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Corruption on privacy ⇒ how to find out, remove, consequences

Corruption on personal life can easily clouded the mind. Sometimes a person himself does not understand what is happening with his life.

And well, when the case, so to speak, extreme.

For example, can not find a couple. Here the diagnosis is not wise. The crown of celibacy in the poor fellow.

Methods for removing it are known.

But there are situations when the negative acts extremely cunning. Like and love there, but nothing glued.

And people do not scatter, but together can not long be.

So they have a damage to their personal life.

This black impact is very selective. For example, this negative program is aimed to breed a person with a loved one.

And he has another «love.»

For example, besides his family, he is also keen on fishing. With friends, he goes to the river or the sea. Damage can bypass the family side.

And affect the relationship of the victim with friends.

She will work where it is thin, so to speak. What a man appreciates above all, there will strike.

What is damage to personal life

Every person has what he loves and appreciates. This is the sphere of his vital interests.

Some consider the most important love, others — friendship, and others — hobbies.

Someone all the time gives the garden, and others adore his car. That’s where the energy of damage goes.

She will eat away the soul of the victim. She will take away spiritual values.

Something important, individual, the very thing.

Corruption on privacy ⇒ how to find out, remove, consequences

Do not assume that damage to personal life applies only to the sphere of love. The sphere of interests of any person is much wider.

That is why this type of exposure is difficult to diagnose.

Yes, many will not suspect damage. Begin to think about anything, but not about the attack.

And such a myopia will lead them to the passion for alcohol. That frequent recurrence of similar damage.

He, by the way, is psychologically quite reasonable. People do not understand how it turns out, and most importantly, why.

What used to give joy, now leads to frustration or tears.

Pleasure and satisfaction passes away from the life of the victim. And it happens abruptly, simultaneously.

Yesterday I was still happy with my stamps or pigeons, but today I don’t want to look at them either.

These are, of course, exaggerated examples.

This type of impact most affects the area of ​​relationship.

But not always.

As a rule, damage covers everything that is important for the soul. Tosca firmly rooted in the thoughts of the victim.

He is not interested in anything, wants nothing, does not care, does not excite and does not disturb.

Signs and consequences

Probably the first thing that begins to arouse suspicion is strange apathy. A person loses interest in life.

But his place is occupied by a sofa and alcohol.

A wimp can sit all day long. Even the TV or computer will not turn on.

Women stop worrying about their appearance. Men leave to go in for sports (if they were previously addicted), and “sport” becomes looking out for in a crowd of objects of desire.

The victim of such damage spoils the character. He does not just lose a positive attitude towards previously beloved personalities or things.

He is annoyed by someone else’s dedication.

Such people become vulgar and cynical. Everything around, from their point of view, is worth only an abusive or contemptuous assessment.

From the victim of such damage you will not hear anything good, even if you sprinkle it from head to toe with gold.

And the last of the mandatory — alcohol. What else can a man do, if nothing fascinates him? Beer to drink or sit for a bottle, that’s all interests.

Yes, and with the companions fret they do not.

Most often, the feast ends in scandal, and even a fight. No one with such unpleasant personalities for a long time does not communicate.

All strives to either escape or to teach the mind.

How to find out

You will say that there are people who have described defects from birth? Do not believe.

The Lord does not create such freaks. Just damage could go from the ancestors.

Here is a man who does not know what to do, how to settle in life. Naturally, there is a special method for determining such a hole in the aura.

Need to buy black and red candles. A potential victim of spoilage should ignite both from the same match.


Corruption on privacy ⇒ how to find out, remove, consequences

If the red candle goes out immediately or does not light up, then there is definitely damage. When they burn steadily, then everything is fine.

Deviations can be different. But, if the black candle goes out (does not light up), then there is definitely no damage.

In other cases, it is recommended to undergo the rite of purification.

In principle, in general, everyone should not abandon it. It’s all about the general negative energy of the planet.

In varying degrees, damage to personal life is almost everyone.

It is proposed to use the old Slavonic traditions. Remember, for sure, the description of the festivities of Ivan Kupala?

On this night, jumping over the fire is invited.

Here we will use this method.

Moreover, if you conduct the rite of a large group, it is better to act on everyone. The aura of the collective will be cleaned, the damage to all of its members, if it does not go away, it will decrease greatly.

We describe the conduct of the ceremony for one person. Group is done similarly.

  1. Go to the forest or park.
  2. Tear seven branches there from seven species of trees and bushes. Bring your loot home.
  3. Bind an improvised broom with ribbons of seven colors. Must be black and white. The rest — by intuition.
  4. Now you need to get under the shower. Wash thoroughly.
  5. Comb your hair without leaving the bathroom. Keep your whisk with you.
  6. Again under the shower become. Take a bunch of hands and whip yourself, standing under the water jets.
  7. So say (in voice):

“With blooming, blooming, burning water, flowing water, I expel evil, I purify my soul! As Jesus ordered the baptism of Christians, so did my inheritance in his footsteps.

As the Lord cleansed the waters, so he commanded a sinner to me. As the Virgin Mary was pure, so she gave me her light!

I whip myself, I’ll let go of trouble. I beat myself, I nail down happiness, ailment and grief I drive out! Amen!»

Conduct a ritual thoroughly, without haste.

As you feel the excitement, stop it. Get out from under the water. Dry, dry, put on simple clothes.

That is, it can be any color and style, but is sewn of natural fabric.

Do not wear underwear (if you are not sure). Now go to the courtyard and make a fire.

Broom, which itself under the shower whipped, should betray in the fire. Well, jump over the fire a couple of times.

Make a wish with this. They will surely be fulfilled!

And the damage to privacy evaporate!

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