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Remedies for the evil eye and damage

Remedies for the evil eye and defacement are rituals, amulets, or religious items. To protect them from evil views and negative energy, you need knowledge of the correct application.

This article will show you how to resist evil envious people and prevent self-eyes.

Icon of the Evil Eye and Envy

Remedies for the evil eye and damageFor the Orthodox, salvation from envy is an icon, a cross, holy water. But how to choose an icon — a defender from evil witchcraft?

Any icon will help, for example, the pocket image of your saint, but there are also those that are considered suitable for this purpose.

The icon is the best talisman for the house where people of faith live. Popular The seven-arrow Icon of the Mother of God — hang in front of the front door to protect against witchcraft, evil people.

Icon of the Blessed Virgin protects against the evil eye of the mother and child.

One of the icons that helps against damage — icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Saves from witchcraft image of John the Baptist.

When a negative program affects health, contact Alexander Svirsky.

But the acquisition of the image of a saint in the church is not enough.

The purpose of any icon is to help the person praying in concentrating on the one they are called to. The underwear icon is not only worn, but also appeals to the saint depicted on it when help is needed.

Knowing special prayers is not necessary for this.

Prayer is a way to protect. It is read at danger, slandered on the water for washing after talking with the envious person or in front of him. Ask for help as you can, or select the appropriate text — “Our Father”.

See the article of prayer from the evil eye and damage.

Brought candles from church are lit in difficult times. When you suspect that the guest who left the party had bad thoughts — take advantage of those.

After talking with a potential enemy, wash the holy water, hold your hands over the flame of a church candle, read a prayer. The evil eye often clings or have envious people — do this before leaving the house.

Silver jewels sanctified in the church are suitable for believers who, by virtue of faith and conviction, refuse to wear charms, but need a means of protection from evil forces.

Tattoos against the evil eye and damage

Remedies for the evil eye and damage

Today, tattoo is a fashionable way to decorate the body. In the past, they had solely sacred meaning and were not made for decoration. The correct sign will protect against envious enemies or attract good luck.

How the coastal tattoo will work depends not only on the person who wears it, but also on the one who inflicts it. A quality image is required, otherwise the meaning of the amulet will be distorted.

Belief in what the master does plays an important role.

Tattoos in the form of the eye of Horus from the evil eye are the most popular. Positioned on the forearm or wrist, depending on the goal that they want to achieve.

Crosses are worn on the back, from the side of the heart. It is believed that they protect from witchcraft, the evil eye, bring good luck, and also strengthen the character.

Protective tattoos in the form of dolphins are preferred by sailors, and spiders on the back of the head are those who are afraid of the curses that are transmitted through the generation of the disease. The sign is hidden under the hair.

To get a strong protection against the evil eye and damage to money, get a tattoo with a picture of a bee on the heel. She also gives eloquence, popularity.

Burma believes that the image of a parrot on the body saves from any evil. In Japan — tattoo in the form of dragons. Protective properties are attributed to the talisman-catchers of dreams.

Tattoos in the form of plants bear in themselves their properties, with envy fit mountain ash.

Bracelet against the evil eye with their own hands

Remedies for the evil eye and damage

In that the red thread helps from the evil eye, believe and Western celebrities. One of the first owners of such an amulet was Madonna.

Red thread protects the owner from envy and does not harm others.

The red woolen thread should be worn on the left hand, and the close one should be tied up with seven knots. There are also amulets from threads of different colors, each shade matters.

Choose to your liking, do it yourself. And get a decoration that will complement the image and protect.

Ornaments made of thread from damage or the evil eye, decorated with amulets. Complement the protection of the bracelet eye Fatima.

What to do when dealing with the envious

Remedies for the evil eye and damageIt is not always possible to stop the conversation with a person who has not light feelings towards you. Consider measures for protection against the evil eye.

A simple way to protect against envy and the evil eye, not far from a dangerous person, is to cross your arms and legs. This closes the biofield and prevents the penetration of negative energy.

When communicating with one hand, hold the fig. It is also done when a detractor shouts curses.

Whisper or mentally say, «The same to you«.

Great-grandmothers were taught to bite the tip of the tongue on the praise in his address. It sometimes becomes the cause of the evil eye.

And envious people try to praise what they did not get.

Self-eye also greatly spoils life. Do not tell that conceived, plans will not come true.

But when they did it, knock on the tree three times and say: «Chur me.»

Do not loan anything when you feel that a person can hurt. This applies to both money and things like food, salt cutlery, especially piercing and cutting objects. With the help of personal things cause damage.

Other means of protection

Remedies for the evil eye and damage

Remedies for the evil eye and damage

Pendant with a mirror will not please everyone, but this will reflect any negative.

Powerful amulet — safety pin.

Wear it invisible to others, fastening on the wrong side of clothing. Must be new, but how to wear, here opinions differ.

Read the article on the plots to strengthen the charm.

Plants are also assistants in removing the evil eye and spoilage. Suitable for this purpose — devasil, wormwood, chicory, calamus, sage, and many others. Bundles of grass will become wards for the house.

Not for nothing decorate the kitchen with bundles of garlic and hot pepper, these are protective tools from evil spirits.

Knowledge of how to use the means of the evil eye, will help to avoid the negative impact of strangers on you and your family.

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