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Why dream of nails on the hands?

Well-groomed beautiful nails immediately attract attention, as well as carelessly treated. Nails reflect the health of a person and his energy, in the mystical understanding of the quality of the nail plate can affect the fate. Why dream of nails on the hands that foreshadows this image? We will understand in detail with the dream books.

The nails are one of the important organs of the body, without which it cannot be healthy. For a long time, the nails participated in magical rituals of influence on a person, so they were protected and buried in the ground after shaving.

To interpret a dream, you need to remember all the details of the storyline:

  • whose nails you saw;
  • type and shape of nails;
  • long / short nails;
  • brush your nails;
  • varnish;
  • cut off the nails.

If you saw own nails in the hands, will soon be responsible work with a good reward. Clean well-groomed nail plates will tell about the complete contentment of fate and good health.

Layered nail plates considered a bad sign — the dreamer has a rival (or rival), there will be a difficult struggle for the right to be with your loved one. Sick nails directly indicate the state of health of the dreamer.

If you dream that you cling to your nails or dig into something, in reality there will be a persistent struggle to achieve a result. The result of this struggle will be the deserved authority, respect and material profit.

There are terrible dreams in which instead of human nails animal claws grow. This image reflects the inner state of the dreamer, his cruelty towards loved ones. It is worth thinking about the qualities of your character: do not inflict spiritual wounds to dear people.

A symbol of well-being are considered moderately long nails with a neat manicure or without it. What they mean exactly cropped short nails? This image has a positive meaning — peace, prosperity, spiritual harmony. However, there is also a negative subtext — you are too soft a person and you will not be able to stand up for yourself in an extraordinary situation.

If a dream happened cut your nails and take care of your hands, in reality, you have to get rid of the unnecessary in life — the annoying situation, sticky friends, boring work or negative traits of your own character.

Paint your nails in a dream, bring manicure in order — in reality you have to do a noble cause that will benefit others and the joy of yourself. If you refuse the proposed case, you will lose a lot in life. For unmarried girls, nail varnish coloring promises a quick acquaintance with a romantic young man.

For girls, long beautiful legs bear a positive meaning — they will meet with an interesting young man. If the young man is already there, the dream foreshadows a quick engagement. For married women, sleep promises family harmony and well-being. For men, the dream predicts financial gain.

Shortly cut nails they talk about the reluctance of anything in my lifestyle. Fear of change binds the dreamer from the inside and inhibits development. Gnawing nails in a dream — missed opportunities.

Breaking your own nails — go the wrong way. You yourself have chosen the difficult path to achieve the desired goal, on which many obstacles. Take a look around — you will see other paths to your goal, on which there are no obstacles.

Sloppy nails make a repulsive impression, with such a person you do not want to have common affairs. In a dream, this image warns of a heated atmosphere among employees at work, get ready to gossip and scandals in the team.

Dirty nails can symbolize the envious and enemies, who seek to harm the dreamer. Sometimes the image may indicate the personal qualities of the dreamer: you should think carefully about your behavior among people.

Fallen off nail predicts a break a long relationship — love or friendship. This dream warns in advance about an unpleasant event, so that you can make every effort to prevent an unnecessary situation.

If the vision dreamed of beautiful nails with or without a manicure, the image prophesies well-being and health in the life of the dreamer. Long nails with a glossy manicure predict unexpected pleasant news that will surprise.

Ugly dirty nails with a shabby manicure or broken — a sign of trouble and even trouble. However, it must be remembered that the dream simply warns, and does not state the facts. Therefore, any state of affairs can change or weaken their negative impact.

Dirty nails on other people’s hands can warn about an unscrupulous person in your environment who is waiting for the right moment. Carefully analyze all your relationships with your surroundings to get to know this person.

To detect cut nails in an unexpected place — you have to learn someone’s secret. Whatever you find out, treat with delicacy the secret of this person — do not distribute the news among your acquaintances.

Female dream book believes that seeing a nail in a dream warns about hard work for a meager reward. Care for your hands — to a noble cause. Broken or dirty nails foreshadow illnesses and problems.

Big Dream warns: long or sore nails dream to deceived hopes. If you tore out your nail, soon reconcile with your family.

Gypsy dream book He sees in the image of long nails a big profit. Trim your nails — to dishonor, family conflicts and troubles. Snatching nails — to a serious illness and even premature death.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova gives the following interpretation: long nails — to deceived hopes, short — to hectic, varnished — to amazing news, cut off — to failures, to cling with nails — to glory, unexpectedly grown nails — to big money and wealth.

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