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Creating a favorable monetary office

In which direction to sit. In the office, the correct location of the desktop is of paramount importance for Feng Shui workplace. The direction to which one should sit while working will prompt the same number of gua.

If you do not have the opportunity to sit in the best direction, sit face down in one of your favorable directions.

How to secure the support of your superiors

It is undesirable to sit with your back to the door, the window and colleagues. There must be something solid behind your back, and if there is a wall, hang a picture of a mountain on it to secure support. The support of superiors, clients, investors, financiers is an integral part of success in career and business.

If you still find yourself seated with your back to the door, put a wardrobe or a screen between yourself and the door, and if you are facing the window, then the plants are on the window sill (Fig.68, a, b).

Creating a favorable monetary office

Feng shui workplace. How to arrange desktops of colleagues in the office

It is not recommended to sit directly opposite the door and facing the wall. In the first case, to remedy the situation, you need to place in front of you a symbolic barrier from plants, and in the second case, hang a picture with a pleasant landscape on the wall that is in front of you.

Workstations of colleagues should not be directed directly at each other, it can excite subconscious hostility. In general, all workplaces must be located so that those sitting see those entering the room (Fig. 69, 70).

Creating a favorable monetary office

Creating a favorable monetary office

Dimensions and design of the desktop and chair

Tables are preferred wooden, light colors. Light tones create a sense of reliability and contain the potential for growth and development, while the dark ones slow down the reaction and dull the attention.

The dimensions of the desktop attracting monetary success are: length — 152 cm, width — 89 cm, height — 84 cm. It is good to put figures or images of dragons and turtles on the desktop.

In its eastern or northeastern part, for a more successful implementation of career plans, it is useful to hold a crystal of natural quartz. Moreover, it is desirable that the crystal is lit at least three hours a day.

The working chair should have armrests and a high back. It symbolizes support, stability and confidence. Chairs that do not completely cover the back, do not bring good luck.

The ideal height of the working chair is 190cm.

Order in the workplace

There must always be order in the workplace. Any clutter and paper that is rarely used accumulate stagnant energy, so they should be removed in folders and taken out as needed.

Wires from a computer and other office equipment neatly assemble into one bundle so that they do not create erratic energy flows.

Workplace lighting

Desktop lighting should be bright enough, but not hurt the eyes. Try to avoid angular table lamps, preferring lamps with a curved leg.

The overhead light should not be directly above your head.

Be wary of «secret arrows»

Feng shui workplace. Make sure that your workplace is not exposed to the destructive energy emitted by sharp corners of furniture and open cabinets.

If the corners are not avoided, “close” them with climbing plants.

Never sit under a ceiling beam. Hanging over the desktop, it undermines the ability to make decisions and “blocks” the path to success.

It is necessary either to move the table away from the beam, or, preferably, to neutralize the negative energy it emits with a pair of bamboo flutes.

Fortunately, most modern offices have suspended ceilings, so protruding ceiling beams are rare.

If you have your own account

If you have your own office, then its entrance door should be in one of your favorable directions. It is advisable to work in the northern sector in order to be promoted, or in the southeast, in order to increase welfare or achieve a salary increase.

Symbols of wealth in the office

The northern sector is responsible for the career, therefore, in order to create favorable conditions for moving up the career ladder, it is good to hang a metal horseshoe there — a traditional symbol of good luck, or metal wind chimes. However, do not forget: you need to hang a horseshoe ends up, so that luck accumulates and does not “flow out”. Another favorable addition to this corner is blue lighting.

It is also good to place here an aquarium with black or dark blue fishes. Plants to keep in the north corner of the room is not recommended.

Another factor related to a career is the direction in which the windows open. Inward opening windows are believed to harm promotion.

And, of course, do not forget about other symbols of wealth. They will contribute to monetary success not only at home but also in the office.

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