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Improving the bedroom to increase luck

The mere fact that we spend a third of our lives in a dream makes the bedroom feng shui extremely important. After all, energy acts on us constantly, regardless of whether we are sleeping or awake.

The bedroom is a place where a person relaxes, restores physical and mental strength. Refreshing, energizing and energetic sleep greatly affects the ability to realize our goals. The dream will be settled — all other things will get better!

Therefore, all that is necessary for a bedroom is to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in it and to put the bed correctly.

How to properly position the bed on the bedroom Feng Shui

The main element of the bedroom is, of course, the bed. It is necessary to arrange a bed so that lying on it saw those who come into the room.

The best options are to put the bed to the side wall or place it diagonally in the room (Fig.64, a).

Improving the bedroom to increase luck

It is not recommended to place the bed directly opposite the entrance door (Fig.64, b). This situation is associated with death, because the dead man is usually taken out of the room with his feet forward.

If the size of the room does not allow a different position of the bed, put a symbolic fence at the foot of the table — a screen, a bookcase, a wooden trellis with climbing plants, or just a row of plants on supports. The height of the fence must be more than the level of the bed. The same should be done if the bed is a footboard or headboard to the window or along a wall in common with the toilet.

These provisions are considered unfavorable.

If you moved the bed, and you suddenly had a feeling that it was somehow strange, out of place, put it where it is suggested to you by intuition. If the bed cannot be placed in a favorable place, orient its headboard in a direction that is favorable for you.

What direction to sleep to attract money

The direction in which a person sleeps can also affect financial success. The head of the bed should be turned in one of the favorable directions, depending on the number of gua. With couples the situation is more complicated.

It is good if the favorable directions of partners coincide.

If they are different, then you need to sleep in a direction that is conducive to a man, or in different beds.

Favorable sleep directions

Improving the bedroom to increase luck

Headboard can bring success

The shape of the headboard also carries a certain amount of energy and can contribute to success. Semicircular or oval back is best suited for businessmen, officials and employees. Square back helps people working professions and manual labor.

The wavy back is ideal for people of creative professions. A triangular is good only for those who do not like to sleep a lot.

Space under the bed

Pay attention to the space under the bed. There should be no heaps — no pots, no boxes, no suitcases, or other things.

Otherwise, lying on the bed, you will be exposed to the harmful effects of the stagnant energy created by these things.

Interior items in the bedroom

No objects should be hanging above the head of the bed — paintings, lamps, mirrors. And the more you can not sleep under the ceiling beam and in a room with a sloping ceiling.

Very carefully you need to handle the mirrors in the bedroom. They can not be hung either at the head, or at the foot of the bed, nor so that lying on it could see its reflection.

In addition, the mirror should not hang right opposite the bedroom door: it will “push” all the beneficial energy out of the room. An extremely useful mirror can be when the door is out of sight of a person lying on the bed.

In this case, the mirror will give the opportunity to see the incoming, without turning his head. The influx of beneficial energy will contribute to a mirror in the corner of the room, on the dresser.

Not bad is the location of the mirror on the inside of the cabinet door. But in the closet at the same time must be perfect order and cleanliness.

The mirror is also good to hang in the part of the room that seems the darkest.

Since the bedroom is a place of rest, there should be as few sharp corners as possible along the bedroom Feng Shui, especially near the bed. Prefer furniture of smooth, rounded shapes. If sharp corners cannot be avoided, soften them with climbing plants or draperies.

Bedside tables and bedside tables should not be above the level of the bed: it will prevent the beneficial energy to freely circulate above you during sleep.

Color bedroom decoration

Since the bedroom is a place of rest, in general there should prevail a passive beginning of yin — soft tones, moderate lighting, smooth forms. Do not overdo it! Choose a color scheme according to the size of the room.

In a small bedroom there will be nice light, airy, light colors: they will make it freer and more spacious. And for a large bedroom to make it seem cozy, more saturated tones are suitable.

Do you want your child to follow the path of success since childhood? Then do not forget to arrange his bedroom in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui.

In addition, the energy of the children’s room should not spoil the general energy background of the apartment.

Children’s bedroom should be somewhat brighter and more lively than an adult bedroom. After all, a child there usually not only sleeps, but also plays, takes lessons.

In the interior of the children’s room must be present fun, rich colors, music, drawings and posters on the walls.

But all this should be in moderation so that the child does not become overexcited before going to bed.

If the child is preparing lessons in the bedroom, place his desk in the northeast sector. Orient the table, as well as the bed, preferably in one of the child-friendly directions.

Hang a small crystal near the window: it will bring additional light into the room and stimulate the energy of success. The world map and the globe, as well as the table, are best placed in the northeast.

If your child has not yet learned how to be careful, make sure that “secret arrows” do not appear in his room from the sharp corners of furniture and stagnant energy from clutter and debris. Otherwise, all your efforts to create a favorable energy atmosphere in the nursery will be negated.

Put a bookcase with lockable doors, a bedside table with drawers in the room so that it has enough space for toys, books, school supplies and other personal items.

Bedroom like living room by feng shui bedroom

Due to the size of our apartments, one of the family members often has to sleep in the living room.

Turning the living room into a bedroom is a breeze. Just use the right lighting. Floor lamps and wall lamps, equipped with switches with continuous adjustment, will allow you to change the brightness of the light, depending on what you do.

During the daytime, the room can act as a living room, be bright, noisy and lively, and in the evening, soft lighting will create a calm, peaceful atmosphere for sleeping. In this case, of course, do not forget about how to stand the bed.

If you sleep and work in the same room

Work involves activity and is associated with the beginning of yang, and rest is associated with passivity and the beginning of yin. Therefore, if a person works in the same room where he sleeps, he is constantly located as if “between two fires”: it is difficult for him to concentrate while working and it is difficult to fall asleep.

Sleep and rest areas should be differentiated by hanging a curtain between them, putting a rack with climbing plants or bookshelves.

The main thing is that the bed could not see the workplace, and vice versa.

In addition, the workplace area should be more brightly lit and contain at least blotches of bright tones.

The bathroom does not have a decisive impact on the financial situation, so we will consider only the general principles of its design, allowing you to maintain a harmonious flow of energy in the apartment. In addition, the layout and size of the bathroom, as a rule, do not allow significant rearrangements there.

The main subject of the bathroom is, of course, a bath. Ca. A common form of bath is rectangular, but if you have the opportunity to purchase a semi-circular or oval bath, do it.

The advantage of these forms is that they reproduce the shape of a coin, and this, in combination with water, symbolizing money, attracts wealth to the house.

Bathroom color solution

In the bathroom should prevail white color or very soft pastel colors, but in no case not bright. If the bathroom is combined, then the bath and the toilet should have the same color and style.

If there is a window in the bathroom, which is often found in old houses, use blinds or waterproof cloth instead of curtains.

Cabinets and shelves in the bathroom

Shelves, cabinets and bedside tables in the bathroom should not be empty. They need to constantly use and maintain cleanliness and order there.

If the shelves are crammed with all sorts of bath and cosmetic accessories — shampoos, lotions, creams that are not used regularly, the energy will stagnate and, consequently, create stagnation in financial matters. Leave only what is really necessary.

Shells and mirrors — symbols of wealth in the bathroom

As symbols of wealth for the bathroom, seashells and mirrors are best suited. Lay the shells on the shelves or glue to the tile.

Mirrors can finish at least all four walls. The only thing to avoid is the mirror tile, since it will symbolically cut the human body into parts.

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