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Why dream of hugging a dead man in the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov, Lofa

Communication with the world of the dead has always been a hot topic for discussion. Turning to the spirits of ancestors, people often seek to know the future.

If you dreamed of hugging a dead man? Why dream of such a plot, find out in the verified dream books.

Convention of the world of the living and the dead

The world of the living is so perishable and transient, undoubtedly, it comes into close contact with the world of the dead. When we part with someone forever, it affects our psyche, health, attitude.

In search of tranquility, we turn to God, talk to the departed at the gravestones, and thus do not let go of the departed, even when we sleep.

Why dream of hugging a dead man in the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov, Lofa

This is one of the reasons why we die dead. The second interpretation scenario says that people dear to the heart from the other world want to warn us in some way, to guide us on the true path and make us live more intelligently.

Women’s view of the underworld

A young girl has a glimpse of a friend who has left the world of the living long ago — this shows your helplessness and helplessness in some things you have not done before.

Perhaps right now you lack his advice and support.

Try not to lose composure so that you will not be overcome by resentment and despair.

If a friend was in a great mood and told you compliments and parting words — this promises a new acquaintance with a young man who will remind you of his habits and character. And also will not refuse to help you.

Hugging with your mother, who has long been in a damp land, speaks of your loneliness and life difficulties. But do not despair, soon there will be a bright streak.

But if she kisses you — it speaks of problems in the intimate sphere. Your seclusion and seclusion have made your life boring and monotonous.

Pay attention to the views of men and trust someone.

The widow has seen the former spouse, such dream foretells unexpected support from outside. And if you did something together, as before, everything will work out for you.

New perspectives at work will open, and your success and optimism will make you attractive to the opposite sex.

Why dream of hugging a dead man in the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov, Lofa

If at the sight of the deceased you have experienced peace and joy, then you will have a blissful period of great opportunities and great achievements. Hugging and laughing with him — in reality you should not be afraid of something and be afraid, for many years there will be only a green light on your road.

All problems and difficulties will remain on the sidelines of your destiny.

Which shade will choose men — black or white

A dark-haired brunette with black eyes, who has not been among the living for a long time, was seen — this is a hint that you need to trust your own wisdom and not take into account the opinions of people incompetent in your affairs.

The older brother is smiling wickedly — he is hinting to you about mistakes that you are increasingly making. Without realizing the consequences of your actions, you risk serious injury or loss of health.

An uncle who has passed away lives, who wishes you a happy birthday and says parting words — this is a prophetic dream, it is important to remember what a relative wanted. Perhaps you made a promise, the deadline for which has already come.

Do not throw words to the wind, it’s time to carry out his plan.

If you took a gift from this person — a bad sign, you are waiting for unpleasant surprises and misfortunes.

The black and white tones of the clothes of a person from the other world tell about the ghostly future of the sleeper, you are in search of yourself and do not know which beach you are on.

For a business person, this is a sign of a dilemma, a question that worries you, has a double meaning and several solutions. Which way to go is up to you.

Trust your intuition.

Author’s dream books


Tactile contact with the deceased person indicates to the dreamer his inner strength, deliverance from fears and prejudices in real life. You are ready for great accomplishments, the main thing is to believe in yourself, and the higher forces will support you.

I saw how the dead man beckons you to go after him, and you went — a bad sign, portends a disease or a serious illness, which will be difficult to cope with. If you stop and return — fate will do you favorably, and you will regain the energy and good spirits.

Seeing once living naked — it speaks of soothing his soul. Your prayers and commemorations have been heard.

A grandmother once left you dreamed, her eyes are extinct and unhealthy — your disputes and friction with your opponents will be in vain, things will end in fiasco, and the result of solving the issue will seem unfair to you.

Walking through the cemetery foreshadows a terrible epidemic or global catastrophe in real life.

The clinical death of a loved one in a dream — to stagnation in affairs. Someone from your business environment is trying to hurt you, creating various obstacles.

David loff

A friend who accidentally crashed often comes to you in night visions — to your mental anguish and experiences, you blame yourself for his death in vain, or feel your involvement in death. For all the will of fate, the right decision will be to accept and live on.

Sigmund Freud

A corpse lying in a coffin promises a dreamer a long and happy life.

Why dream of hugging a dead man in the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov, Lofa

If you see the angry face of your father, who is no longer with you — this is to guide you on the right path.

Your occupation, lifestyle causes condemnation and resentment.

You need to change attitudes and believe in true values.

The woman has a glimpse of a dead baby — this indicates your health problems and difficulties in conceiving a child.

Gustov Miller

The deceased father came in a dream — expect difficulties in the business sphere. Perhaps the deal you have planned will be unprofitable or the partner will simply deceive you. Carefully check the contracts and all related documents of financial transactions.

Bad period for the purchase or sale of real estate, the transaction will be unprofitable.

A mother from the world warns about the illnesses of your children or close relatives in reality. But do not worry too much, the form of the diseases will be easy, and they will soon recover.

Nephews or younger brothers have got a glimpse — it promises financial losses or major expenses related to your relatives. You may be asked for help to clear someone’s debts or solve everyday problems.

The dead man came out of the grave — you were face to face with a difficult situation.

You will have to rely only on yourself, as outside helpers will be powerless.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A relative who has long been in heaven suddenly reaches out to you — wait for difficult trials and a series of difficult tasks.

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