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The energy of the land in the garden

Consider what earth energy is Feng Shui. As human beings, we are between heaven and earth.

We can move freely between these two elements, but while we draw inspiration from heaven, we are connected with the Earth by solid ground that ensures our stability.

The energy of the land in the garden

Power supply. The energy of the earth Feng Shui allows us to get in touch with the natural rhythms and cycles of the universe and determines the place that we occupy in the general scheme of things. It is this group that determines the ways in which living beings get their food from the bosom of the Earth.

In everyday life, the energy of the earth is manifested in our ability to use all the resources available to us. An important aspect of this energy is that it feeds the good forces that we receive in the process of education, as well as the love and support that we absorb as children.

Nature and energy. A simple way to understand how the energy of the earth affects us is to present ourselves as a plant.

In order for it to grow healthy and strong, it must be planted in fertile soil at the right time and developed in accordance with the terms provided by nature.

A plant that, during its growth period, suffers from either excess or lack of nutrition, cannot be healthy and strong when it reaches its maturation stage.

In the same way, the way we are born, as well as the nutrition and upbringing we received in childhood, will affect the state of the energy of Feng Shui earth that we receive in our adult life.

The energy of the land in the garden

Difficult undertakings. To be able to properly use our resources, we must believe that we have the right to be here, and this conviction is brought up during a peaceful and happy childhood, when a child grows up in full confidence that he is loved and desired.

When a person lacks the energy of the earth, it is often associated with a lack of love and support, which he experienced during his physical and moral development. Although a poorly nourished plant can still bloom, it is weak and unstable to the effects of storms and bad weather.

Similarly, despite the fact that a person who experienced emotional starvation in childhood, at first glance, may seem “blooming”, he has weak roots that are not able to provide him with good nutritional energy, and this lack of energy is reflected in his constant fight for love and support.

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