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Feng Shui Recommendations

Here are some important feng shui recommendations:

Drink tea every day

China is the source of tea (China– China, meaning “China”). The history of tea is almost 5000 years old. Tea is a familiar and indispensable drink in every family.

Tea dispels stagnant breathing, nourishes the qi of life, removes the qi of the disease, reduces pressure, cleans and makes the mind and will more subtle, slows down aging, etc. Drink tea (especially green) every day. For tea drinking, it is better to use healing ceramics.

And tea leaves can wash the eyes to improve vision.

In China and Japan, tea-drinking is a whole ritual during which the whole family gathers, communicates with friends or neighbors. You can do the same in your home.

It does not require a lot of costs, but will definitely improve your mood and strengthen your health.

Recommendations for feng shui. Take care of your feet.

Legs are our second heart. They hold our body weight, conduct qi and blood, have connections with our internal organs and play an important role in human activity.

An ancient proverb says: “The cold comes from the legs,” because the legs are “far” from the heart and have little blood supply.

It is necessary to constantly wash your feet with hot water, the temperature of which you can withstand. The hotter the better. In the morning and before bedtime, wash them with water for 20-25 minutes.

All this stimulates the blood circulation of the whole body and the active zones of the feet. It also stimulates the brain, which helps relax muscles, reduces fatigue and improves sleep.

It is recommended to wash the feet not in the shallow basin, but in a bucket (pour water to the knees).

Feng Shui Recommendations

After washing the feet, it is necessary to do a self-massage of the middle of the foot, toes, lifting the legs (even on reddened areas). One of the secrets of Chinese longevity is a daily 20-30 minute foot massage.

Massage is one of the basic and mandatory methods of self-help in therapy. This is one of the most simple, affordable, effective and most ancient methods of healing.

It can be done independently, it does not require the help of a specialist, as well as great physical effort. Accessibility and safety allow its use to people of different ages and health, even lying on the bed.

It can be performed on the go, on the run, sitting at work or at the TV, have a bath or shower.

In short, in everyday life to recuperate and cleanse the body, not spending a lot of time on health lessons and not interrupting the course of current everyday affairs and concerns.

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