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Health Zone Talismans

Consider what kind of feng shui talismans can be for the Health Zone. The best traditional talisman for the Health Zone will be the image of Chinese star elders: Fu-xing, Lu-xing and Shou-xing.

They bestow respectively wealth, prosperity, health and longevity.

The most popular of the star elders, Show-syn, brings health and longevity. He is depicted with a large staff and a magic peach of immortality in his hand.

If you put an image of Show-xin in the Health zone, it will symbolically protect the health of all your family members. Peaches are a classic symbol of health and longevity.

In China, it is believed that a sick person should bring peaches as a gift.

Talismans for the Health Zone. Cranes are another favorite symbol of health and longevity. Especially often they are depicted against the backdrop of pine.

This is a great talisman for the Health Zone.

Health Zone Talismans

In the center of the house is very useful to place all sorts of funny little things and humorous pictures, such as books with caricatures or videotapes with good comedies.

We all know: laughter is the best medicine.

And of course, the most urgent thing is to activate this energy in the Health Zone.

Health Zone Talismans

Also in the central part of the house I advise you to put a large dining table, preferably round, oval or square. It will be a wonderful talisman, attracting the energy of health and prosperity for the whole family. You can activate such a talisman of red candles and a red tablecloth with embroidered symbols of good luck and well-being: in the center is a double luck sign, around it is a dragon and a phoenix, a pair of ducks, four fish and two pions on each side.

This wonderful tool will help activate any sector of the house that needs to be energized.

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