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Spoiling the knife: how to remove, clean, bring what it is

Now people often began to complain about the objects thrown under the threshold or into the house. One of them is a knife. A sharp household item is used to target damage.

After all, they use it constantly, not paying attention to this subject. Damage to the knife is intended to lime a particular person.

Spoiling the knife: how to remove, clean, bring what it is

He falls ill or falls into disaster. Ultimately, the victim must leave this world.

Sometimes a completely different intention is put into a magical rite. In this case, the ritual of the knife is done to circumcise some of the victim’s relations that are not suitable for the author.

For example, such a black program is thrown up by wives to unfaithful husbands.

However, they should know: a blow to health and wallet will happen anyway. Even if the house witch didn’t want that.

There are other options for this magical effect on humans. Consider some.

How to make

Imposing such damage is not as difficult as you might think.

It should take the object, which has long been used in the house of the victim. Wives, in our example, choose the knife that is especially liked by her husband.

The subject is spelled in a special way. The rite should be scheduled for a time when the moon is waning. In no case can you postpone this date to another period.

  1. Blade smear their own blood, accompanying this action according to the plot.
  2. Then put the tool in the moonlight (not on the window) for drying.
  3. After that, wipe the blade with a dry rag so that blood is not visible.

It remains only to lay the blade to the victim.

Spoiling the knife: how to remove, clean, bring what it is

“Acute lightning enters the blood of malice. She finds a way out in the Lord’s servant (the name of the sacrifice).

It covers him with a black wave, breaks his fate and changes his life. Not for the death of the victim of blood.

I want the slave to become obedient to the will. Let (describe what you want).

As the knife will take a hand, so forever will be deprived of peace! Those who change my knife to the flame will plunge these words! ”

Defacement on rusty knife

This kind of magic is used to magically push an unwanted person to death.

  • The knife should be brought to the temple.
  • There stand with him all the service, uttering a short spell six times.
  • Then this plotted object should be stuck in the door or frame of the victim.

There is still a condition, without the execution of which nothing happens. Such damage through the church has the right to direct only non-Christ.

One who has passed the rite of baptism cannot take advantage of this kind of evil.

“The acuteness of the evil genius enter the blood of the servant of the Lord (name), which is an arrow. Muti brain, blood thick, so that he had neither happiness nor honor.

Let his path be shortened. Stick an arrow into his chest! ”

Next, you need to read «Our Father» vice versa.

Rite with a knife from the graveyard

Many people become victims of spoilage through almost their own fault.

The fact is that everyone has heavenly patrons. They try to warn, to suggest about the impending harm from witchcraft.

And we are so passionate about the games of this world that we do not pay attention to the efforts of the Angel. For example, in the house one of the knives was lost.

You can not find it. This is a hint.

The enemy is already trying to damage you.

To do this, you need to steal a knife for a while. But a new tool will do.

Be sure to use the one that cut the victim.

The blade is carried to the churchyard and stuck into the grave of an untimely person who has gone to another world.

There he is exactly seven days a minute.

After, carefully scrub dry cloth and throw back.

It is impossible to wash off the cemetery land.

In order to remove the induced damage, first of all, the negative media should be thrown into the water. If not sure which, then change all the knives in the house.

Then, in fact, go to the rite.

Venue — a forest or park. It is recommended to go there at noon. Have with you:

  • new knife with white handle;
  • matches or a lighter;
  • piece of meat;
  • three thick church candles;
  • pectoral cross.

Spoiling the knife: how to remove, clean, bring what it is

In a secluded spot light a fire.

When the flame begins to blaze happily, in turn, throw candles at it. Watch how they melt.

If instantly, then the case is bad. Damage is strong. This does not mean that it is impossible to fight. But it will take more time.

  1. As soon as the flame goes out, stir the coals.
  2. Throw fresh meat into the center of the fire.
  3. Insert your knife into it so that the meat is firmly pinned to the ground.

“I purify my blood with holy earth, with magical fire, with living air.

From evil witchcraft, from mischief troubles, from bloody tears, from dark afflictions, then bottomless sorrows. Who brought, he will take himself!

I post a post, I invoke a sorcerer. As the meat rots, it will come and take the knife.

Corruption back him go! Amen!»

Now you should quickly leave this place. Never come back here again.

The ritual is complemented by prayers.

From this day for a month, you should go to the Temple and put candles for your own health, friends and relatives there. The latter is for the enemy.

Be sure to pray for the salvation of his black soul. Do not support hatred of this person, if you can call him that, in your heart.

May the Lord punish.

Knife stuck in the ground

Finally, a few words should be said about what happens next. After all, the knife remained in the venue of the ceremony.

Let it not especially visited, that is deaf. But the one you called for will definitely find him.

Do not think that your enemy will come here.

Not. Everything happens more complicated.

Your knife will be taken out of the ground by a person who has a sin like black sorcery in his soul.

This is his punishment and retribution. The energy of your damage will go to him.

That is, such a rite establishes a kind of balance and justice in the world. With his help, with your hands the higher powers punish sinners.

Spoiling the knife: how to remove, clean, bring what it is

Your enemy, at the same time, will receive his from the hands of others. However, all this is a completely different matter.

We, mortals, should understand something else.

A knife stuck in the ground, facing the eyes is a sign of misfortune and testing at the same time. This item must be avoided.

It should be understood: the event did not just happen.

In the soul of the one who saw him, there is sin. Perhaps generic or come from a past life. But man is given a choice.

  • Understand the essence of what is happening, leave the instrument of the Higher Forces in the ground, trouble passes his fate.
  • If you become out of curiosity to get the blade, you will have to go through a period of suffering.

There is always another way in life. Decide for yourself!

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