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Damage to loneliness — types, manifestations

Damage to loneliness - types, manifestationsDamage to loneliness is an accidental or deliberate negative effect on the core of karma.

The result of this impact is the blocking of energy centers responsible for marriage and procreation.

Sacrifice Cannot Tie Real family relationships (while casual short connections and sex for are not excluded).

Even when it comes to a wedding, circumstances suddenly negate happiness literally on the threshold of the registry office,

We offer you a comparative plate of the main types of specific unkind enchantments. Relying on it, you are easier to orient in the nature of the fateful magic.

Matching spells and their signs

There are three main types of damage you are interested in. They differ, first of all, by the power of divination.

The stronger the magic, the harder it is to cope with it yourself.

Fighting at home with powerful charms is dangerous to health and life.

Mutual falling in love happens, but business does not reach marriage.

The reasons for the gap seem very natural.

People from the inner circle — relatives, friends, girlfriends.

They do not wish you evil, just for some reason do not want your marriage.

Serious enemy, deeply hating someone from your family members.

Perhaps this enemy is no longer alive.

Only a very strong professional sorcerer is able to give release from the spell.

Do not even try to do home cleaning.

You can learn more about the most common explanations of damage from this publication. Identifying the true causes of disaster is the key to successfully overcoming karmic barriers.

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Phenomenon Symptoms The culprits Degree of complexity of the situation
Seal of loneliness The magical effect is removed quite easily, it is often possible to neutralize it with a house rite or prayers.
Vekovuha (eternal virginity doom) The inability to go to sexual intercourse, which is caused by circumstances, and not by health. Most often — envious and envious of the number of friends. Remove no more difficult than the seal of celibacy.
Deliberately imposed crown of celibacy Initially, prosperous relationships are short-lived. Breaks with partners happen in a strange, if not tragic, way. Some obvious ill-wisher who conducted or ordered a black rite. Remove real, but not easy. The help of the sorcerer-healer is desirable.
Generic spell transmitted by the maternal or paternal line. Relationships with the opposite sex almost immediately cause suffering. If the second partner wants to stay with the damned contrary to fate, he risks perishing.