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Feng Shui forecast for every day: February, March, May

Feng Shui is an ancient teaching that allows you to find harmony and find happiness. Feng shui helps the forecast for every day for both men and women who are trying to manage their own lives. Such a prediction will show favorable and unfavorable days, will help to avoid danger and take advantage of a fateful chance.

Detailed forecast feng shui

The prognosis for feng shui is based on the influence of energy and elements on a person’s life. Energy is all that surrounds a person, which makes him stronger or weaker. A detailed forecast includes a list of events by dates of the month. For 12 full-fledged cycles in a year, a man and a woman will have luck, disappointment and a new opportunity to radically change the world. For the forecast to help, they need to be guided before making important decisions, before signing contracts and planning a trip.

Favorable and unfavorable days affect the well-being of a person. The forecast shows when it is necessary to take care of health, and when a person will be filled with energy for new accomplishments.

Projections are combined with signs of Feng Shui and other methods: amulets (made with their own hands) work in conjunction with such a forecast — they can be protected from any negative.

Daily lucky and bad times are additional tips. The change of energy flows does not always affect a person, but over time it can change his state of health. From a particular day depends on how quickly a person goes on increasing, how a protracted conflict will end and how quickly he will recover.

Feng-Shui calendars are detailed and simple: each day has its own warnings and tips. The energy of the day determines the success or bad luck of certain groups of people — single, family, searching for love or professional success. As a result, calendar days constitute a unique forecast for a man or a woman.

January is the month of change. Whatever the test may be on the fate of a person, he will be able to learn from him a valuable lesson.

From 5-6 days, Water Bull will affect human behavior. This is a powerful animal that does not know how to obey the rules. Within a month you need to prepare for further changes.

From 7-8 onwards, Metal and then Water will become the dominant element. Two opposite elements can complement each other.

From 9 to 16 January: the more a person will make efforts, the faster he will be able to find a way out of a difficult situation (the flexible element of Water gives cunning and correct resourcefulness).

At the end of the month, January will give time for reflection — from the 25th the quiet period begins, which will last about a week.

Plan your year

February is the last month according to the eastern calendar.

Feng Shui forecast for February is the foundation of the main prediction of the year. In February, a person will be able to determine the occupation for the next 3 years. This is the month of course selection.

February highlights:

  • successful travels at the beginning of the month;
  • the more communication there is, the more new opportunities will appear in personal and professional life;
  • increased cash flow;
  • planning time for the future.

February shows how successful and productive the whole year will be — what will be the mood at the beginning of the year, so it will remain.

February consists of favorable and unfavorable days.

By Feng Shui, you need to wait for luck 1, 3, 4 numbers. These days all our plans are realized, and the forces will be wasted not in vain.

On February 2, you need to concentrate on important matters.

According to Feng Shui, 5, 6 and 7 numbers are favorable in all undertakings.

Beginning on the 8th, care must be taken: quarrels with family and close people are possible.

From February 9 to February 12, destruction will come to life. This is a long period of stagnation, difficult and incomprehensible situations. The more a person goes into urgent problems, the less time he has left to solve them.

From the 14th onwards, a person finds answers to troubling questions: problems lose their relevance and importance, they no longer create internal stress.

18 is neutral. According to Feng Shui, the search for harmony will begin on the 19th. A person needs to take care of work and home affairs.

Advice for the end of February: it is impossible to approve plans until February 26, because they are not destined to be realized. Number 28 promises good luck to all who have invested strength and patience in a long project.

According to the Chinese solar calendar, March is the month of the Rabbit. Patronizes this element sign Tree. Feng shui in the third month of the year promises the flowering of internal forces: every act, contribution, action will entail rapid changes. Rabbit unites people. This month important family ties, friendship and love.

March is held under the motto: «softness, tenderness and simplicity conquers cruelty.» The period, saturated with successful events, will bring unexpected joy to everyone who managed to work in February. From the middle of March comes the period of retrograde Mercury — it’s time to start important business and long-awaited projects.

Successful beginning of spring

March will cost a month without difficulties and trials. It is time that the objections of all living things in nature will confuse the souls of those who are not confident in themselves, and will give peace to those who have long ago decided on plans for the future. In March, you should avoid unplanned trips.

