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Feng Shui style house

A few tips on how to choose a home style by feng shui. By working on a room, apartment or house in accordance with your current ideas, in six months you can find that you like a different style.

But one thing remains the same: the interior of your home must remain connected with the element of your birth.

Do not use all the tips and methods at the same time. Choose one color, one item, one overall plan and bring it to life instead of trying to do everything at once.

The fire blends well with the tree and favors it in its environment. The tree feeds the fire and creates a feeling of comfort and reliability in it, and sometimes makes it flare up with passion. However, do not be too zealous.

If you fill your room with wooden furniture and plants, put green carpets on the floor and cover the walls with green patterns, then you move a lot of balance in favor of wood. It begins to dominate, and its excess creates sha qi energy, which does not strengthen but weaken you.

You respond well to red and bright fiery colors, but your room needs to be combined with shades of wood or earth to harmonize the energy of your fiery personality. Your love can be hot and passionate; surround yourself with natural flowers so that it does not become all-consuming.

Choose one color that is associated with wood: pastel green and yellowish green tones of sage, rosemary, thyme and mint, strict fir greens or delicate shades of young grass. The colors of the earth are yellowish-brown, evoking images of a ripe wheat field, ocher shades of red soil or a changing palette of late autumn foliage.

They can be dark, like lignite, or fiery streaked, like terracotta. But avoid poisonous shades of yellow: in such an environment you will feel discouraged and depressed.

Very good, if from the window of your room overlooking the garden or you can see individual trees. If not, hang a photo or a picture of a pleasant landscape next to the window.

A wooden sculpture or beautiful pieces of old knotted wood found on the beach can add a pleasant variety to the decor of your room. If you do not like the tree as such, then a powerful sculptural plant, such as ficus or aloe, can be a compromise.

Elements of the tree help to awaken the waning passion in your intimate life.
Books are a good source of wood energy. Although picking up a home library cannot be called a «flammable» exercise (and if you have one, it is unlikely that you keep it in order).

A few bookshelves, especially old ones, will give your room a sense of stability and comfort.

In the bathroom, the combination of wood and earth is different: shells, pebbles, and useful items made from natural materials, such as pumice and sponges. In the kitchen, these will be old glass jars and flasks filled with exotic spices like cinnamon sticks or nutmeg.

Everything that comes from the earth can find its place on the kitchen shelf.

Climbing and creeping plants look good, but not creeping — the latter have a depressing effect on people of fire.

Cacti and plants with bright colors of leaves are not suitable for fire: aggressiveness and competitive spirit are too strong.
And finally, you can bring some metal into the interior of your room to add shine and sharpness to intimate relationships. Gold is better suited to fire than silver. Put a book with a gilded edge on the shelf or stick gold foil stars on the back side of the door.

Gilded figurines or picture frames are more suitable for connoisseurs of beauty. You can simply put a gold chain on the table by the bed, and gilded trinkets, hung on the bedpost, can revive your imagination in moments of intimacy.

Feng Shui style house. For the people of the earth

You usually have a well-developed sense of environment, even if you are not craving for beauty and are not inclined to surround yourself with exquisite things. The earth responds very favorably to the elements of fire and metal, but with an excess of water, you lose support under your feet and begin to experience self-doubt, and an excess of wood makes you too static.

The abundance of plants and natural objects in the interior can bring your senses into a mess.

Since you need to express your close relationship with the natural world, it is better to do it outdoors: messing with plants and animals, gardening, and growing vegetables. If these activities are not to your liking, try to be in nature more often and walk in the woods or in the park.

To create a romantic atmosphere in your room, use elements of fire and metal. We have already talked about the adverse effects of wood, so if this part of your house is replete with wooden furniture or plants, try to move them to another place where possible.

Underline the metal element with white candles, gilt-framed mirrors and muted wall lighting. Nowadays, there is a wide choice of lamps — what about milky glass wall lamps, curved in the shape of a swan neck, or art decor lamps made of onyx and bakelite?

Try it and maybe you will like it.

In the kitchen, use more cast iron and stainless steel utensils. If you are a person with the means, order a cutting table with a stainless steel work surface.

Your aesthetic sense is perhaps well developed enough to experiment with various color combinations. Pick up the wallpaper that sets the main theme — different elements, «covered by mutual passion.»

Try tinting woodwork with glue paints and tinting paints, but choose translucent or matte coatings instead of glossy ones. Bright colors, such as purple, «Indian summer» 1, and orange-orange, add spice to your sensual perception.

Use one of the colors of water for sexual expression and physical motivation — dark and mysterious purple, emerald green or even black. In the bedroom, you can choose bedspreads and covers for pillows made of faded Camci or for an old French tapestry.

