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Ways to determine the evil eye and damage, read who did

As a rule, in a person’s life events replace each other evenly. For good come not very pleasant, which in turn pass, without leaving a special mark.

But it happens that the series of troubles is not interrupted. It seems that the whole world turned against the man.

That does not happen by itself.

Ways to determine the evil eye and damage, read who did

Most often, this means a negative impact. The person understands that he has the evil eye or damage.

How to determine such, to be sure of their suspicions, does not know.

Let’s look at possible ways.

What signs help determine

First you need to see what happens to a person. There are some signs of negative programs that very truly suggest that you are a victim of such.

Just list them so that you can navigate:

  • Loss of strength, mood and health.

Everything seems gloomy, frightening, annoying. People seem to be solid vicious enemies.

There is no energy.

By the way, many feel as such leaves the body. I don’t want to do anything. Hands down.

Even a simple action is obtained with great effort. The man believes that he is absolutely not capable of anything.

  • Sleep becomes completely abnormal.

Some insomnia causes terrible irritation, leading to hysterics. Others are immersed in the state of somnambulum. They doze almost constantly.

Waking up is almost impossible.

Ways to determine the evil eye and damage, read who did

It happens that both symptoms replace each other, as in a kaleidoscope. It is impossible to sleep, then wake up. Dreams become terrible, terrible. They just do not want to see or remember.

  • There are all sorts of small and big troubles.

Everything falls out of the hands. Items are broken, clothes are torn, you are late for transport, everyone curses around, as a rule, at you.

Any of your word is perceived in the bayonets. Each counter is trying to hurt you more painful.

Strange quarrels with dear and close people occur.

In relationships resentment and scandals reign. Nothing can be fixed.

Even if you try very hard, it only gets worse.

How to determine with the help of matches

The above symptoms are enough to make a diagnosis.

There are even more special.

For example, many under the influence of negative energy are beginning to feel disgust for the Temples. Some are afraid to go to church, look at the icons.

The sign is the surest.

Then they say that the devil possessed the soul.

To be sure of your own diagnosis, it is recommended to conduct a special ceremony. For example, using holy water and matches.

  1. It is necessary to pour water into a glass. Put it in front of you.
  2. Pray, read «Our Father.» After ask a question. It should sound like this: «Does such and such a damage?»
  3. Light a match. Hold it carefully so that it becomes completely ember. To do this, they intercept the wand by the burning end, and wait for the second half to burn too.
  4. Now gently lower the match (ember) into the water.

See what happens. If she will calmly float on the surface, then your suspicions are groundless.

Ways to determine the evil eye and damage, read who did

If the match drowned, then the damage is exactly there. It happens that does not sink into the water, but does not reach the bottom.

This half-hearted result indicates a negative in the field.

Only he has not yet manifested.

It is necessary to act as if the damage is in fact, that is, to shoot.

Using eggs

This rite is the most common. Since ancient times, the egg has been attracted to diagnose the aura of a person (at home, even an animal).

Only it must be fresh.

Grandmother-vedunyi reasonably recommend not to be lazy, to go to the village. That is, where you yourself can get an egg from under the hen.

Such a diagnosis can not be refuted.

And when you buy eggs in a supermarket, it pulls on itself the energetics of all those who wander around the building, choosing goods.

Among them there will definitely be those who have damage. You yourself will not know whether it is yours or someone else’s.

And further. The egg for the ritual must be «alive.»

And if it is in the fridge, it will lose this quality.

Although, with some probability of damage shows any egg. When there is no opportunity to get close to the hen, you will have to use what is at hand.

Dial half a cup of holy water. Hold the egg over your head.

You can ride it on the top and face.

It is recommended to those who react to damage by impairment of health. That is, you need to contact the chicken germ for a while.

At least five minutes.

Now break the egg into a glass of water.

See what happens. Damage will show a torn yolk or rotten egg.

If nothing is observed, it means that you have an evil eye. And this is a different story.

Water with an egg should be poured into the sewer. In this case, say so:

Determined by wax

This rite is most often used in villages.

  1. It is necessary to melt the wax in the flame of a candle. Place a piece of candle with a tablespoon and heat it up.
  2. Melted wax, saying “our Father” is poured into a cup of water.
  3. When hardened, consider the picture.

To do this, of course, you need some experience and imagination. That is, the result is not as unequivocal as with an egg.

Ways to determine the evil eye and damage, read who did

If it seems to you that the wax has frozen in the form of a witch, a devil’s face, a goat horned or another demonic essence, then cast off your doubts, you have damage.

Another such effect shows «needles».

These are such wax tips.

It is necessary to remove or report damage.

How to determine who caused the evil eye or damage

When you consider your wax well, do not throw it away. Put under the pillow how to sleep lie down. Say so:

“The night has gone down, the sun is gone. I go to bed, marvel at the demon. Whoever wishes me evil, he interrupts my dream now! ”

This person will either dream, or be recalled completely by chance on awakening. Do not doubt, you will not confuse anything.

The image will be very clear and strong. Many even remember the smells and sounds that accompanied the plot of contact with the villain.

It depends on how the brain and the memory of a particular person are arranged.

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