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Feng Shui talismans: placement by sector, how to choose

Feng Shui talismans are an integral part of Eastern culture. Animal figures, images of hieroglyphs and various statues help to attract happiness, well-being and success to a person’s life. Let’s talk about the meaning and use of different characters.

To find happiness and harmony in 2018, to be filled with the energy of success and abundance, you can use Chinese talismans corresponding to your Zodiac sign.

Symbols of good luck for Taurus:

  • Scales — help objectively evaluate everything that happens around and make the right decisions;
  • Seashells and other sea symbols — reveal creative and intellectual potential, help to advance along the path of spiritual development;
  • Diamonds — strengthen the strengths of nature, help a person to reveal his best positive qualities.

The following talismans will suit the twins:

  • Globus — helps to raise social status, to occupy a high position in society, to enlist the support of powerful patrons;
  • Apple — helps to get a decent reward for their work, find a good job or open a successful business;
  • Turtle — sends the opportunity to enlist the support of influential people, to gain power.

Talismans for Cancers:

  • Hizolit is a symbol that helps to make profitable acquaintances, establish contact with business partners, find a common language with colleagues;
  • Dolphin — activates the social sphere of life;
  • Aquamarine — helps lonely people find faithful and loyal friends.
  • Rybka — for career achievements, rapid growth in the service, strengthening business ties and finding profitable customers;
  • Pearl — helps to improve relationships with the closest environment, to establish peace and tranquility in the family;
  • Fox — fills active vital energy for the realization of their goals.

  • Eagle — makes a person authoritative in the eyes of others, increases the social status;
  • Rock crystal is a symbol of love and marriage, strengthens relationships, promotes peace and harmony in the family;
  • Agate is an assistant to travelers, it helps to search and find new impressions, to receive bright emotions.
  • Dragon — attracts wealth and financial luck, helps to improve the financial situation;
  • Snowdrop — brings in the life of a person new perspectives for development and self-improvement;
  • Firefly — fills the entire surrounding space with bright positive energy.
  • The elephant — strengthens relationships with colleagues and bosses, helps to conclude profitable contracts, contributes to the growth of financial well-being;
  • A pair of swans — helps lonely people find a soul mate and find happiness in their personal lives;
  • Emerald — creates a favorable image in the eyes of others, raises credibility, makes a person’s opinion significant, they begin to listen to him.
  • Lightning — a catalyst for all processes occurring in life, helps to get out of the period of stagnation;
  • Seagull — improves health, gives longevity, gives attractiveness to the opposite sex;
  • Ruby — increases self-esteem, helps to gain self-confidence and self-reliance, eliminates complexes and mental clips.

  • Musical instruments — unleash creativity, bestow inspiration and fill with soft, positive energy;
  • Sapphire — returns passion to relationships, prevents conflicts, teaches to look for compromises;
  • Aventurine — sends opportunities to get bright positive emotions and impressions.
  • The pigeon gives feelings of harmony and tranquility, normalizes the psychoemotional state, fills with a state of calm and tranquility;
  • Stork — helps to conceive, bear and give birth to a healthy child, brings harmony to relationships within the family;
  • Walnut — gives a feeling of harmony and balance in everything, eliminates the effects of negative people and clears off bad emotions.
  • Topaz — fills with the energy of knowledge, forms a craving for education, increases intelligence;
  • Ladybug — helps to establish peace and tranquility in the family, strengthens the love between spouses;
  • Lizard — eliminates negative attitudes and blocks that prevent a person from achieving success.
  • Turquoise — fills with positive energy, quickly restores power for new achievements;
  • Peach is a monetary symbol, attracts financial well-being and helps to achieve stability in the material sphere of life;
  • Coral — fills with active energy, stimulates to achieve goals, provokes the search for new ideas.

Watch a video about other oriental charms:

To work the talisman in full force, it must be stored in the area of ​​the apartment, which corresponds to its qualities.

  • Northeast — the sector of knowledge and wisdom;
  • North — career;
  • Northwest — Assistants and Travel Sector;
  • The West is a sector of creativity;
  • Southwest — the sector of love and marriage;
  • The South is a sector of fame and popularity;
  • Southeast — a zone of wealth and prosperity;
  • East is the family sector;
  • The central part of the house is responsible for the health and longevity of all tenants.

Rules for placement of talismans:

  1. It is important to maintain a balance, so in each sector there should be an approximately equal number of talismans. If a zone is full, the rest of your life will suffer.
  2. Do not abuse: the maximum number of Eastern symbols in each zone should not exceed three. To enhance positive energy, also use the principles of Feng Shui in the organization of space.
  3. The talisman will lose its magical properties if it is in a cluttered, dirty room. Therefore, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of the house: the mess instantly turns into an island with stagnant negative energy.
  4. You can not just put the talisman in the allotted place and forget about it. Things that you do not use, «offended» and filled with negative energy. Therefore, regularly take magical items in your hands, talk to them and give thanks.
  5. It is undesirable for your personal symbol to fall into the hands of strangers. Therefore, make sure that guests do not take oriental figurines in their hands. If you are waiting for friends with young children, it is better to remove the talismans in a secluded place so that the child does not accidentally break it and break it.
  6. If you yourself broke the talisman, you need to throw it away, mentally thanking for the role he played in your life.

Using talismans feng shui in your daily life, you can be filled with positive energy, achieve success and attract all sorts of benefits faster.

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