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Damage to loneliness: how to determine the signs, read

You know, there are deeply unhappy people in the world. And others do not understand them.

People strive for love or friendship, but cannot get it. All because of damage to solitude.

How to identify such trouble? What to do with it?

Let’s figure it out.

This is a difficult question. And not everyone who is interested in what is damage to loneliness and how to define it are themselves subject to the influence of this negative.

Damage to loneliness: can it really be like that?

It’s all about the nature or high demands on life. It is no secret that our worldview is now shaped by not entirely natural sources.

See, for example, the maiden of romantic films, listen to what they say around, and waiting for the “golden prince”. Does she need him?

Did not try to answer yourself honestly to such a question?

So do you need what you are trying to get close to? Do not run away quickly from your own happiness?

Before you ask, do you have damage to loneliness, how to determine its influence, answer sincerely to the questions listed.

Damage to loneliness: how to determine the signs, read

It is likely that not negative energy is the cause of your «troubles», but bedlam in your head. You know, helping to rest in nature, doing creative work or simple work.

That is, move away from the world for a while and dream. A few days is enough to bring your thoughts and feelings into harmony and find the path to happiness.

Well, but fail, look for more serious reasons.

It is justifiably believed that spoilage to loneliness is more common in women of all ages. The reason for it is usually envy.

And she is not necessarily directed to the maiden.

Damage to loneliness is often transmitted by kind. Not even in a straight line, but from aunts or great-aunt.

Often descendants have to answer for such sins with the misfortunes of their ancestors.

For example, if a granny or a mother bewitched a guy, then a daughter (less often, a son) can bear the cross of solitude. Such is the price.

To identify such a negative program is recommended with the analysis of their own feelings. This is the easiest way.

Yes, and the magician will advise you to whom so refer.

You need to explore your own feelings, dreams, dreams, even fears. Here is a list of signs of damage to loneliness:

You have no regular partner. Men do not see your sexual attractiveness, do not react subconsciously.

This leads to the fact that they become your good friends, partners, but do not want sex.

You feel a passion for love. It flows through your veins, lives as if separately, constantly pushing on rash acts. You did not make a decision about a lonely life.

All your dreams are around the family, children and so on. The reality is hard disappointing.

In your dream come different, but similar between themselves plots. It is wonderful that you roam the streets of a strange and unfamiliar settlement. Everything is gloomy around.

You are scared, you want to hide in the arms of the «good man» and forget. But nobody is around.

Often in such dreams a woman sees the same place. This is an allusion to fate.

But you just can not get rid of anxiety, find someone who will help to get out into the world.

You often feel that you are being watched. Especially when you are alone.

It is necessary to cover his eyes and someone else’s attention becomes almost palpable. But no one is around.

At home, someone’s presence is felt. Especially it becomes real at night in the bedroom. You can literally “follow with your eyes” what is not visible.

Some entity is present in the house, but does not appear on the eyes. This feeling arises from the guests staying with you at night.

People with damage to loneliness happen romances. Only they are so short-lived that there is nothing to remember. The partner seeks to leave immediately after the proximity.

And to explain properly their behavior, usually can not. Just runs away.

Communication can not be called spiritual. Yes, and it lasts no longer than the first date.

When you begin to analyze all of the above, you feel the wall that separates you from the dream. The desire for a strong marriage stumbles upon some kind of obstacle, which cannot be called words, but it feels great by the person himself.

If someone finds in himself a couple of signs, which are indicated above, then with a large degree of confidence we can conclude that it is damage to loneliness.

How to determine it exactly?

Let’s try a test. There are methods for accurately diagnosing such a negative impact.

They are not very complicated, but they differ, so to speak, with efficiency.

We will not take those methods that will leave doubts. Consider the exact.

How to determine

You will need a tarot deck. It is advisable to purchase it.

To be able to decipher all the cards, to know the layouts is not necessary.

Rite of passage hold on Friday, in strict solitude.

Take a pack in hand.

Throw on the table and mix. Tarot cards have two positions: straight and inverted.

On this depends on the alignment.

Shuffle the mixed deck, mentally asking her, from what you do not stick relationships with the opposite sex. Do not hurry.

Damage to loneliness: how to determine the signs, read

Represent all attempts to create a pair, failure, your behavior, partner responses. Tune in to the answer calmly, but do not get distracted.

If you want, once again scatter the cards so that they again change the position.

When you realize that you are ready, start pulling out the pictures, laying them out in front of you in a row.

It will take seven random cards.

They need to get to the side, not turning upside down. That is, leave each card in the position that it took during the mixing.

How to know the result

Consider the resulting series. Read the names of the cards. You need to find the «Magician» and «Moon».

These older arcana together signify damage.

If there are three swords nearby, then the negative concerns relationships.

Attention! Such a combination speaks of damage to loneliness in the case when at least one of the cards takes an inverted position.

When they all lie upside down, it is more likely that you have a curse.

The test is carried out only once. Rather, you can shuffle and lay out cards indefinitely, but there will be little confusion.

When the described combination fell out the first time, you need to work with damage, get rid of it. Otherwise, there will never be in your life a great love that you undoubtedly deserve.

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