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Damage to drunkenness, alcoholism ⇒ how to identify, withdraw, effects

Damage to drunkenness or alcoholism can turn a person’s life into hell. Moreover, she hits not only on the victim, but also on her surroundings.

Sometimes, when you look at alcoholics, it is even a pity that the cause of the problem is not damage, but an elementary lack of character and willpower.

Damage to drunkenness, alcoholism ⇒ how to identify, withdraw, effects

After all, if negative was induced, it could be removed. And so it all depends on the person.

By the way, the fact that this damage is directed, as a rule, on men is a myth. It is induced on women at least, and the goal can be trivial — to take her husband away from her family.

If the negative on the man, then there are several options, for example, the machinations of competitors. At the same time, not always targeting a negative to a man is done in order to harm him.

More often in such a way they try to ruin the life of a woman, or to destroy a family altogether.

How to identify: signs and effects

Not all cases of alcoholism are associated with damage.

But there are some common signs by which it is possible to say with certainty whether there is a negative, and whether the damage has been imposed on drunkenness, alcoholism.

Damage to drunkenness, alcoholism ⇒ how to identify, withdraw, effects

  • First of all, when spoiling a person starts drinking suddenly. It feels as if he has removed some restriction. Such a person lives on the principle of «walking — so walking.»
  • Secondly, he clearly understands that something is wrong with him. That is, the consciousness is triggered, and the person has remorse. But he does not want to stop what he doesn’t want, he just cannot. Drinking does not bring him joy, but only more suffering.
  • If a person drinks alone, avoids libations in companies — this is a sure sign that he has been spoiled by alcoholism.
  • Drinking becomes the main thing in life. Alcohol dependence is similar to the drug. A man just as well can sell everything, even the most expensive. To get money for drinks, he is ready to go at all.
  • The appearance of the patient is also different from the type of classical alcoholics. The first couple of years, the body resists the effects, he tries to fight the destructive effects of alcohol. People who are negative are almost never drunk.

How to bring

Since the damage to drunkenness (alcoholism) does not lead to the death of the victim, it is relatively easy to point. But the ease of work is not a guarantee that you will not get a back kick.

The simplest thing that can be — actuation of the law of causation, according to which each effect has a cause. It means that those events that may start to happen in your life also have a reason.

It is impossible to completely get rid of this law, but it is possible to weaken its operation with the help of a well-established defense. Therefore, protection should be for the practitioner of paramount importance.

Options how to make

There are several options for targeting a negative on drunkenness.

  • The first and easiest in use, after the feast, collect the remnants of alcohol from all glasses and pour them into one dish, saying:

«People did not finish the wine, and you (the name) sleep, your soul be like a pig.»

The resulting “cocktail” is added to the person who is being negative. In the process of reading the same slander.

Damage to drunkenness, alcoholism ⇒ how to identify, withdraw, effects

Finally, remember — to drink the rest of the alcohol after the guests can not in any case. If you pour a pity, it is better to use it as a flavoring for baking.

  • The next method is more difficult, but it is also quite effective. For damage to drunkenness (alcoholism), you will need the so-called wine worms. They are put in wooden barrels where wine is stored.

If you can not get them, then grow yourself. It is quite easy.

To do this, take a bottle of red non-fixed wine and pour it into a wooden bowl. Cover it and place in a warm, damp place.

After some time there will be worms.

Damage to drunkenness, alcoholism ⇒ how to identify, withdraw, effects

They need to get and dry in the oven or in the microwave, and then grind into a powder. Received powder to pour to the victim, reading a hex:

“A wine worm, king of the deep. Take your soul (name).

Sing in his soul, his nest in his body. Let him bathe in wine, remain drunk for the whole century. Let it be so!»

In order to get rid of the negative on drunkenness, lead a person to the river and set face to the west.

After that, start going around it in circles in a clockwise direction, reading the plot:

“The river is bank with steep banks and flowing, take you, river, trouble with God’s servant (name). Buda hop, come down from the slave (name), go to the bottom of the river.

At that bottom, you will forever age, grieve, yearn, in the blood of a slave (name) will not happen. You are tied to the disease, to the water, to the sand, to the grass, to the sub-cold snake. Henceforth, you gnaw at the coast are steep, and not drunk souls.

As fish does not drink wine, so the servant (name) of God would not drink forever and ever. Amen.»

Such seemingly simple techniques can greatly help to remove damage to drunkenness, alcoholism.

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