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Damage to male power, impotence: symptoms, how to remove, read

When it comes to damage, it is even difficult to say which one is the most painful. Negative is usually embedded in the most important, in terms of perception of the victim, the area of ​​life.

The man has such an “Achilles heel”.

It is precisely on her that the influence of many black magicians is directed.

This refers to the damage to male power, impotence. She brings incredible torment to both the man and her partner.

Condition of a man

Damage to male power, impotence: symptoms, how to remove, read

The point is this: no one wants to admit that problems have arisen in the field of sex. The man himself is tormented and torments his beloved.

Most often, this situation leads the poor fellow to alcoholism, loss of robots and wealth.

Damage to male power — love the revenge of abandoned or deceived women. It is also used by those who wish to destroy the family.

Although sometimes they resort to similar magical effects for other purposes.

So a person knocked out of the normal course of life. For example, they try to remove them from a good position in order to get to the best place.

We will not analyze the moral side of such an attack.

There is no excuse for any damage. Even if she comes back to the author, this is also a sin.

And even more so when it is intentional.

You should know its signs and methods of treatment in order not to be affected. Especially if such is induced — on male power.

She is so dangerous that in many cases leads to the painful death of the victim. Some drink, others reach suicide.

Few people can handle this problem on their own.

Symptoms of damage to potency

It is possible to diagnose a similar sorcery mischief at an early stage. Yes, damage does not immediately lead to impotence.

It should take some time.

But what it is, can be seen almost instantly after pointing. Naturally, her man will feel.

But the partner also will not remain in ignorance.

Damage to male power, impotence: symptoms, how to remove, read

The victim of damage desire will weaken. This person will begin to wriggle out of the fulfillment of “marital debt”.

To explain why, he himself will be difficult.

A partner should not roll up hysterics, but pay attention to her beloved: after all, something incomprehensible is happening.

is he will get cold, like an iceberg.

Ardentness will disappear from the bed of love.

The first time the victim of damage will try to explain it with stress. Do not get fooled.

It is necessary to take measures already at this stage.

Most likely in just a few days favorite will drink. It happens very sharply that it will be extremely difficult to help.

You know, it is better to perform an extra ritual of purification than to bite your elbows afterwards. The rite does not hurt, if a person is really just tired, there is no damage.

But in the reverse situation, you can lose a loved one. Therefore, do not hesitate and practice magical rituals.

They have not hurt anyone, of course, if they are not connected with the black forces.

More of the symptoms can be called loss of the meaning of life. It is not a secret what men have in him.

If this function is depressed by damage, then other interests are eroded, erased.

Person becomes indifferent, apathetic. At what, it happens sharply, quickly.

And it changes to such an extent that even insults do not reach the goal.

Many victims of this damage cease to believe in themselves, plunge into stupor.

Believe me, the situation is terrifying. And then it will only get worse.

You can not let it take its course. You must contact the magician or report the damage yourself.

For example, it is recommended to hold the following ancient rite. However, have to go to the village.

You need to have the sufferer’s underwear with you.

Find a haystack in the village. It is formed around a special pole.

Here you need to get to it.

Damage to male power, impotence: symptoms, how to remove, read

Rub it with linen spoilage victims, saying:

“As a stack stands in a field of human will, as the perch does not bend, does not break under the hay, so the Lord (the name) does not suffer from corruption. His rod stands upright, Devilry forces went to the grave!


The plot should be read as many times as the full years of the sufferer. Lingerie on the same day return to him.

Let him wear.

Another ritual

  1. Cook the chicken.
  2. When the victim eats, set aside the bone. She should be spoken and placed under the bed of the sufferer.
  3. The words are read deep in the night, during the sleep of the man. It is recommended to do it near his head.
  4. Take the bone in the left hand and the candle in the right hand.
  5. Repeat thrice words:

“In the mountain of bones, the tower stands bone. There is a throne of bone in it, on it the king reigns bone, with a bone head.

Sits ruled, bone mace all crushes. As the core of the king Kostya kostyan.

So the gentlemen of a slave (name) Kostyan wand kosnnovich. On a girl’s beauty, on a thick braid, on a sweet spot, on the Lord’s bride. None of the king’s bones will move.

The power of the rod of the Lord servant (name) will not leave! Amen!».

Egg ritual

This method is used to eliminate any damage, not only on male power. Those. in our case, from potency, it will also certainly work. However, the consent of the man to conduct the ritual is necessary.

  1. Buy fresh eggs. Still narvite a few sprigs of wormwood field.
  2. Men need to bare and put on the bed.
  3. First of all, they sweep him a broom of wormwood.
  4. Then roll the egg over the skin, saying the prayer, «May God rise again!»

Take your time and do not fuss. The process is long.

You need to completely go through the entire surface of the body. How to finish, sweep the body again with a broom, and start again.

This process must be repeated three times. After this, go outside, light a fire.

“Damn — over the threshold, happiness — on the threshold! Amen!»

With these words, throw a broom from wormwood into the fire. It should be noted: one ritual is not enough.

In order to save a man from damage, it is necessary to conduct at least three rites.

Take the eggs to the churchyard and break it into an old grave. If you know who caused damage, then pick up the burial place of your enemy’s namesake.

Damage to male power, impotence: symptoms, how to remove, read

Quick help

If only they suspected that any damage to the male force was done, then do not wait until you can take it off. Immediately perform a ritual that will help him to fight the negative himself.

  1. For this, as soon as he leaves the house, take a piece of ordinary bread.
  2. Say the words to him:

“As the earth is fertile, so the Lord’s servant (name) is strong! Amen!»

  1. Crumble this piece on the victim’s bed.
  2. An hour later, collect the crumbs, tie it in his nose and hide in the corner of the bedroom.

Remove the bundle will be possible when damage will remove.

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