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Damage to obesity ⇒ how to remove, restore, ways

The issue of damage to obesity and ways to remove it can be very relevant if you are suffering from too much weight, and neither nutritionists, nor liposuction help, that is a cause for concern.

It’s not just that your health suffers. Obesity is a dangerous business.

It touches absolutely all body systems.

Both internal organs and the skeleton suffer, not to mention the heart. The case can be buried much deeper.

You could be a victim of black magic. You may have damage to obesity.

How to remove such an attack? Parse in order.

How to identify and feel

Usually the damage is induced in such a way that a person could not come to his senses in time, feel it. Weight gain is the most natural way.

It seems to you that you only get better a little.

It does not matter that the old jeans do not even fit to the hips, they sat down when washing. And on the third floor without dyspnea, no longer climb, this air is bad.

Damage to obesity ⇒ how to remove, restore, ways

Yes, and the men after looking around are no longer interested, but reproachful! Here it is, the first sensitive push!

The first point when you need to sound the alarm!

There is a popular opinion — men prefer skinny not quite right. They can, of course, think what they please.

But the nature of the stronger sex laid weakness against women with wide hips and «rich» breasts.

The fact that they do not look at a woman speaks volumes! Energetically, she does not attract them.

At the field level, they feel: this beauty has obesity damage.

How to remove it is another question. We still have to reach this point!

But to feel that the energy radiating from you is not in order should be already at this stage. Are you worried?

Run to the mirror.

Eyes do not shine? Thought fog? Conclusion: check.

This will help determine if you have a negative weight gain program.

How to learn recognize

First get some memories.

Did you have excess weight in childhood? Generally — when did it start?

Did the body really gradually inflate, or did an almost instantaneous mass jump occur? Obese impossible to catch.

If your heredity does not have to excess mass, then the case is bad.

Doctors also can not effectively help.

Damage to obesity ⇒ how to remove, restore, ways

«Modern medicine» will scientifically explain any change at the physical level. It is a pity, but the energy is not interested in it yet.

Now you need to gather strength and honestly look at your condition. Are you upset by weight?

Do you love the body in which you live temporarily? Does it help you in life or just create problems?

If there is damage to obesity, you will answer the monosyllable all these questions: yes! And then add bitterly: “How I am tired of all this!”

Black energy exhausting abruptly any loads. Only a person happens to be so used to her, and no longer notices the negative.

Now we come to the point.

How to take off

Unfortunately, the fairy-tale magic wand was never invented. Help you have yourself yourself.

It is recommended to use multiple conspiracies.

One — to remove the damage itself. Others — to help the first.

The fact is that the body for several days will require the usual calories.

It needs to be «rein in». Help conspiracy to normalize the appetite.

Thinning the plot for obesity

So, a slimming conspiracy: away damage to obesity and how to remove yourself. Speak yourself have at least seven days.

This is done in an open window, before bedtime.

Prepare two clean mugs (in which you drink tea) and water. If not at home, then buy the Icon of St. George.

This saint helps in feats of arms.

And how is your struggle different from a good war? You are fighting for your happiness!

You can light candles in front of the Icon.

  1. Pray (as you know).
  2. Now turn your face to the window.
  3. Pour water into one cup.
  4. Pouring it from one container to another, in a singing tone, repeat:

“I am walking in mountains, delirious forests, field flying! I want to get rid of Satan!

Come from, cursed of white hands, from slender sniplets! Leave the body of the Slave of God (name)! Run fast to Hell, you will be rewarded!

I’ll be back to the doorstep, and you, Satan, forget the road! As the dawn paints the earth, so the harmony of my body will decorate! Amen!»

We perform the procedure thirty-three times. At the last water you need to splash out the window with the words:

“Stele Satan walk away from my threshold!” Amen!

Amen! Amen!»

It is good to pray again and go to bed. In the morning, repeat about yourself three times:

“I am beautiful and slim! Sunny, you are a witness, my benefactor! Be a terrible judge, stop me when my sin! ”

This spell must be learned by heart. It will help the first few days.

More on this.

Damage starts to go away after the first ritual. Only resist it will be fierce!

Physically, you will feel it. It will feel as if you are being pushed under your arm so that you will eat an extra piece or sip alcohol.

Damage to obesity ⇒ how to remove, restore, ways

This is not necessary.

This is not your desire, and your hateful damage to obesity. As you feel her activity, begin to repeat the spell to yourself (second).

You’ll see, in a couple of days her voice will start to weaken, and then will go out, as there was not! You won!

How to quickly expect the result after removal

In a week, the first result will already be. And the weight will decrease, and the mood will rise. And most importantly — there will be strength to rejoice.

Then you will notice — you have become much more active.

Forces sitting on the couch will not be! They will be needed for more «motor» cases.

Suddenly you want to walk in the park, go out of town.

Then the rope will turn up in the store or the gym on the way to meet. Even yourself surprised how you did not notice this before!Damage to obesity ⇒ how to remove, restore, ways

There is a subtle moment in this period. No, not the return of «Jora»!

If you are not lazy to repeat the spell, then you are not afraid of it. There is a possibility that damage can bring back.

This is no longer the envious will act. This is simply the law of energy: you deleted it, but most likely did not destroy it.

Damage — a clot of energy, it will look for a place. Therefore, we must beware of alcohol. Loosen the field — it will dive into the usual place.

All your efforts will be in vain!

Who can bring

This can come to mind to a person whom you strongly interfere with in life. Damage to obesity literally knocks you off the treadmill.

It spoils all areas of life.

An obese person is not capable of healthy competition. He is not up to love and career.

As they say, «really want to eat.»

If you want to know who brought, remember who you interfered before they began to gain weight. Such observations will greatly help with the answer to the question of the removal of damage.

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