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Why dream of green apples?

Why dream of green apples? A night’s sleep with apples is a good sign, no matter what color they were.

The green color of the fruit attracts not only good luck and wealth, but it also predicts and symbolizes something else. Help solve the puzzle dream books.

Why dream of green apples?

Details of sleep about apples

Pay attention to the little things of sleep. It is important that the apple is green, but other nuances of sleep will also be important.

When you wake up, analyze the vision, highlight the key points.

  • If a dream of a woman, she picks a green apple from a tree, then for her fate has prepared a pleasant meeting with a man. A date will bring pleasant emotions.
  • If a girl was cutting an apple, then a recent acquaintance will disappear from her life.
  • Receive a green apple as a gift. Sleep predicts meeting with the right person. With this person you can start a serious relationship.
  • Apples fell from a tree. In real life, expect the loss of a loved one.
  • Rotten green apples, seen in a vision, dream of a serious illness.
  • If a bought green apples, then your project will be successful and realized.
  • See green apples on the tree. Expect bonuses or promotions at work.Why dream of green apples?
  • If a the fruit was spoiled, then be careful, your colleagues envy and intrigue.
  • Ate rotten green apples? The conflict with colleagues will reach the authorities, but it will be on your side.
  • A rotten apple lay on the ground? Change of work is not far off. It will be more interesting and profitable.
  • The apple was wormy? Difficult life situation will be seen in advance for you.
  • If you are dreaming felt the sour taste of green apples, then wait for the white band in life. She will be sweet.
  • The apples were big and sour.? Dream predicts success.
  • Small green sour apples dream before starting some business. It will bring you joy and pleasure.
  • If a bought sour green apples, then wait for the fulfillment of desires related to the financial component of your life.
  • Gathered apples in a bucket? Wait for praise from the authorities.
  • Picked up from the ground? Soon get a fine or a reprimand at work.
  • Picked apples in a hat? You will soon possess a secret feeling.
  • If you saw someone want to rip a green apple, then look around and be prepared to accept an unfair accusation.
  • The apples were at the top of the tree., but you couldn’t get them? Wait for provocations at work.
  • By a hard talk a dream in which you climbed the stairs to pick a green apple.
  • If a woman dreams of a child, That dream can mean a long-awaited pregnancy.
  • If you thrown fruit, then wait for hard and hard work.
  • There were a lot of apples? Expect interesting projects that will bring good money.

What do the dream books say?

Dream Miller

See green apples — good sign. If you ate spoiled fruit, then the dream predicts small problems. Seen ripe fruits, who hang on a tree, speak of fulfilling hopes.

If a apples hang only on top, then remember to stop dreaming, grasp the fulfillment of the dream.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

if you I had to eat a ripe and juicy apple, then know that your attempts to build relationships with the right person will not succeed. Shaken an apple tree with green apples?

To meet your sexual partner you need to put a lot of effort.

Wormy apple — suspicions of infidelity chosen. There is no reason to worry.

Why dream of green apples?

Dream Vanga

The apple symbolizes wisdom and reward.. If a cut off an apple tree with green apples, then soon you will have a desire to find an interlocutor.

With him you will be able to talk about the essence of earthly phenomena, about the meaning of life.

Ate a green apple? Wait for a meeting or acquaintance with a wise and experienced person.

He will give you his knowledge and wisdom, but you need to be kind to him.

Rotten apples prophesy receiving false information. If you don’t think with your head and figure out your steps, you will lose a lot. Cut apple?

Do not fool yourself and do not live dreams, soon everything will have to pay.

Dreaming nostradamus

I dreamed big green apple? Things will go well, and people will show respect. Saw a rotten apple?

Expect failures in the affairs started. If a ate a green apple, then get ready for a meeting with a cute and attractive woman.

She will change your life.

Ancient dream book

Ate an apple? Think about your health.

Unripe apples dream about bad news. If among the good apples was rotten, then know that your problems and troubles are from a loved one.

Dream interpretation of the 20th century

Green apples symbolize the patience that is needed to succeed. Wait a bit.

Gypsy dream book

Green fruits in a dream they talk about impermanence in friendship.

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