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Why dream that hit in the face — in the dream books of Wang, Miller, Freud

A face slap is a rather unexpected “treat” even for sleeping. How to understand why dream that you got hit in the face?

What does the dream book write — is it an alarming sign, or vice versa, is fate favorable to you?

Why dream that hit in the face - in the dream books of Wang, Miller, Freud

The general meaning of «massacre» in a dream

The face in dreams is considered a sign of our communication with the closest people. Deciphering dreams with this symbol is taken, starting from the emotions that we experience in a dream.

So remember: for what you (or you) hit, what did you feel, what followed next?

What exactly was hit?

  • Palm: a dream to move up the career ladder.
  • Fist: disassembly among your relatives.
  • Glove: fate challenges you.
  • Stick: something bad will happen to you.
  • Something heavy: you will soon feel frustrated.
  • Rag: you will suck up household chores.

Where did he go?

  • In the nose: something will excite you.
  • Down the cheeks: you will be ashamed or ashamed.
  • In the eye: sleep means a wrong look.
  • In the cheekbone: something will disappoint you.
  • In the jaw, in the teeth: you lose something.

Slap you?

  • Why dream that they hit you in the face? In real life, you are morally crushed by a person who has power over you (teacher, boss, mother, wife).
  • Has blood appeared after a stroke? If yes, then you should prepare for the visit of a loved one. If not, the guest will be a stranger. Well, if the face is decorated with a bruise, the dream says: you can get sick.

Did you hand over the slaps? And who exactly got from you?

Why dream that hit in the face - in the dream books of Wang, Miller, Freud

  • Your favorite: it may be wrong.
  • Your spouse: in fact, your marriage can be called successful. If in a dream you beat him out of jealousy (say, he winked at another woman), it means that he will be faithful to you in the «real world».
  • Your spouse or girlfriend: you should learn a sense of proportion. And not only in the manifestation of their emotions, but also when eating.
  • Stranger: you are destined to meet a pleasant man. If you were arguing with a stranger, and on the emotions “treated” him with a slap, a dream means: your colleagues (partners) will let you down a lot.
  • To your ex: you still miss him.
  • Opponent: your favorite does not change you.
  • To your mom or dad: wait for the bad changes in your life. If mom was crying at the same time, sleep means that in real life you do not get along. If even after the slap she laughed, you should expect positive news.
  • As for you: you will achieve your own goal.
  • Dead: you do not want certain information about you to go public.
  • Your colleague: a dream to win the dispute.
  • To an alien: in order to “pull out” your project, you will have to take a justifiable risk.
  • To your own child: you will learn something new, and it will be very difficult to learn new knowledge.

Or maybe you were just an unwitting witness to the “massacre”?

  • According to the dream book: they hit your real friend in the face, and you do nothing, it means that you are offended by it. If you rushed to the aid of a friend, it means that in fact you have offended a friend and are now tormented by remorse of conscience.
  • If a person has suffered in a dream, which you seem to know, it means that you regret something.
  • You saw a woman hit and she fainted: you will keep some secret. If, on the contrary, Madame fainted, and she was slapped on the cheeks to return to her senses, your secret will be revealed, and it will also “explode” like a powerful information bomb.
  • If your acquaintances (a couple, a boyfriend and a girlfriend) fought among themselves, this dream says that in real life you will soon be present during a stormy showdown.
  • If you saw how your child was hit, it means that you are unhappy with your life.
  • The baby cried sobbing? Sleep promises a lot of trouble. On the contrary, he did not even cry? Sleep promises a successful completion of your affairs.
  • You saw your adult daughter with a broken cheekbone: you will have a lot of trouble, and they will not bring the fruits that you think about.
  • You saw your spouse as a boxer in a dream, and his woman in the ring didn’t know a woman: your husband’s career (business) is in danger.

And what about famous assault books in a dream?

Why dream that hit in the face - in the dream books of Wang, Miller, Freud

Despite the fact that any dream with a slap in the face can be very broadly deciphered by general dream books, it is worth finding out more “highly specialized” opinions. Therefore, we propose to read what the world-famous foreteller, as well as eminent psychoanalysts, wrote about such dreams.

Dream Vanga

  1. Hit you? To be confident in yourself, you will have to «turn on» all your determination and not be timid. No one will help, and should not — act independently!
  2. Did you hit? This is not a good dream. The case you are working on may end in a crash.
  3. If, in a dream, your daughter struck the face of her child, it means: she needs to be careful of injuries.

Dream Miller

  1. If a woman dreamed that her spouse hit her in the face, it means: someone insulted her. If she was hit by a stranger, the dream suggests that her husband is very jealous.
  2. A slap from another woman is a sign that you can not get in touch with the best company.
  3. Did any parent hit you? In real life, you can quarrel with them, and this “war” will not end in one day.
  4. Did you yourself beat a lover’s cheek? In the «real» he will treat you like a goddess.
  5. Have you hit her husband’s mistress, whom you have heard in a dream? Do not be afraid: in fact, the spouse is faithful to you!
  6. Have you hit a child? This is a bad dream, warning you about an error, for which you have to pay a long time.
  7. If, in a dream, a man slapped a “splash” on a person who insulted his beloved, it means that he has very strong nerves, and in difficult situations he always thinks with his head, and not with emotions.
  8. But to see that you are slapped in the face in a dream because you stood up for the honor of a woman is not very good. A dream warns: your good name is dirty with dirty gossip.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Male dream. A slap in the face is a sign of the dreamer’s fear of intimacy. It is possible that this guy has never been with a woman.
  2. Women’s dream. Seeing being hit in the face means: the dreamer looks at women with great interest, regarding them as bed partners. And besides, this lady is no stranger to the sexual games.

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