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Removing the negative from your home

You can determine on your own that your housing, apartment is “not good”. The energy of a house or apartment is created by its inhabitants (you).

And if it is positive, then it can protect from the destructive effects of dark forces, underground voids and cracks.

Removing the negative from your homeIf every day wife. scolds or curses her husband. Or the alleged enemy, on which the light stands. Sitting in a corner in the kitchen or somewhere else, this place will truly become an “evil zone” with time.

Negative emotions will become, tight energy and invisible to the human eye ball. And they will constantly suck the strength of any person in this place. And it will be difficult for you to get rid of the evil entities that visited your home.

Your plans are starting to fall apart. The results of your actions do not satisfy. In the family of discord and illness, no endeavors are obtained.

But if you have a corner where you usually do your favorite thing. Or just cute chat. Soon, this place will become a concentration of positive emotions.

Both you and your household will feel very comfortable in this place. It will work well.

You will quickly regain your lost strength after a hard hard day.

How can you determine the energy of your home?

Removing the negative from your homeHouses with “good” energy are distinguished by slow drying of spilled water, cut flowers stand for a long time and do not wilt, metal objects are cool to the touch, and wooden objects feel warm.

In «bad» homes, radio receivers receive radio signals on short waves much better. A coin thrown on the floor rings deaf or does not ring at all. Milk quickly becomes sour.

Salt instantly dissolves in water, oil thaws before our eyes, and hot water cools quickly. In such a house, if you light a candle, it will smoke and pop.

And her light will rush and often go out.

We determine the energy of the pendulum.

In order to determine the energy of the house, you can use a pendulum that anyone can make.
The pendulum is a small load of silver or crystal tied with a rope or thread.

Take it in hand and mentally ask a question, bypassing the apartment.

Is this a good place for me or a bad one?

If the pendulum swings back and forth, it means “yes,” bad. And if from side to side — “no”.

Find the center of activity of the pendulum. This is the largest swing amplitude of the pendulum. Then gradually move away from the center in all four directions.

Set the boundaries of this energy site. In negative zones, try to put any electrical appliances and stove.

The fire will have to «correct» the negative energy of this place. In no case in such places it is not necessary to put bookcases. Since, the books instantly absorb all the negativity and give it to the reader.

The workplace is better located in the «good» energy zone. But It is worth noting that it is not necessary to place a bed in such a place.

So, as the influx of positive energy will keep you awake. If quarrels filled your home, health problems began in the relationships of the household, then it is worthwhile to conduct a cleansing ritual.

It should take an ordinary candle (even household), of which there are many in the house, and set it on fire.

After that, start the usual cleaning in the house, which is mainly done on weekends. Go to the candle and say three times on the flame:

“Oh, the greatest spirit of Fire! Burn my diseases, Turn evil and darkness, into light and heat! ”

After that, continue cleaning. After a while, approach her again, and again say slander. Just replace the words in the second line with the following words:

Speak like this to all your close people to whom you desire goodness and light. But remember, the candle itself must burn to the end, in no case extinguish it.

After one week, light a new candle in the same place. After three weeks have passed, you should feel internally that it becomes warm and comfortable in your home.

And your family and friends have improved health.

To carry out the ritual of purification, you must take the coals. And, pouring on them a little fine incense and myrrh, set on fire.

Pour a little salted water into the cup. Then take the bell and start walking around the room.

Start from the farthest corner of the room from the front door.

The detour should be done in a clockwise direction, fumigating the whole room with incense. The smoke from the coals should fill the entire space of the room.

Then go around the room again, but already ringing the bell prepared in advance. After all this, take a cup of salt water. Wet your index finger in it.

And touch the four sides of each door and window in the room. Do the same with mirrors.

In all cases of housing bypassing, the path must end at the front door. You will need incense again. Open the front door and send a cloud of smoke in her direction, while uttering in a stern voice:

“Get out of here, nasty and destructive entities! You have no place here! ”Afterwards, close the door and sprinkle it on all sides with a little salty (perhaps consecrated) water. Then raise your hands to the top and say: “Welcome the spirits of light and happiness.

Bless this dwelling with your presence and the light of good. Protect him from everything and everything that is generated by darkness.

Bring my (our) home in the proper order of the world. «

Opening the doors and driving away the negative «creatures», you should feel the emptiness around you. And after you call light spirits, you will feel the warmth and joy of warmth in the house.

Removing the negative from your homeThe main thing to remember is that the void formed after the expulsion should be filled instantly, therefore, after banishing negative entities, immediately invite positive ones. Demons and evil spirits may return to an “empty” house.

And not alone, but with their «buddies», legions.
Such a ritual of purification is enough to do once a week, until the total expulsion of the dark forces.

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