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Feng Shui energy in the house

The way energy functions in a home can be fundamentally changed if you decide to transform it through the use of feng shui. However, sometimes people who have no idea of ​​the existence of Feng Shui, can unknowingly carry out the same correction of Feng Shui energy in the house, which is usually achieved through conscious effort.

Temporary means of correction. When people move, they usually take with them all the improved energy that they brought into this house. In this case, the house can return to an earlier energy type and repeat the history of those people who lived in it before its last tenants.

Sometimes during the search for housing you can get a building that shows the classic signs of an imbalance — exactly the type of building that contributes to the rupture of marital relations. However, if the occupants moving from this house are still happy together, keep in mind that they could consciously or unconsciously eliminate the energy imbalance in the house with the help of appropriate furniture or room design.

The problem is that when they leave the house, they take with them the big red painting that hung in the hallway, promoting healthy qi energy to circulate through the house, or take a large statue out of the garden, which ensured the health of its environment. , or will remove from the floor Persian rugs, restoring the energy of the earth. Therefore, when you then move into this empty house, something may not be tense in your family life.

Feng Shui energy in the house

Energy feng shui in the house. The need for close observation. If you see signs of an imbalance in the energy balance in the house, however, people who previously lived in it were happy in their personal lives, try to remember the key objects of their environment, which they will take along with them.

You may even find that this house has greatly attracted your attention thanks to all sorts of fixtures and lighting fixtures belonging to it; in other words, you subconsciously appreciated the means of restoring energy balance that they use.

Therefore, if you notice that some of their carpet causes you a special admiration, then you should keep in mind that if you do not buy yourself a similar carpet when you move to this house, you may have problems.

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