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1954 what animal, what is his personality

Eastern astrology says that each year belongs to a certain animal, one of the twelve, which in a circle follow each other. These animals have an impact on the personality of a person, his habits, behavioral patterns and much more.

Although I trust traditional astrology more, I still pay attention to the Chinese horoscope. Therefore, it became interesting to me to know, 1954, what animal? Since this year my mother was born.

If one of your relatives was also born in 1954, then surely you will also want to find out this question.

1954 what animal, what is his personality

1954 year of the animal according to the horoscope?

The horse is the 7th sign under the score in the Chinese horoscope. And the Horse was the mistress of 1954.

This sign is one of the most industrious, responsible, efficient and courteous relatively close people.

But in Eastern astrology, not only the symbol of the year itself is important, but also its color and element. In our case, we can talk about the Green Wooden Horse.

What are horse people like?

Having found out 1954 of whom, let us turn to the characterization of the representatives of this sign.

The horse acts as an uncontrollable, masterful animal. Persons born in such a year are fiercely fighting for their own living space and do not allow anyone to dispose of them.

They are just enough to ruffle — for this you need at least the slightest excuse. May exhibit unjustified sharpness and categorical.

The Horse Man of the Eastern Horoscope is a born optimist, energetic and sociable. Tolerate can not be alone, preferring the interaction with family and friends.

They, as a rule, do not suffer from material difficulties, are able to get money without much effort.

At the same time, the Horse is inconsistent: it can change the nature of its activity, place of work. She adores traveling and is terribly burdened by the restriction of her personal space, routine, even more than all the other signs.

The high diligence of such individuals is mainly directed at their home and family. And they perceive their labor activity, career only as a way to earn finances, but no more than that.

Characterized by self-confidence, they manage to occupy a high social position in society.

In the amorous sphere of life they are reckless. If the Horse falls in love, then its feelings are ready to sweep everything from its path.

Incredibly temperamental, very attractive to the opposite sex due to its powerful sexual energy.

Tend strongly attached to a partner, with great difficulty parting with old feelings. Although, even being in a strong pair, the Horse sometimes still dreams about independence, personal freedom and new impressions.

The family will stick to their line of conduct, will not allow the elect to «sit on her neck.»

Representatives of the sign of the Horse are just crazy about spectacles, theaters, large gatherings of people, concerts, sporting events and any other public events. Often they themselves are successfully implemented in the sports field.

In addition, excellent politicians and sellers come out of them; they have inclinations towards any activity where you need to act proactively and be able to convince.

These individuals do not go unnoticed in any society at the expense of their cheerful disposition and sociability. Possess a quick mind, able to grasp everything literally on the fly. They show a sensible rationalism in dealing with financial means, and in general they act wisely in life.

Not too interested in everyday activities, but they are well versed in good manners, beautiful clothes.

The fair sex of the sign are real passionate cats, who always go only at the call of their own hearts. Differ in sensuality, impatience, dream to find true love.

They like to draw attention to themselves and fall in love at first sight.

1954 what animal, what is his personality

Characteristics of the Green Wooden Horse

We now turn to the description specifically of the 1954 Horse.

The wooden element greatly changes the picture, giving a person completely atypical characteristics for this sign. So, the Green Wooden Horse is no longer so passionate, more organized and more peaceful.

She is much better able to take control of his emotional sphere, directing it in the right direction.

Still, unlike her fellows, such a person, on the contrary, dislikes the crowd, mass gatherings, noisy events do not attract her at all. But what remains the same is a great sense of humor, sociability and optimistic perception of life.

Wood animals are more attracted by a stable, confident social position, even if it is not the highest. Also Green Horse is distinguished by caution, attentiveness, it does not expose itself to undue risk.

Sometimes in connection with this it does not reach such heights as it could, but does not get upset too much.

As for love, here the Wooden animal shows less romance than its relatives. For him, a potential partner is, above all, a reliable friend, companion and like-minded person, and only then a lover.

He believes that to build stable relationships, it is important to have common interests and the same temperament, and not to be led by blind passion.

Another difference lies in a smaller manifestation of egoism and arrogance than, for example, in the Fire Horse.

He always listens, puts himself in the place of another person, knows how to sympathize with other people’s problems and shows tolerance towards others.

These qualities make such a person a great team player, so they will keep him at any job.

In Eastern astrology, it is believed that the most ideal time for the birth of the Horse is winter. In this case, it will have a more calm mind.

It is also desirable for Kony to leave his parental home as early as possible, starting to live an independent life.

As a rule, at the beginning of life, the representatives of this sign will have many difficulties, tensions, they will not know peace. Energetic, constantly striving to “ride” somewhere, they dream of self-realization and self-affirmation. Often they are willing to sacrifice even their family for this.

They may face absolute failures in their youth, when they have to start everything from scratch. But in maturity they almost always manage to achieve peace and balance.

Quiet, measured old age is also characteristic.

1954 what animal, what is his personality

Love compatibility

With whom the considered sign is best combined in the Eastern horoscope?

And with what animals to look for happiness is not recommended?

  • With goat — there is a fairly good union, in which both partners jointly solve different problems. Compatibility is considered high.
  • With a horse — It may be difficult for two Horses in a pair to find a common language with each other. But such a tandem will be filled with positive emotions, joy, energy, holiday atmosphere — you can talk about excellent compatibility.
  • With Monkey — The horse likes to have a great time, however, life together promises to be hard. All because of — excessive practicality of the Monkey. If the partners fail to treat each other tolerantly and respectfully — the couple is in danger of falling apart.
  • With rooster — The rooster is distinguished by excessive accuracy, which annoys the Horse. Because of this, it is possible the emergence of difficulties.
  • With a dog — these two animals in tandem will make not just each other happy, but everyone around. Their disadvantages are mutually compensated for the merits of each other.
  • With pig — not a very good compatibility option, because the Pig annoys the Horse with its passivity and boringness.
  • With bull — such a union is a combination of opposites. It contains strong emotions, brightness, many interesting events.
  • With tiger — The tiger is not less active than the Horse, but it is more closed. Some may like it, but some will not.
  • With rat — another union of opposite signs. Both partners in it are developed intellectually, they are interesting for everything interesting and unusual. They can remain faithful to each other, but they can also commit mutual treason. Compatibility is average.
  • With a cat — In this relationship, the Cat will quickly lose its illusions. Both partners will be able to give each other enough personal freedom. And Kota will increase faith in their own strength. Overall, the tandem is pretty good.
  • With snake — A difficult scenario, because the Snake requires stability. Such a relationship can not be called successful for a marriage. Rather, a friendly relationship is more desirable for them.
  • With dragon — the couple promises to be bright, the relationship develops dynamically. Both partners are sociable, charismatic, but the Dragon often behaves irrationally. The horse in this union gives him his ideas. The intimate life of such people is very diverse, and in family life there is a lot of unusual, which others do not.

Now you know what year 1954 is the animal according to the eastern calendar, what qualities distinguish the representatives of the sign, their compatibility. Finally, watch the additional thematic video:

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