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Becoming for revealing clairvoyance: open in yourself the gift

The basis of the stave are three runes — Kano, Vuno, Laguz. Additional runes — Gebo, Eyvaz.

Kano reflects the unfolding of potential, the light of knowledge and the guiding ray.

Vuno — positive emotions, the joy of knowledge and the transition of knowledge in understanding the essence of things

Laguaz — the very intuitive, true knowledge

Gebo — interaction and union, the connection of true knowledge and logical facts

Eyvaz — a necessary test, an analogue of initiation. This rune clearly specifies the reachability of the final result.

It is possible to use the stava in the simple three-row version of Vunio-Kano-Laguaz, Wkl, where knowledge is unwound through emotions. It is slightly lighter than a stave and is suitable for soft and optimal strengthening of abilities. Becoming written on the hand, and is activated by breathing.

Wearing it on yourself for more than five days is not recommended.

Approximate reservations: By the power of the runes, I ask the gods of Asgard to allow me to see the invisible, to know the unknown, and to understand the hidden. Runo Kano illuminates the path of the owl, the rune Vuno gives joy, Laguz gives knowledge hidden.

Together, Gebo’s world is held together and his soul is comprehended through Eyvaz.

In the name of Odin!

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