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Damage to divorce and discord in the family: how to identify, remove, restore

Damage to divorce and discord quite often caused by enemies.

Family is a very special group. Everything is important in it from habits to worldview aspects.

Yes, anyone understands this.

Relationship is a very fragile thing. They are constantly changing, developing, passing their own crises, thereby strengthening.

However, sometimes outside forces intervene. Then they say — made damage to divorce.

Damage to divorce

Apply it, of course, intentionally. Some do it out of envy, wanting to break up a friendly strong family.

Others wish to select one of the spouses, so to speak, for personal use.

And there may be options when someone does not like one of the family members. “Out of good intentions” they want to release an oppressed, unhappy spouse.

They do not understand the unfortunate: everything, absolutely, marriages are not on earth, but in souls. And outside intervention in this process is punishable.

Damage to divorce and discord in the family: how to identify, remove, restore

Damage to divorce is dangerous because it is well disguised. It seems to people: all troubles have a real cause.

This is the main point to be overcome.

Of course, it is good when spouses are open to communication and discussion of conflicts. Then they start working on the problem together.

You know, this rarely happens.

As a rule, the damage further alienates people from each other, denigrating and muffling love.

It has to be fought by someone alone, which is extremely offensive.

But the result is important when the negative is overcome and you can correct past mistakes. But you still need to get to this!

Family discord

The first thing that happens is misunderstanding. As if suddenly there is a wall between the spouses.

They talk, but do not hear each other.

They cease to be interested in the events and thoughts of the second half, move away. They say that there is a rift.

If we imagine the family in the form of a harmonious mechanism, then the small gear breaks first.

This is probably difficult to notice and identify. However, at this stage, people feel discomfort.

If nothing is done, events will become avalanche-like.

Troubles will start to fall on the head, like rain flows during a rainstorm.

Then it will be much more difficult to correct, if at all possible.

Spouses will begin to quarrel, be offended, suspect, jealous, and so on.

All this, of course, is surmountable. Only after all the words and deeds leave traces in the soul.

Then you have to fight not only with damage, but also to heal scars. And this is extremely difficult.

It is much easier to reconcile than to remove from memory all the bitter words that uttered in the heat of a quarrel.

Once again, if you do not make any effort, the enemies will achieve their very quickly. As a rule, the spouses are in a stupor for some time, so terrible changes happen.

This is similar to the behavior of the traveler, who was attacked in broad daylight by robbers. However, after a couple of days, loving people begin to resist aggression, without even knowing it.

There are thoughts that the divorce is close, and then what?

Not every soul agrees to abandon fate, to fold, as they say, hands. For a while, there may even be an improvement in relationships.

It seems — evil is defeated.

But not for long.

If you do not remove the damage, she will continue her dirty work.

There will again be quarrels and scandals, insults and strife will go, burdened by the cooling that has not been forgotten.

For many, the process is very fast. People literally run from each other.

If nothing is done, then parted forever.

Divorce damage: how to determine

To be sure, conduct a special rite. It needs two church candles.

This ritual can be carried out by both spouses and completely strangers.

Buy another Icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

  1. On Friday, write the names of the spouses on the candles.
  2. Put them in front of the icon at a distance of about five centimeters, light from one match. By the way, if this does not work out, then there is damage.
  3. While the candles are burning, read the Trinity prayer.
  4. Then watch the lights.

If the spouses are separated by black forces, they will smoke, blowing black wax smudges.

In addition, the candles will begin to deviate from each other. This is a sure sign of damage to divorce.

The further they deviate, the greater the damage.

Damage to divorce and discord in the family: how to identify, remove, restore

It happens when only one candle bends, and the second is exactly. Consequently, the damage was induced only on one of the spouses. But you must take it off with two.

For this there are special rituals.

However, you need to start with cleaning the auras of both spouses. This is done by prayers or an egg, for example.

How to remove damage to divorce

When the reprimand of both spouses is done, proceed to the rite of removing the damage to divorce. You will need wedding rings and candles.

The ritual is performed on the growing moon. It helps to restore family relationships, and not just remove the negative.

It is desirable that the ceremony took place in the presence of both spouses. If this is not possible, then use their photos.

  1. Light the candles. One — the thickest — put in front of you.
  2. Tie the rings to chains or hang them on chains.
  3. One by one heat the rings in the candle light, reading the plot.
  4. Then tie them together, and repeat the procedure.
  5. After this, the rings are placed in boiled water overnight.
  6. In the morning, you should dress them in the proper places and do not take them off for a week.

If necessary, the ritual is repeated after a month (preferably three times with the aim of protecting against repeated damage).

“Seven domes, seven bells, seven angels created marriage. Do not hell to destroy it, to disturb the peace of the family. I gather together what has broken, so that the troubles in the family (the names of the spouses) do not come true.

Lord illuminate, quarrels and discord stop! Amen!»

Divorce damage: how to do

We describe one of the simplest and oldest methods.

It is necessary to take wool from a cat and a dog, the hair of both spouses. A ball rolls out of this material and is placed inside the house.

It is very difficult to counteract, since the damage will not manifest itself immediately. She will begin to eat away the relationship implicitly, breaking trust, destroying love.

Conspiracy words that are read when the ball rolls:

“Cat and dog — noses apart. They bite and fight, never in peace.

As they do not live together, so the family will not be fret! Amen!»

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