Feng Shui style house. For metal people

Although the main symbols of metal are gold and silver, it should be remembered that by surrounding yourself with the attributes of your own element, you disturb the balance between pragmatism and romance of relationships.

This may make you a fairly wealthy person, but it will hardly make you happy.

Greed and hunger are not the same thing.

To bring your home into a state of harmonious balance, use the elements of water and earth. Wood is also useful, but you probably have enough furniture and books to take into account this element in everyday life.

Water and land create an atmosphere of frankness and sincere communication between partners. Shells picked up on the beach, rounded tracing paper, pieces of weathered stone or pieces of glass, polished with waves, can be easily incorporated into the interior of the room. Flint has a particularly strong energizing effect on the metal, although it can be difficult to find if you do not live in suitable terrain.

Any piece of ancient rock found during a walk will do; You can put on the shelf pink shell from the sea. If you find it difficult to get to the sea or go to nature, purchase a piece of raw amber and place it on the window sill in your bedroom.

Seascapes, photos of lakes, even simple Japanese drawings depicting cozy landscapes will give your room extra comfort. The colors of water can have a depressing effect on you; In this case, it is worthwhile to place a cup with black and blue marble balls on the highest shelf in your room.

You will not see shades of water, but they will still work for you.

By adding warm terracotta, yellow ocher and burnt umber of the earth to the color scheme of the room, especially if it fits the interior of your kitchen or bathroom, you can get a better understanding of your relationship with your partner.

A picture in a frame of ebony or ebony will add magic touches of the element of water in your interior. Black and dark blue shades may also be present as hints in various fabrics — especially in bedspreads, curtains, curtains, and pillows.

Try to avoid bent iron and metal furniture: it will stimulate your energy like a powerful magnet and push to the extreme in expressing feelings.

Although wood and metal are best combined with water, it first needs to be stabilized with the element of earth. To liven up romantic feelings, put a malachite box or intergrowth of rock crystal in a prominent place in your room.

A petrified shell or even a handful of multi-colored pebbles in a glass vase or a stone pot will also be a favorable background.

Wood is good for water, as it can absorb its tendency to despondency and conflicting emotions. For mental equilibrium, a small bird figurine is best suited — freedom, which it symbolizes, is essential.

It is also good to include carved furniture and carved wood decorations in the interior.

The background music reduces your anxiety and soothes excessive sensitivity, so a set of traditional Chinese-style hollow Chinese pendants is perfect for you. Now on sale there is a wide choice of pendants, so you can choose those that will be most pleasant to your hearing, and not just the most fashionable.

If there are no musical instruments in your house and you cannot play them, listen to CDs or tapes with melodies of nature more often. Music is fluid and changeable; it improves the quality of your relationship, as it reflects your «water» essence, and does not feed on it.

If possible, use an element of metal in the interior — it helps to clearly define your attitude towards love or your loved one. If you prefer silver, try not to show it off: silver makes the emotional nature of water even more sensitive. Of course, not many of us can afford real gold jewelry or even gold chains, but it will suffice to include in the interior a hint of gold in the form of shades, brass and copper door handles and saucepans in the kitchen.

Metal is necessary for water for clarity of thought and freedom of expression.

Include rich lilac or turquoise hues in your color range. For dramatic contrast, especially in the bedroom, you can add a spark of fire that will add extra dynamism to your intimate life.

For tree people

Fire is a magical and creative element for wood, so if there is an opportunity, hang a chandelier in the bedroom, put a candlestick or buy a bright color lampshade in the kitchen. Another excellent “fiery” symbol for the kitchen will be a garland of dried red peppers hung on the wall near the door.

She will inspire you and give fire to your passions.

If you do not have a fireplace, hang pictures or photos where the presence of the element of fire is felt. It can be anything, from battle scenes to autumn bonfires and photographs of distant galaxies.

In the bedroom, try to hang a mirror by the window in such a way as to catch the rays of the early morning or evening sun.

The tree also needs the properties of water for peace and tranquility. This can be a fish tank or just an elegant bathroom and shower decoration.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden with a small pond, this is ideal; If you live in a room or an apartment, hang a picture of a secluded pond or photos of dragonflies and frogs on the wall.

Terracotta pots in the kitchen or in front of the entrance door, lined with decorative stones, are simple ways to activate the stabilizing energy of the earth in your home.

Feng Shui style house

Try to avoid the pronounced presence of metal in your bedroom, as this element is opposite to the tree and can lead you to the conviction that there is no value in friendship or intimate relationships. However, you can wear metal in the form of jewelry to highlight your status in society.

Deep greenish and deep blue colors of water help you maintain contact with your emotions. Choose one or two shades of earth, such as ocher, coffee or tea tones for stabilization and more sensual self-expression in your intimate life.

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