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1994 year of the animal on the Chinese calendar

As is known, in the Eastern calendar each year corresponds to a certain living being. This animal greatly influences the character of a person: it gives it certain positive and negative traits, behavior, and features of contact with the outside world.

I was born in 1994, so it became interesting to me to learn more about my sign. I suggest you find out in 1994 which animal according to the Chinese horoscope in the following material.

1994 year of the animal on the Chinese calendar

The history of the Eastern calendar

Initially, let’s deal with how the Eastern horoscope arose, if someone else does not know. Note that it is very old — its age is more than 4000 years.

The ancient Eastern legend tells that when the great Buddha decided to leave the Earth forever, he convened all the animals to say goodbye to them. They came, but in different sequences, namely:

  • the first was the Rat;
  • followed by the Bull;
  • then the Tiger;
  • then Rabbit (in another version — the Cat);
  • then the Dragon came;
  • the next snake crawled;
  • then the Horse appeared;
  • after her — Goat;
  • behind them is the Monkey;
  • after them — the Rooster;
  • then the Dog came running;
  • and the very last one was impaled by the Pig (Boar).

The Buddha decided to perpetuate the listed order and gave each of the animals the opportunity to decide human fates within 1 year. And after 12 months, the animal passes the reins to the next and so on in a circle.

1994 year, what animal on a horoscope?

People born in 1994, are concerned about the question, what living thing is their patron? The answer is — everyone who saw the world in the period from 10 1994 to 30 of 1995 is patronized by the Dog.

And since in Eastern astrology, each animal has a certain color and element, we note that the Dog is not simple, but Green (although there is another version that Blue) and Wooden.

People-dogs what are they?

Having dealt with the fact that in 1994, according to the Eastern horoscope, we turn to the characterization of personalities related to the sign of the Dog. What is their nature?

The dog is honest, intelligent, friendly, fair and disinterested. On the other hand — shows enough stubbornness and selfishness.

She is a real workaholic, ready to work both day and night if she has a specific goal.

And it is impossible to say that the Dog is interested only in money: the pleasure received from its activity is much more important for it. She can also work for some idea or to help a loved one.

By their nature, Dogs are somewhat restrained, they don’t like to talk a lot, some consider them “coldish”. Show a detachment to what is happening, but exactly as long as you, as it should, not brought them out of yourself.

Then you will get such a rebuff that will not find it, and the desire to touch the Dog will once again disappear by itself.

In communicating with others, representatives of this horoscope sign prefer to behave cautiously, evaluatively, are not inclined to violently express emotions, especially with unfamiliar people. They are filled with such energy of tranquility, which calming effect on those who communicate with the Dog, has to itself.

1994 year of the animal on the Chinese calendar

With all this, people-dogs are more pessimistic than optimistic: they are not accustomed to counting on gifts of fate and learn to rejoice in what they possess.

In the amorous sphere of life are guided more by reason than by feelings. With a partner, behave honestly, not prone to adultery or deceit.

True, they are usually in search of their second half for a long time. This is due to internal tension and excessive foresight, as well as innate perfectionism.

It is difficult for a dog to find a suitable candidate for a place in the heart.

Characteristics Dogs 1994

If you want to characterize a person born in 1994 in more detail, you should also take into account the color and the element of Pesik.

So the Green Wooden Dog gives people diligence, devotion, honesty, warm, calm energy, as well as prudence and slowness, love of philosophical reasoning. Wooden Dogs are attracted to everything beautiful, many of them are engaged in collecting objects of art, antiques.

From the living conditions, they give their preference to nature, therefore, they often change an apartment in a megacity to a house in a village where they enjoy fresh air and ecology.

Although, of course, not all representatives of the mark do that.

Having found out, in 1994, which animal and its basic characteristics, let’s talk in more detail about the strengths and weaknesses of such individuals.

The wooden dog is confident and calm — these are its main advantages. He used to move along the road of life measuredly, with dignity, trying not to show significant emotional outbursts and not to perform unreasonable actions.

In social life, he shows himself to be friendly, affable, if asked, he will come to the rescue. For the most part, dog people have an excellent reputation in society due to their “gentlemanly” behavior.

In addition, the Wooden Dog is an excellent worker, unaware of laziness and always doing his job efficiently, perfectly well. She is diligent, conscientious and decent.

Prefers teamwork, deservedly earns respect in the team.

The main disadvantage of the sign representatives is their eternal doubts. If, due to certain reasons, they did not achieve the expected result, they would “dig” themselves day and night, analyzing their own behavior for the presence of errors in it.

For them, in principle, it is characteristic to look for problems where they really are not. And to indulge in such a deep introspection, they often overlook something truly significant and significant.

Although the Dog makes an impression of very self-confident, integral, often this is far from the truth. Deep down he is prone to high suspiciousness and anxiety, which greatly affects the quality of life.

A dog feels “danger” from everywhere and constantly worries that something will happen to it or someone from its relatives and friends. And also — worried about someone else’s opinion about yourself.

Suitable profession

For the Green Dog it is uncharacteristically planned career building. However, her diligence, honesty and diligence allows her to be approved in this field.

Often, she even takes the position of leader.

At the same time, even when they are at the very top, they will never “snatch” their subordinates or assert themselves at their expense.

It is not excluded that the Dog could have reached even greater heights, but his inborn straightness and the inability to keep his mouth shut in controversial situations greatly hinders him from doing so.

In any case, the dogs in the Eastern horoscope often become leaders at all levels, trade union leaders, educators, clergymen. Everything that they do not undertake is always done conscientiously.

1994 year of the animal on the Chinese calendar

Features of privacy

It is difficult to call the representative of the described sign lucky in love life. Such people really want to see everything (and all) perfect around them, so they often endow their elects with non-existent characteristics.

As a result, they are disappointed when the “rose-colored glasses” still fall down from their eyes.

It is for this reason that the Dog can remain in splendid isolation for a long time. But, having finally found his soul mate, they remain loyal to her under any circumstances of life. Dogs pay a lot of attention to home comfort, appreciate and really love their loved ones.

Excellent, kind and loyal parents leave them.

Compatibility with other characters

Who is considered the perfect half for the representatives of the Dogs sign? And with whom, on the contrary, it is better not to enter into a relationship?

Eastern astrology calls from the most suitable partners for Pesika:

Also a very harmonious relationship develops with:

But the union with which signs is unfavorable, so it is with:

There are also animals in the Chinese horoscope, links with which are absolutely not favorable:

Of course, this is only an approximate characteristic of love compatibility. You cannot focus only on her — there are always exceptions to the rules, this is clearly not a reason to interrupt a wonderful relationship.

And besides, much more important is the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac, the elements and not just written on the Internet or a magazine, but calculated by a specialist specifically for your case. Remember this and if you really want to learn more about yourself and your partner, contact professional astrologers.

Now you know 1994 which animal according to the Eastern calendar and its characteristics. Finally, I offer a themed video:

Guess today with the help of the Tarot Map of the day!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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