in the opinion of this source, calls for the abandonment of illusions.

They may disrupt profitable project plans.

Dream Yuri Longo treats garlic as vicious thoughts that come to mind in reality. After such a dream, on the advice of the famous white magician, it is desirable to abandon the commission of minor and, moreover, major sins, and generally to reconsider the way of life.

Chinese Zhou-gona dream garlic is a warning on the global scale. Natural disasters and major disasters are likely to occur.

Dream Medea considers garlic a precursor of the disease.

According to Simone Canaanite after such a dream can come the bad news.

Why dream of garlic: heads, teeth, a lot of garlic in a dream

What kind of garlic did you have

When dreaming garlic heads, worth fearing quarrels with relatives. However, a serious complication of the relationship can not be feared.

Extraordinary situations foreshadow garlic teeth. Sleep calls for a more rational attitude towards danger and a respectful attitude towards one’s own health.

Auspicious symbol — dreamed green young garlic. There will be changes for the better.

Sprouted garlic has a similar interpretation. The period of trouble is over, and things will start to develop successfully.

Dried up old garlic foreshadows a simple solution to a problem situation. Dreamers who are unwell will get better.

Caution is considered purified garlic in a dream. Carefully guarded secrets will be revealed by strangers.

A break in business symbolizes marinated garlic. The sleeper can take a break from everyday worries and gain strength.

Large garlic foreshadows misunderstanding between loved ones. Disagreements are likely, but fortunately, without irreparable consequences.

Passion for insignificant life events embodies small garlic. The time has come to set the right priorities, and not to expend energy on trivialities on trifles.

The symbol of turmoil stands rotten garlic. The negative period will end quickly, without causing much damage.

A good sign when in a dream appears lots of garlic good quality. Health condition will please.

The eventful life period is foreshadowed by those who dreamed at the same time onion and garlic. For unmarried ladies, sleep is treated as a successful marriage of convenience.

Well, when dream garlic on the bed. The position in society will be decent and strong.

Garlic in food means vain attempts to forget the past.

If the dream feels a specific garlic smell, this is a hint that someone is experiencing a secret passion for sleeping.

An intolerable “fragrance” means having an opponent or rival.

Actions with garlic in a dream

Good sign — plant garlic in the ground. Soon the dreamer will be able to find a common language with others.

Dig garlic — to complicate the current situation. Ate heads were rotten — there will be major problems at work.

Why dream of garlic: heads, teeth, a lot of garlic in a dream

Collect garlic scattered on the floor — to violent disputes with competitors. Raising from the ground and putting the heads in a wicker basket is a good symbol.

Thanks to the awareness of past mistakes will correct them.

When you dream of garlic, which someone pulls the sleeper, unexpected help will come. Support will be very helpful.

A stable life situation foreshadows a dream in which a man had a chance wash garlic. The fair sex plot prophesies secure fan.

Clean garlic — to reduce vitality. There is a chance to get sick.

Cut the cloves — in reality lose to ill-wishers. At work, there may suddenly be problems caused by the intrigues of colleagues.

Eat garlic in a dream is a warning symbol. Due to negligence, it is easy to fall into a delicate situation.

After a dream buy garlic, it is important to observe heightened caution when dealing with hostile people. They intend to start a conflict, and the dreamer will not be able to defeat it.

A hint about the need to monitor the actions committed is the plot of the dream, which happened sell garlic. There is a chance to unwittingly greatly upset loved ones.

A person can make clear plans. That’s what dreams of garlic, in which the sleeper recounts cloves.

In any case, the dreamed spice is a reason to revise the usual way of life in order to harmonize your own life.

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