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Knowledge Zone Talismans

Consider what kind of feng shui talismans can be for the Knowledge Zone. The classic advice of Feng Shui is to place a crystal that plays with all facets (crystal is best) in the Wisdom zone so that solar or electric light falls on it. When the refracted rays of light in your room scatter tiny multicolored rainbows or sunbeams — good luck in your home.

On a nice sunny day, you can play with your crystal, turning it and letting the beams of light shine on the walls, the ceiling and all the objects in the room. This is a very pleasant experience, bringing to the same good energy of chi in your home.

Knowledge Zone Talismans

Another way is to hang the crystal. There are certain subtleties. Crystal beam best of all hung on a red ribbon or thread.

The length of this ribbon or strings should be a multiple of 9. That is, 9, 18 or 27 cm. This is due to the fact that the number 9 is a sacred number in Feng Shui and combines the power of heaven and earth.

When hanging a crystal on a red ribbon, you can “charge” it, if you contact it and ask to protect your apartment from trouble and bring peace, harmony and mutual understanding to it.

Crystals are usually very «docile» and regularly serve people.

Just do not forget to wash your crystals in salt water at least once a month, then their energy will always be clean.

Talismans for the Knowledge Zone. A pot of wealth is another traditional Feng Shui talisman.

This pot, filled with gold or its imitation, is considered a symbol of abundance and golden bowels. It helps to significantly improve the money fortune of the family.

Knowledge Zone Talismans

In the area of ​​Wisdom is good to place the statuette or the image of a snake. The snake is a symbol of perpetual motion and renewal of the Universe.

In the East, it is also a symbol of female beauty. «You are beautiful as a snake!» — a very complimentary compliment for a woman. But most often the snake personifies wisdom and deep knowledge.

Therefore, it will be an excellent talisman for this area. The Sector of Knowledge and Wisdom can be remarkably activated with the help of a globe.

It is best to use a crystal globe, although it can be limited to the most ordinary. In addition to the fact that the globe symbolizes the Earth, the “mistress” of this sector, it itself also activates the good luck of the Knowledge Zone, favoring academic success.

Knowledge Zone Talismans

Here you can place books, symbolizing the acquisition of knowledge. However, books can become a wonderful talisman not only in this zone, but also in the south (they will symbolically nourish the Fire of your glory), as well as in the Children and Creativity zone (western sector) and in the children’s room.

This symbol will mean a wonderful and successful education for your children.

Knowledge Zone Talismans

Talismans for the Knowledge Zone. You can make an «earthly» talisman of the most ordinary objects: ceramic or porcelain vases, plaster or clay figurines (it is important that they do not have aggressive protrusions and sharp corners).

Even bricks and tiles can become Feng Shui talismans if the walls of the Wisdom sector are tiled or wallpaper imitated with a brick wall. Also suitable pictures with the image of terrestrial landscapes: mountain landscapes, alpine meadows, deserts and savannas.

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