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The scheme of the stars on Feng Shui Prison

This is a type of scheme that radically changes its qualities at the onset of each successive Period. Remember that the location of the Flying Stars of the house does not change with the passage of time (except for cases when a complete reconstruction of the house is carried out and the Star of the Period of its construction changes). Feng Shui scheme The prison always remains the same.

It changes only the power and timeliness of the stars. So, from 1984 to 2004, the 7-Red Star was strong and supportive, but when the 7th Period ends, it will again become Po Chun, the “destroyer of armies” and “toughening the fate”. The numbers in the cells of the Lo Shu square do not change, but their qualitative characteristics change.

A clear example of such changes is the Feng Shui Prison scheme, which is sometimes also called the «Blocked Prominent Star».

The reasons for this name are as follows. If we have a scheme where the Period Star number in the Central Palace, for example, is 7-red, then the two prominent stars are Facial Star 7 and Mountain Star 7. In this scheme, Facial Star 7 and Mountain Star 7 can never end up in the Central Palace .

However, for Mountain Star 8 or Facial Star 8, it is possible to be in the Central Palace. This is not a problem during the 7th Period.

But when we turn into the 8th Period, the New Eminent Stars will be the Mountain Star 8 and the Facial Star 8. Guess what will happen? If they are located in the Central Palace, then they are considered Blocked.

The scheme of the stars on Feng Shui Prison

Let’s take an example. During the 7th Period with the scheme of the house, having the front direction SE2, everything is in order. But when the sacramental moment comes — February 2004 — Mountain Star 8 becomes prominent and turns out to be blocked in the Central Palace.

The result is a prison type scheme. Let’s quickly reiterate the basics of this very important concept.

Once the scheme has been compiled, it remains unchanged, and the Stars of the Period, Mountain and Facial, do not move anywhere else. What can change?

And that’s what. Over time, when one Period is replaced by another, the Star, which is considered to be prominent, changes. In the 7th Period, Facial Star 7 and Mountain Star 7 are prominent Stars, but in the 8th Period, Facial Star 8 and Mountain Star 8 will be visible.

At the moment of changing the Period to an earlier time, the Facial Star 8 or the Mountain Star 8, located in the Central Palace, changes its status and becomes visible.

And it turns out that this Star is blocked in a quiet Central Palace, from where it cannot spread its beneficial effect.

If the newly recognized Eminent Mountain Star is blocked in the Central Palace, the life aspect of the inhabitants of the house associated with interpersonal relationships and health will suffer, but if the New Eminent Facial Star is locked in the Central Palace, then the life aspect of wealth will suffer.

This is because the Trapped Star cannot trap its beneficial effects on the house. If you think about this phenomenon, you will see that the scheme of Feng Shui Prison cannot be formed during the construction of the house, because the number of the Star of the Period when the house was built, on the diagram located in the Central Palace, cannot coincide with the numbers of the Mountain and Facial Stars, also located in this Palace.

Only when the Period changes, the Prominent Star can be blocked.

The classic means of correcting such a position is to use the 5-yellow Star. This is done on the grounds that she can display her magical powers in the Central Palace, which is her “home” Palace.

The procedure is to place the water structure outside the house next to any sector containing either Mining or Facial Star 5-yellow. For example, to free Mountain Star 8, blocked when moving from the 7th to the 8th Period in February 2004, place the water structure outside the sector that contains the Mountain Star 5-yellow.

Some modern feng shui masters, such as Yap Cheng Hai, recommend this procedure only for buildings of the yin category (or crypts), but not for residential buildings. Instead, he recommends a more radical way: in general, change the Period Star at home so that the house gets a new scheme.

This road is expensive because it implies either a radical reconstruction of the house, including the replacement of the roof, or leaving the house and returning after the change of the Period.

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