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Why dream of salt: large, white, scattered, salt in a pack in a dream

Salt, or sodium chloride, is a familiar seasoning, as well as a mystical symbol. When deciphering what dreams of salt, you can find quite contradictory values, but most sources interpret this sign in the same way.

Dream Interpretation: see salt in a dream

According to Miller salt symbolizes the dreamer’s aloofness, his detachment from the environment. Salting meat — to debt.

When a woman dreams of salt, and she eats it, soon there will be a bitter resentment that her lover will prefer the other.

Universal Dream thinks that a dead person with a dream warns about provocations. Someone will try to draw the dreamer into a conflict situation.

If the deceased relative asks for salt — in reality you should expect receipt of money.

Why dream of salt: large, white, scattered, salt in a pack in a dream

According to the Ukrainian dream book if you dream of salt, business affairs will delight. Waking her up is a fight.

What salt you dreamed

Scattered salt in a dream is treated almost identically to the folk omen. An outburst can quarrel with households on level ground.

Difficulties in the business field promises a dream large salt.

In order to achieve success, it will take titanic efforts.

Stone salt — to trouble. In order to avoid them, you will need to overcome your own laziness and slowness.

Not a very positive sign is small salt in a dream. You have to be upset and even cry, and the cause will be the mean act of a two-faced person from a close enough environment.

Making important decisions should be postponed if you dreamed at night sea salt. The number of mistakes can be critical, and the troubles and misunderstandings spoil the mood.

Black salt is considered a warning. Someone is trying to influence the dreamer with magical methods.

Net white Salt foreshadows a calm period. Sparkling transparent crystals calm: quarrels will end in complete reconciliation, and will not leave unpleasant consequences.

When dream salt and sugar at the same time, you need to be wary. There comes a tense period, complications in the business and personal sphere.

Beautiful sign of coming joy — bread with salt. All ideas will have a brilliant development.

If dreaming a lot of salt, This is a hint about the dreamer’s excessively violent reaction to events. Inconsistency and sharp statements lead to strained relationships, but you can still improve the situation.

Mountains of salt urge to carefully consider every decision made. But the endless field with sparkling crystals foreshadows tremendous success.

Bag of salt — a very ambiguous character. On the one hand, this is a turbulent period in personal life. If the bag in a dream stood in the warehouse, it is to prosperity.

According to another source, this is a warning about the likelihood of a disease. Another interpretation of this vision is the presence of extrasensory abilities in a sleeping person.

Iodized salt calls to take care of health.

Why dream of salt: large, white, scattered, salt in a pack in a dream

Where did the salt dream in a dream

Feel the salt in your dream in the mouth — warning. You should follow your own words. The taste of salt in the mouth reminds that a thoughtlessly thrown phrase can cause a major quarrel.

If the dream felt the crystals on the face — this is a good sign.

It will turn out with dignity to get out of an awkward situation.

Salt in the salt shaker — to anxiety, if the tank is filled to the top — conflicts are likely. Empty salt shaker — an indication of empty experiences.

Everything will be fine.

Good sign — salt in a pack. Ahead of getting money.

When dream about salt on the table in an elegant plate or saucer — you can expect joyful events. Just poured on the tablecloth — to a misunderstanding with family and friends.

Salt on the floor personifies unspoken thoughts and carefully restrained emotions. It is necessary to deal with the problems that make you feel real.

Discover salt on the bed — to large-scale projects. See the crystals under the pillow — to a secret admirer or admirer.

Interpretation of sleep by action with salt

Buy salt is a good symbol. The future has prepared pleasant surprises.

Carry salt and sugar — to unexpected difficulties. The projects that were hoped for will prove to be impracticable at the moment, and the relationship will be complicated by distrust.

Carry salt — to the toothache. Seeing it in the palms of another person — to the tempting offer of a loved one.

Ill omen — to wake up salt in the dream. Ahead of the conflict period.

Scatter salt in a dream — a call for caution and endurance. At work and at home, due to excessive sensitivity, it is likely to be in the epicenter of the scandal.

Well, if you had a dream sprinkle salt on the walkway. Nayawa will be made the right decision.

To pour salt when cooking sweet dishes — plans that have a chance of success. Blanks in a dream — an indication of a tendency to emotion.

Collect salt scattered over the surface is a good sign. Nayavu after the enclosed diplomatic efforts and apologies will manage to normalize the atmosphere in the family and at work.

To give salt — a warning about the deception of a casual acquaintance or companion. Borrow seasoning for a passionate romantic evening.

There is salt without any other food — to the original resolution of the problem situation. Sprinkle it with a tomato — a brilliant idea will appear in reality.

When interpreting what the dream is about, it is most important to take into account this symbol in combination with other details of what he saw.

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