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Rites of purification — get rid of negative energy

To get rid of negative programs, envy and witchcraft, there are unique rituals of purification that help to remove evil and protect against it in the future. These are prayers and conspiracies that appeal to ancestral spirits or gods.

Rites of purification

To make the sorcerer easier to work, negative programs that could have accumulated over many years are removed from the client. To do this, use the rites of purification.

Rites of purification - get rid of negative energyYou can carry them yourself, but only if you are confident in your abilities and magical abilities. An important role is played by the belief that you can protect your child and family.

Rites that do not require helpers — rolling out an egg, pouring on wax and reading prayers.

Cleansing with prayer

For the ritual, arm yourself with three wax church candles and holy water. Take the liquid on the eve of the temple. Every morning, for 3 days, put a person facing east, give one lit candle in your hands and read the text three times above:

The Lord’s power will heal the servant of God / the servant of God / (name), from the powers of the curse.

I will be cleansed (a) of all impurities, of the evil of men, of ailments. Truly, everything that has entered him / her will come out by miraculous power, the power of the Lord will wash the blood with the purity.

The rays of the Light of the Divine will give the servant of God / the servant of God / (name) health, healing, cleansing. Everything will be renewed by the touch of the Lord.

May God grant the power of renewal, cleansing, healing in your holy name. Will (name) feel the power of the Lord’s help throughout.


Then send wash with holy water. Put the used candle on the windowsill and let it burn itself out. Every morning, light a new one.

After all the ritual, be sure that the damage to the disease, poverty or failure is removed.

A simple and effective rite of cleansing from the evil eye and damage

Suitable for easy evil eye and strong damage. Take 3 candles if the problem is minor or 12 with a heavy curse.

Three attributes put a triangle around the cleaned from the negative, 12 have a circle. When everything is ready, light another candle, cross the one standing in the circle and say:

Lord, bless on cleansing in this triangle (circle) of candles. The Spirit of Fire and the Spirit of Water, I bless you to purify the servant of God (name) and take away the negative.

After this, the person repeats the text of the prayer “Our Father” 9 times. This is where his role ends.

Your task is to present around him a cocoon that symbolizes a negative program.

It is necessary to break it, remove it, cut it, mentally eliminate bad energy from the biofield. At the same time read «Our Father.»

Depending on the strength of the negative program, well-being can change. If you feel sick, dizzy, a lump appears in your throat, heaviness in the legs, you can sit on the floor, but it is forbidden to leave the circle.

It is impossible to perform a ritual for a long time, since a person can really become very bad. Repeat it several times in a row to completely remove the hex.

It usually takes 3 to 12 days. After each session, thank the higher forces, take a warm shower and go to bed.

How to cleanse the genus from the curse

Rites of purification - get rid of negative energyOften a strong black magician, instead of poisoning one person’s life, curses the whole race.

This is a common practice, and people who complain about the crown of celibacy, constant problems, the symptoms of the evil eye, do not even realize that they bear on someone else’s curse.

It is better to entrust such a complicated procedure to a professional, but if you have enough strength and energy to protect your family, you can independently conduct a ritual of cleansing the family.

Action algorithm

  • unused tableware;
  • church candle;
  • icon;
  • new pack of rice.

Conduct the rite of the decreasing moon. If you are an adherent of the Slavic tradition, stop your choice during the week of honoring the clan (Maslenichnaya).

Act in the morning, until you have time to accumulate the negative of the working day and are ready to fill yourself with new forces. Performed ritual at home.

Take a shower and put on clean white clothes before carrying out.

Put the rice to boil, and while he is preparing, read «Our Father.» Do not taste the food.

Put the finished dish in two clean plates and place one in front of the icon and the candle. Say thrice:

Lord Jesus Christ, O our God, bless us with food and drink with prayers.

The most pure Thy Mother and all Your Saints, Thou art blessed forever.
Save my kind, Lord, save me from the black eye, bring misfortune to misfortune, do not let all my close ones go. We pay the price for the sins of fathers and mothers, but we are not grieving over our own will.

Help to remove the heavy cross from the race, for the sins of the ancestors were redeemed. Amen.

Cross the food, let stand a little before the icon. Remember, rice is not for you. It can not be eaten.

After the candle burns out, bring the plate to the street. Do not eat more of this dish.

Throwing the dish is prohibited. Let him be eaten by homeless animals, leave with the dishes on the road.

The rice on the second plate is divided between all members of the family.

House cleansing

Rites of purification - get rid of negative energyOften a negative program from a person goes to his house. There may be another situation when the place of residence is cursed, and now it draws all the vital forces from the victim.

In this case, be sure to clean the home. There are many ways to get rid of the negative.

Cleansing ritual with salt

Rites with salt are common when removing negative programs.

This simple action will relieve the evil eye and envy of ill-wishers.

Take a small pack of salt and heat it in a cast iron pan. During the heating, read the prayers.

It is best to pronounce «Our Father» — works flawlessly in any situation.

When the salt starts to crackle, take the pan in your right hand and go around the room with it. Stop in every corner and say a prayer at least once.

After the end of the first part of the ritual, throw away the salt as far as possible from the house. Now heat the second part of the pack in a skillet, let it cool a little and sprinkle it into small sacks. Put in each room at least one.

After three days, remove them and also throw away from the shelter.

Incense for house cleansing

Incense is a unique product that was used by our ancestors if necessary to chase away the evil spirit or negative energy. If you want to say goodbye to negative programs in your home, use incense.

Fumigation methods are different. It is best to bypass the room with a burning candle and set on fire incense.

Stay in each room in the center and say:

Incense, salt of the earth, fire!
A bowl full of water!
I am going to bow to you!
Protect from trouble!
My favorite light house!
May happiness be in him!

A ritual is held shortly before sunset.

Fire Cleansing — Ritual

Rites of purification - get rid of negative energyOur ancestors endowed fire with magical properties. He was considered sacred, able to cleanse from any negativity.

With the help of this ceremony, you can remove a negative program both from a person and from a dwelling.

It is undesirable to carry out a ritual of removing damage from himself. Use the help of a professional or relative.

For the ceremony take a wax church candle and a knife.

Light a candle, hold it in your hands, then hold the knife over the flame and say:

The fire is sacred, I temper the knife with you.
So that he could cut the chains of evil and envy, grief and pain.
The sacred fire will sanctify the life of (name), drive out of it all unclean ones.
From now and forever and ever. Amen.

After this, go around the house with the attributes. First cross each corner, then swipe with a knife, as if cutting threads.

When dealing with a person, symbolic movement is made above his head and around the body.

At the end of the ritual, extinguish and discard the candle, wrap the knife in a white cloth and bury it far from the house.

These rites of purification can be carried out by yourself. The result will depend on your abilities and faith.

If you feel that you are not strong enough energetically to get rid of negative programs yourself, contact a professional magician for help.

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