Feng Shui forecast for every day:

  • On March 8 and 20, positive trends will appear — luck will come to a person;
  • On March 16 and 28, you can start business in the long run — these are projects that aim to make a big profit;
  • March 5, 6, 18 and 30 are dangerous days;
  • March 11 and 23 are the days of minimal activity.

March 19 will be the most dangerous day of the month. This is a period of complete destruction. On this day, it is better not to make final decisions or plan a meeting with a potential business partner. It is better to avoid decisive action on March 13 and 25. In a dangerous period, chronic diseases or people who in the past have brought only harm can remind of themselves.

Successful will be the first and last days of March. This is a period of growth, development and planning. If in February the first prerequisites for a new project appeared, then in March it should be supported by realistic plans.

April will be a measured, calm month.

The most favorable will be the 7th, 8th, 15th and 27th numbers — these days you will not have to make a lot of effort for a good result.

The first of April will be unsuccessful: 1 and 3, you need to pay attention to health — poor health will be a signal.

From 10 to 13 the number will be dominated by negative trends — quarrels, conflicts, disputes that will not end soon. The end of the month will not please the good news. The last two days will bring troubles and minor troubles.

From May begins a new round in affairs and relationships. From the first numbers, luck will break into a person’s life.

Up to 4 numbers, each person will be able to show what he is capable of. This is a month of demonstration of strengths and aspirations.

Difficult will be the middle of the month. There will be weakness and indisposition: a person will seek solitude, calmness, balance. During this period, it is important to focus on one case. The more a person is sprayed, the less will reach.

Every day until May 10 may seem too complicated and exhausting, but these difficulties are temporary.

The motto of the month is “if today is a bad day, tomorrow there will be a chance to fix everything”.

May is rich in inner changes. The transformations that began in January will continue. Externally, the person will remain the same, but internal changes will occur throughout the months. The most favorable days: 2, 6, 14, 20 and 23. On this day, you can decide on risky transactions or take up a new business.

Unfavorable days: 4, 5, 12, 17, 25 and 29 numbers. They will bring a lot of destruction and frustration. You should not try to change something today, if the energy of destruction has touched family or work affairs. The forecast feng shui promises that a more favorable period will soon come. The end of the month will be neutral and calm.

Best bright time

Summer will be a time of rest and calm.

  • In June, traveling is favorable, especially in the last week. Departure of the countryside or in another country will give new impressions, will charge with forces that will be useful in the fall. June will pass without health complications: you need to be afraid of 14-15 numbers, when active actions are undesirable — there is a chance of injury.
  • In July, a light summer atmosphere will reign. The second month does not bear serious problems. As soon as a person decides on rest, internal anxiety and tension will disappear. Favorable middle of the month — this period is better to spend with family and loved ones. In late July, important news from afar is possible: it is better not to lose touch with others after the 25th.
  • August will bring many new acquaintances. In the last week you need to gather strength. It is better not to leave unfinished business, and get rid of old obligations.

In September, the fire element is activated, which is responsible for the destruction of what has long outlived itself. It is necessary to prepare for a fast pace of life — September fundamentally changes relations at work.

The first month of autumn is suitable for traveling long distances.

October will be saturated:

  1. From 1 to 5 number to do the work. Omissions during this period are fraught with serious consequences.
  2. 6 and 7 it is better not to rely on the people around you and do everything yourself — an unfavorable day promises a lot of tests for loyalty, which not everyone will pass.
  3. Up to the 15th there will be a lot of events that will take away all your free time.
  4. From 16 to 18 — favorable days. You can continue new activities or plan the development of old projects.
  5. Up to 20 it is better not to risk your own health and avoid extreme activities.
  6. From 27 to 29 good luck accompanies in everything. Good walks and holidays with the family.

November is the month that shows the results of old affairs. These are rewards, project profits, or well-deserved praise. The man says goodbye to all that has become obsolete, and makes plans for the future.

Month of summing up: a person analyzes what he managed to do. The first and last days of December will be neutral. In the middle of the month you need to have time to clean up the affairs and soul.

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