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Salt from the evil eye and damage to the house, fry and calcine, the protection of salt from evil

The fact that the strongest magical tools — this is the most everyday things, they know very many. Among them emit salt.

In fact, the salt is energy neutral.

But its history is quite interesting and saturated.

Remember how valuable it was in ancient times? Therefore, this product corresponds to a very serious, ancient egregor.

He is involved in all magical operations.

Salt often causes damage. This is understood by many. But in the reverse ritual, it also applies.

Let’s see how you can use salt from the evil eye and spoilage.

These ceremonies are intended solely for home use. They are simple but effective.

It should only take into account:

salt before you could speak to someone else.

in the magical cleansing rites it is necessary to apply the salt that was just bought.

Salt from the evil eye and damage to the house

If the house is in trouble, then you need to speak salt in special words and clean the room.

You know, there is a saying:«Stronger salt does not oversalt»?

It has a deep meaning, telling about the magical properties of this everyday seasoning.

Do not hesitate.

If only the thought of a black attack, immediately act.

Protecting salt from evil acts like this:

  1. Pour salt from a new pack into a glass;
  2. Say these words to her:

“As Isaiah cleared the waters, the waves parted. So his power was embodied in the salt of the sea, turned into an angel of God in my house.

With a sword the Angel is fiery, hewes the devilish will. I sprinkle salt, I light the way to the angel, I turn away the devil into hell! Amen!»

  1. Immediately sprinkle the threshold with the salt spelled.
  2. Put the rest in a glass in a prominent place in the center of the room. Strange objects, which are found at home, are sprinkled with this salt-conspiracy.

Sometimes damage is brought with skeins of wool, thread, needles and other trifles.

If you see one, speak the salt and sprinkle this enemy message.

Only after that scoop on the scoop and make out.

Salt from the evil eye and spoilage at work

In order not to be disturbed by the black forces in the service, you can talk a bag of salt and bring it to the place where you most often visit.

Can be hung in the car, from envy or any other evil.

Better yet, carry it with you.

Bag made of scarlet velvet. Do not buy, sew yourself.

It is important.

On a growing moon, put a little salt in a bag stitched together. It is not necessary kilograms amulets cook.

A few pinches are enough.

On the salt to read such a plot:

“Spirits are ungodly, the forces of the devil go your own dark ways, we are not on the road with you. In the terem merchants and boyars. They sit there and decide the Lord slave (name) to reward caress.

Devils whisper in their ears, but they do not hear. Demons in front of them dance, but they do not see. Boyars figured out a pair, the merchants untied the bags, opened the chests.

All the wealth got, the friends of the Lord became a slave (name). The spirits of the ungodly in the woods the deaf sent.

Salt on me, protection in me. Amen!»

Salt from the evil eye and damage in the envelope

  • Salt from the evil eye and damage to the house, fry and calcine, the protection of salt from evilBuy in a pharmacy peppermint leaves.
  • Another new pack of salt grab.
  • At home, a few pinches of both should be poured into the pan.
  • Calcify the salt mixture over low heat.
  • Read these words:

“The forces of darkness are now submissive to me. They will not go to the swamps, they do not want to go there.

I will send them not to the forests where miracles happen.

I send them to the owner — the master. Let them return to where my trouble was born. Amen!»

The process of burning the grass with salt takes about fifteen minutes.

Read the plot and think about what you want to get rid of.

  • After cooling the mixture and transfer to a blue or red envelope. It can be glued on its own, science is not great.
  • Seal the envelope and place in a safe place. Yes, so that not far and not close. That is, so that he does not get lost.
  • You can take an envelope with you where magic effects are likely.

If it breaks and the salt pours out, then:

  • First, you are attacked black.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to make another amulet.
  • Third, try not to touch the salt with your hands. Shake it off with a cloth or napkin. And throw it all away.

How to fry salt from the evil eye and spoilage in a pan

Salt from the evil eye and damage to the house, fry and calcine, the protection of salt from evilThis rite is used mainly for cleansing the aura and at home.

It is necessary to pour a glass of salt on a cast iron skillet.

Heat it over low heat.

Stir in prayer. Add

Roast salt need at least an hour. It absorbs the negative from the surrounding space.

If you think that the damage is with you or with someone from your relatives, then you should plant this person next to you.

When finished, pour the salt into a bowl or other container and until it cools, take it out of the house.

It is advisable to take it away and throw it into the flowing water. After all, salt contaminated with black energy can transfer your negative to another person.

And this will be your sin.

If, for example, someone comes on it, the damage will pass to him. He will take it off and return you back.

Be careful of such things. Do not create closed cycles of negative transfusions from one person to another.

Thursday salt from the evil eye and damage

This is an ancient rite. It is held on Pure Thursday. We describe it as it was previously accepted.

  1. Seven birch logs were selected.
  2. Of them fire laid out.
  3. In the coal put bast, filled with a mixture of soaked rye bread, salt and herbs.
  4. When everything burned through, the salt briquette (the mixture was sintered) was cooled and milled. Rubbish needed to be weeded out.
  5. What remains, namely the fragrant salt, was stored in a bag. She was added to food or sprinkled on the threshold of the house.
  6. Still such salt needs to be added to water and to drink. She cleans the negative from the field, taking away the evil eyes and evil eyes with the waste products.
  7. Store Thursday salt laid in a canvas bag behind the Icons.

Today, Thursday salt is cooked in the oven, baking a mixture of salt, rye bread (one-to-one) and various herbs selected by the taste of the hostess in a thick-walled brazier.

Very often for the Thursday salt use mint, chamomile, yarrow, rose, rosehip. If it is possible to collect a fern, then cut it into a mixture.

Such salt from damage is done only once a year. Therefore, you need to spend it economically.

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