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The value of numbers on Feng Shui: happy and unfavorable combinations

The value of numbers on feng shui is very important to know, because each of them directly affects human life. Any number that appears in the space around you plays an important role.

The value of numbers from 0 to 9

People who follow the principles of feng shui should also understand the meaning of numbers. Even a phone number can affect everything that happens around you.

If you remember the characteristics of all the numbers and their combinations, you will be able to select the most favorable ones.

The value of numbers on Feng Shui: happy and unfavorable combinations

From the point of view of feng shui teachings, every number that is present in a person’s life has a sacred meaning. And the number is a combination of numbers, the value of which we consider.

  • It symbolizes the beginning of everything, the original source, as well as the unity of man with the outside world and the Universe. It is both a minimal particle and a common integer.
  • Associated with a good reputation, authority in the eyes of others, social success.
  • Complements and enhances the beneficial effect of other numbers in a person’s life
  • Helps to win in all affairs and undertakings.

  • Symbol of lightness, relaxation, peace and satisfaction from life
  • It helps to enjoy everything that happens around, enjoy the little things and not lose heart even during the period when a lot of problems fell on you
  • Attracts fast and easy money, gives incredible opportunities for enrichment without making serious efforts
  • It embodies rapid growth, rapid development, constant movement forward, towards new opportunities.
  • This is a powerful impetus that helps to overcome the period of stagnation and continue the development process in the future.
  • It is better not to use separately, but to use them in digital combinations in order to supplement and strengthen the effect of other numbers.

The value of numbers on Feng Shui: happy and unfavorable combinations

  • The symbol of death and destruction is considered an unfavorable number. If you strive to live “according to Feng Shui”, this figure should be avoided even in combination with other
  • In numerical combinations, it changes the favorable value of other numbers to negative

The five is also a negative symbol. «Multiplies by zero» everything useful that other numbers in your life can give. Therefore, the fives are best avoided.

Seven — a symbol of good luck, success, luck. It is believed that it gives a person enormous self-confidence, he begins to notice the many possibilities around, realizes his creative potential more quickly and achieves his goals.

  • Sa happy figure in eastern philosophy. Attracts in human life financial well-being and prosperity
  • Helps to constantly evolve and move forward, stop at nothing in achieving their goals
  • Symbolizes the union of heaven and earth
  • It is endowed with a very powerful energy, attracts health and longevity to a person’s life, protects against problems, troubles, protects against diseases

Zero — emptiness, nothing. It does not have a specific meaning.

In some sources, it is interpreted as a favorable symbol that supports harmony in the surrounding space of a person.

Happy and adverse combination of numbers

You can choose for yourself happy digital combinations. You can use this knowledge when choosing a phone number or the number of a future apartment, car, as well as in any other cases when you encounter numbers.

The value of numbers on Feng Shui: happy and unfavorable combinations

The following combinations are considered most favorable for feng shui:

  • 6-8 — attracts financial well-being, activates the flow of monetary energy, gives prosperity and success in work, provides rapid career growth
  • 2-8 — a monetary combination for the quick fulfillment of desires associated with the acquisition of material goods. Can be used if you want to quickly buy an apartment, car or something else.
  • 1-6-8 — attracts luck and success in all spheres of life. Symbol of harmony, happiness and well-being
  • 7-8 — a symbol of guaranteed wealth, to which you will sooner or later come. Fate itself will send the appropriate opportunities — it is important to notice them and not to miss
  • 4-8 — means wealth too, but it will have to work very hard for him. The four in this combination — a sign of incredible effort, hard work. But in the end, your work will pay off.
  • 7-8-9 — harmonizes the energy state of a person, a favorable symbol without a specific meaning

Watch the video about the meaning of numbers in Chinese numerology:

There are adverse combinations that are desirable to exclude from your life:

  • 2-4 — a symbol of death, but not in its literal sense. It can lead to the loss of something important, to the destruction of significant things in human life. Losses, unexpected expenses, separation, diseases
  • 5-8 — to financial losses. If this combination of numbers is constantly present in your life, there will never be money, how much you would not try
  • 9-5 — a threat to the surrounding space, you risk losing acquired property or close people, to become a victim of a catastrophe, natural disaster
  • 6-4 — collapse in money matters, a person can go bankrupt in one day, become poor, starve
  • 5-6 — puts the block to the execution of desires. Everything comes at the price of incredible effort, nothing comes to life easily. Success is possible only through self-overcoming, daily and incessant.

It should be noted that odd numbers are considered the most favorable in eastern numerology, because they are influenced by the energy Yang, creative and beneficial.

Even numbers-Yin can lead to losses and losses.

And if you use numeric combinations, it is important to keep a balance — add one odd number to each even number. Then the negative effects can be avoided.

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