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Damage to the feet: how to make, induce, remove, signs

Many have heard the expression «damage to the feet.» But its meaning is incomprehensible.

This is a special phrase, born of the imagination of magicians.

It denotes a certain, directed negative impact on the aura of a person (or other living being).

It consists in limiting the ability to move, walk.

Damage to the feet: how to make, induce, remove, signs

General state

You know, sometimes a person has a strange condition. He does not want to walk, it is scary to ride.

In principle, the symptoms of damage are different, but all, one way or another, are associated with movement in space.

Usually, they affect the most subtle place in the worldview.

Someone who was not very mobile anyway didn’t want to leave the house. Those who suffer from phobias, he feels the aggravation of this condition.

To understand that damage is done on its feet, it is also possible for some diseases. Most often, a person has a strange cold.

It can take place without increasing the temperature.

However, the victim is suffering and suffering. If no action is taken, complications affecting the spine or lower limbs appear.

For example, many people suffer from vertebral hernia. And my feet hurt above all.

They do not know: and after all this illness is connected with damage!

Someone specifically introduced into their aura a special program that limits vision. She caused the disease.

In any case, the legs are affected by this effect.

In some cases, accidents occur, resulting in fractures, sprains or other injuries.

Damage to the feet will not necessarily deprive the victim of the opportunity to move independently, but will seriously limit such a function. In addition, there are fears associated with travel.

Some are afraid to get into an accident, others are bandits, and others are daylight or night darkness. And everyone tries to sit more often at home, not to travel, not to move.

It should be noted: such damage greatly changes life. Firstly, the opportunity to earn money goes away from the victim.

Money flows overlap in very quickly.

Damage to the feet: how to make, induce, remove, signs

Then, relations with relatives and loved ones who do not understand what is happening spoil. They make a victim of damage claims, which she meets a strange aggression.

It’s not far from serious scandals and breaks.

In general, damage concerns all spheres of life, but money and relationships are the first to be hit, not counting health.

How to understand that induced damage

To diagnose such a negative impact, it is necessary, of course, to analyze the symptoms. We try to remember this, try to remember how the problems started.

You know, the first blow, when the damage has penetrated into the aura, is necessarily accompanied by some kind of event associated with the feet or shoes.

For example, the heel broke, slipped shoes, stole sneakers or sandals in the gym, etc.

Such an event, despite the fact that it looks ordinary, should be alerted. Naturally, not every nuisance with shoes is a sign of deterioration that begins its work.

But the opposite is true.

If the damage is, then you can see it for just such an occasion. Some leg tuck. While being treated, life changes completely.

It is clear — for the worse!

It is recommended to conduct a ceremony to identify damage to the feet.

For this you need a glass of water and a church candle.

  1. Sit on the floor. Bend your legs at the knees.
  2. Put water in front of you. Light a candle.
  3. Read «Let God rise again,» and circle a candle first with one leg, then the other.
  4. After each prayer, pour melted wax into the water. You have a lot of small balls there.

Some of them stick together. It is necessary to study the resulting figure.

Damage will mean a ring or a ball with a hole. Sometimes wax spears or needles appear.

These are all signs of a negative impact.

Damage to the feet: how to make, induce, remove, signs

Just do not think that you can circle the legs of candles a few times and reveal damage. The rite should take quite a long time.

Prayer is read at least seven times on each leg. By the way, the result is also checked for each limb separately.

This is done in order to understand whether the person “caught” it.

How to bring

Usually, a certain carrier of black power is spoken for this. He is thrown so that the victim fell on him.

You are mistaken if you think that supposedly this is always done intentionally in order to harm a certain person.

Many fortune-tellers get rid of their own problems in such a simple way.

It is heated in a frying pan, reading a plot. As soon as acrid smoke begins to rise, salt is poured into a canvas bag.

From it go to the intersection of paths or roads. They pour out.

The one who passes through this salt first will pick up negative energy on himself. And this victim can be almost anyone.

So get rid of damage, transferring it to another.

The method, of course, is very bad. It is not recommended to use it.

Because, getting rid of one problem, a person acquires many others.

It’s a sin to damage a passer-by. However, this is exactly how most of the victims «pick up» the damage to their feet.

This type of negative impact is recommended to remove the grain.

Need to buy unprocessed wheat and barley.

Damage to the feet: how to make, induce, remove, signs

  1. Mix them equally in the pelvis.
  2. Put in the grain legs. Speak:

“Lord, the Most Merciful! You have created all the fields, all the grains that the earth bore!

You are the ruler of the world, people are a wise master!

Free me from sin, with a pure and true soul, reward!

Let the evil go down into the grain. Let the devil not lead me in his sinful ways.

Let him return envious malice. Let it come to me, that is from God! Amen!»

They are pecked by wild birds. A black energy spirits of the dead will be taken away and sent where it should be.

Try not to delay the disposal of grain.

In extreme cases, you can go to the cemetery on the second day.

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