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How to protect the house from the evil eye, damage, from bad people from evil

In this article we will share with you how to protect the house from the evil eye, damage, from bad people, from evil. Each of us can suffer from envious people who come with unkind thoughts. The source of damage and the evil eye can also serve as a given object or an accidentally cast envious glance.

Any negative energy can adversely affect the health of the inhabitants of the house, their well-being and the wealth of the family.

How to protect the house from the evil eye, damage, from bad people from evil

How to find out if your home is suffering from negative energy

The following signs indicate the presence of negative in the house:

  1. You have a need to spend as much time as possible outside the home.
  2. When you are indoors, there is an inexplicable anxiety, anxiety. The inhabitants of the house begin to feel unwell, suffer from insomnia.
  3. Quarrels and disagreements often occur in the family.
  4. Animals living in the house, show anxiety and aggression. Potted flowers grow poorly or wither.
  5. You have noticed a thing that inexplicably got into your home.

Ways to detect the evil eye, damage and evil in the house

How to detect a negative energy impact with the help of consecrated salt.

To do this, you will need to prepare 100 grams of salt. Then proceed in the following stages:

  • Preheat pan on the stove;
  • When it warms up well, sprinkle salt;
  • Let the salt warm up on the fire for about half an hour.

If the house is all right, the salt will turn yellow. If it cracks strongly on the fire and becomes dark or black in color, there is damage in the house.

How to determine the presence of negative energy impacts with a candle

How to protect the house from the evil eye, damage, from bad people from evil

This method is considered the most informative in determining damage, evil eye and other influences. Allows you to establish where in the house was a negative intervention.

To conduct this ceremony, you need to light a candle and go around every corner of the house where you live. Then pay attention to the behavior of the candle:

  • A candle, burning quietly, smoothly and calmly, indicates the predominance of clean energy in the room. Your home is protected.
  • If the candle flame is dull and dim, the energy in the house is weak. Possible violation of the integrity of the aura of the room. To this could lead magical rituals done at the front door or on the eve.
  • If the candle strongly smokes, the color of the flame is dark, and the wax drips too quickly — this indicates damage. Most likely, a strong magical effect was deliberately made.
  • Sometimes it happens that a negative influence is present in the house, but so far it has not betrayed itself. In such a case, the flame of the candle is dazzlingly bright and burning.

The color of the flame also plays an important role in determining the negative. Bright red color indicates that the home urgently needs to be cleaned.

A yellow says about the powerful energy protection of the room.

Advice on how to protect the house from the evil eye, damage and other evil

  • Fumigate every corner of the house with smoke from incense, dry leaves of celandine, St. John’s wort, wormwood, lavender. Chaga birch mushroom also has a powerful protective effect.
  • Do not forget to keep order in the house: remove dust and dirt, carefully wipe the mirror surfaces, sinks, radiators. Any dirt serves as a gateway for the entrance of the negative energy of the subtle plane.
  • Do not store old unnecessary things: read the press, worn-out clothes, broken dishes. Dirty laundry should be folded in a special basket with a lid. All these items accumulate negative and poison the room in which you live.
  • When cleaning the room, add a little bit of holy water, wipe the mirror surfaces with it. When moving to another housing, you can not leave your old things and rubbish. They are often used in rituals to induce damage.

  • Hang an aspen branch at the entrance to the house. It will reliably protect you from evil people, energy vampires and envious.
  • To protect the home from negative impacts, hang bags of dry herbs at the door. You can use these plants: celandine, thistle, tansy, oak bark. From time to time, used grass is replaced with new one.

How to protect the house from the evil eye, damage, from bad people from evil

  • Place two needles under the door mat. Arrange them so that they interbreed with each other, and their ears were directed to the front door.
  • Protect the house from any negative is capable of illuminated salt. She has a magical gift to absorb all the negative energies. She is recommended to shower all the living space once a month. After a month, collect the used salt and in the evening after sunset, bury it in a deserted place.

Also, in order to protect your home from negative energy impacts, you can conduct special ceremonies.

Rites that help protect the house from the evil eye, damage and evil people

Ritual with a broom

This simple ritual will help to remove from the dwelling not only simple dirt, but also all energy debris.

To hold it, take a ribbon of green color and a candle made of natural wax. You need to light a candle and say:

Whisk, my defender. Sweep away all evil spirits from my home, envy, malice.

Do not let enemies, spirits, demons, and envious people enter the doorstep. Protect and protect from the evil of all.


Now tie a broom handle with a ribbon and leave the conspiracy amulet by the door. From now on, a person who wishes you evil will not enter this house and will not cause harm.

Rite with a knife blade

Since ancient times, this ritual has helped people protect themselves and their homes from such negative influences as evil eye, damage or envy.

The plot can be read on a knife blade, scythe, sickle or any other sharp tool.

How to protect the house from the evil eye, damage, from bad people from evil

In this case, the knife will appear invisible edge, which will cut off all detractors going to your house with evil thoughts. The knife will provide powerful energy protection from any evil that could harm you.

You can also read over it and any other prayers and plots. The main thing is to turn to him as a living being, friend and protector.

Then you will create a powerful amulet that will save you and your home from all negative influences.

The rite of cleansing the house with a bow

Since ancient times, helps protect the home from various types of damage and the evil eye, envious people. The rite is conducted in this way:

  • First you need to sprinkle with holy water all the rooms in the house, including hard-to-reach places.
  • Sprinkle also all the furniture and other furnishings.
  • Prepare as many bulbs as there are rooms in your house, clean them from the husk.
  • Take a needle and pierce all the bulbs, stretching a strong thread of red color through each of them.
  • Now you need to tie knots at both ends of the bulb and leave one talisman in all areas of the house. They must be there for seven days.
  • Next, the bulbs must be removed, wrapped each in a clean sheet of white paper. Burn them to the ground at the stake. Now your home is safe from any evil.

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