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Damage to failure how to remove, bring: 2 ways

Damage to failure in our modern world is one of the most reliable ways to get rid of a competitor, even if it is not the most honest.

Damage to death to do stupid, to health — is meaningless. But to fail in business or even closing the path for any undertakings is a working and reliable way.

Damage to failure how to remove, bring: 2 ways

Of course, you should not look for a catch in everything. You can be suspicious of such damage if the scenarios of the development of events in life are repeated, or if the bad luck line has dragged on for several months, or even years.

What can it be

This negative is one of the most «multifaceted», since failure can relate to various spheres of life, from business to family relations.

Meanwhile, the magical effect on business is frequent, as it is relatively simply induced. Its main features are the impossibility of starting a business, permanent losses, frustrating contracts with customers, unscrupulous partners.

Damage to failure in the personal life is mainly aimed at girls. It does not look like a crown of celibacy, with this kind of negativity a person can enter into a relationship and create a family.

But as far as happiness is concerned, problems arise with this. That person is “not the same”, then “the characters did not agree,” and so on to infinity.

At best, the union will be doomed to a slow death and a spoiled person will be deeply unhappy. At worst, the script will be repeated over and over again.

Failures in the family can also be caused by damage. But if the previous options were aimed at one specific person, then this one was directed to the whole family.

Most often, this negative program is used by women who want to take the husband out of the family.

How to bring: 2 ways

One of the simple guidance rituals is performed with the help of a rope.

Of course, if you can still find a natural rope, then a river with a fast current is unlikely, but for the ceremony you can also make a trip out of town.

Damage to failure how to remove, bring: 2 ways

So, in order to do damage to failure, take three pieces of natural rope 50-60 centimeters each.

  1. At night, go to the river and tie the ropes together as tightly as possible and throw them into the water.
  2. While tying up the ropes, utter a slander:

«Yes, so that you all become empty, envious and offenders!»

Note that this plot must be pronounced loudly and clearly.

When the ropes will sail along the river, read the second part of the plot:

“As the ropes get wet, swell and fall to the bottom, so my rivals’ affairs would get wet, swell and fall to the bottom of life! Worried! «

While the ropes are floating on the river, imagine the punishment you want the ill-wisher. As soon as they disappear from your sight, immediately leave and do not talk to anyone until morning.

Guidance with runes

Another way to target damage to failure is by runes. You can try the following becoming:

Hagalaz-Laguz-Hagalaz — at the same time, the flow of the normal flow of things (the first Hagalaz + Laguz) is disturbed, which leads to a collapse (the second Hagalaz). But besides this, the event stream (Laguz) turns out to be practically clamped between the hammer and the anvil — double hagalaz.

Damage to failure how to remove, bring: 2 ways

Teyvaz (lane) -Gebo-Laguz (lane) — here the blow goes exactly to the partnership. Thus, the strike (Teyvaz) falls on the environment, the allies (gebo), as a result of which things go awry, go out of control (Laguz).

How to remove, get rid

If the damage to failure is not induced by the runes, then remove it easily.

  1. To do this, you have to do a general cleaning in the house and sweep away all the corners and all the dust.
  2. Then take the ashes from the oven or from the oven, and the ash should be burned exactly in the house of the person from whom the damage is removed.
  3. Tie up all the collected items in a knot and take them to a crossroads on a waning moon. Remember that you can not turn around or talk to people before the first roosters.

You can do a rune purge. Of course, cleaning will be much more effective if damage was induced by runes.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to know for sure. Since for every damage it is better not to be lazy and make a separate becoming.

Let us consider how to remove the action of those stavov, which are voiced above.

Damage to failure how to remove, bring: 2 ways

So, if the damage was induced by the Hagalaz-Laguz-Hagalaz algorithm, then it is removed, starting with the first Hagalaz. To neutralize this rune take Kano — cleansing fire.

We leave Laguaz, and in the place of the second Hagalaz we set Algiz — divine protection and help.

Thus, we get becoming Kano-Laguz-Algiz.

If the damage to failure was directed precisely at cooperation, then it can be neutralized as follows.

  1. First we put the rune Algiz, which will henceforth guarantee the protection of any partnership.
  2. Gebo left in place.
  3. The last set Laguz in direct position. So, we have become Algiz-Gebo-Laguz.

Staves for removal are best drawn either on the palm of your hand, along your fingers, or on paper that you need to carry around for about two weeks.

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