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2019 year of the animal on the eastern calendar?

2019 year of the animal on the eastern calendar?

Very soon the new year will come to visit us. Of course, we still have a few months left before the hustle and bustle of the New Year. We still have time to choose New Year’s gifts, buy tangerines and chop the Olivier Basin.

However, some of us today are wondering what will the year bring to all of us? What will it be for us?

What animal will be marked by the coming 365 days, and will they be successful for all people?

Let’s see together what animal is the symbol of the year. By the way, the best astrologers have already managed to draw up their horoscope for the next year.

In this article we will tell you what is waiting for each sign of the horoscope. However, we will not run ahead.

Let’s do everything in order.

Symbol of the year

Maybe you do not know yet, but next year will be the year of the Earth Boar. Pigs born in the year — people are very diligent and hardworking. They will always be able to achieve their goal, even if its price is too high for them.

In addition, people born in the Year of the Pig are distinguished by restraint, wisdom, and extreme caution.

Pig loves to be reinsured.

Sometimes this quality comes to the point of absurdity. She can check ten times whether the gas has turned off, if she has closed the door, and is looking at the shelf life of all products. When it comes to the quality of products or services, there is no compromise for it.

At the same time, in relations the pig tries to find a common language with all people and does not like to quarrel.

People born in the year of Kaban are very calm, balanced and straightforward. They very often achieve career heights and always succeed in any business.

Pig as Midas turns into gold everything he touches.

Pig can safely take a business partner, because it is very responsible and punctual. The pig is a strict and demanding pedant who does not tolerate slovenliness and punctuality.

The pig does everything very carefully and on time. She is never late — whether it is an important business meeting or a visit to a manicurist.

It can be hard to live with pigs. They are very demanding of their spouses and business partners.

Pig does not like laziness and lazy.

She is always busy with something useful. If a person born in the year of the pig sees you on the sofa with a magazine — you can be sure that he will find you a more useful occupation.

Such are these pigs!

Boars always work for wear, if they firmly believe that their work will be appreciated. Do not dare scold or reproach Pig!

She will never forgive you for this! The pig also will never tell you about the personal.

These people are very secretive.

Boars do not take risks and try not to stick out unnecessarily. They always prefer to sit out.

Pigs often try to solve different conflicts peacefully. Quarrels — not their element.

They try to figure everything out a few steps ahead. Pigs hate desktop clutter.

If your boss was born in the year of the pig — you can be sure that he will not tolerate even five minutes late for work and mess in the office.

2019 year of the animal on the eastern calendar?

Let’s summarize together what personal qualities are characteristic of those lucky enough to be born in the Year of the Pig.

  • Wisdom.
  • Justice.
  • Caution.
  • Mercy.
  • Hard work
  • Friendliness.
  • Generosity
  • Hospitality.
  • Quick temper.

Pig has a heightened sense of justice. This quality sometimes prevents her from living in peace. She cannot pass by the offended person and the hungry kitten.

Pig seeks to save the whole world.

The pig is the soul of the company. She gathers around her friends and buddies who listen to all her advice. Maybe that’s why a pig is obscenely arrogant.

She loves to be important, even if absolutely nothing is. The pig loves to hide its sins and mistakes behind the motley tinsel of coquetry.

She can dress brightly and beautifully, but at the same time make grammatical or verbal mistakes. She is dressed like a millionaire, but speaks like a flower girl.

That is the Pig.

That the coming year?

2019 year of the animal on the eastern calendar?

Very soon the new year will come to us. What cooked pig for all of us?

Will her acorns be truly golden gifts? Or maybe she just jokingly grunts and turns to us with her curled tail, leaving empty-handed?

This was told to us by astrologers. So, what awaits you if you:

The mouse is waiting for a very successful and fruitful year. They will finally be able to open their business and quickly achieve financial well-being.

All year for them will be very calm, without any shocks.

A pig is a lazy girl. She dislikes fuss and change so much! Therefore, the whole year will be calm and will not bring significant changes.

The rat (or mouse) and the pig are best friends. They coexist together not the first hundred years. They crawl together in garbage, eat them, enjoy their life.

The mouse next year will enjoy all sorts of comfort and coziness. This will all contribute to Earthen Boar, which considers the Rat his girlfriend.

And who wants to harm his friends?

For these horned and industrious animals, the next year will be very successful. They are waiting for the long-awaited increase in work and substantial monetary gain.

Bulls and Pigs are domestic animals that are closely friends and live in the same barn.

Next year, the Bulls need to devote time to their health, rest more and not be overloaded at work.

Pigs also love to sleep and soak up the sunshine.

Maybe we should follow her example too?

Mustache and striped will bathe in the glory. Tigers waiting just fabulous luck. They can win the lottery, find their love or get a huge inheritance.

There is no such sphere of life where the whales are not lucky. Pig will help them in all their endeavors and help implement any plan.

The pig is afraid of the Tiger, so it will not particularly harm or interfere with it.

Pigs are friends with cats. Astrologers say that for Rabbit (or Kota) next year will be very successful in the love sphere.

Singles in the year will surely find a decent couple for themselves, and family people will be blessed with the appearance of the long-awaited newborn or new apartment.

However, not everything for Kota is so rosy. Rabbits in joy can grow fat.

Therefore, we advise them to do more active sports and eat less at home by the TV!

Dragons will not be as lucky as the rest of the 11 animals. Winged and fire-breathing creatures should be less likely to quarrel with others, and translate any scandal into a joke and stop it with a friendly smile.

Silence is gold.

Therefore, try to talk less, because any careless word next year can become a fire of a major quarrel. Take care of your nerves, because the dragon breathes fire. It can be dangerous for everyone around.

However, the Dragons should not despair, because the Pig will give them many happy meetings and successful business deals.

Snakes in the year will be real daughters of fate. They are waiting for positive emotions and even sudden wealth.

If the Serpent forgets about its innate caution and dares, then fate will definitely thank her for financial well-being and career growth.

For the Snake year will be very successful. Homes are waiting for them pleasant family chores that will only please. For example, it may be the birth of a child, the purchase of a car or a summer house.

The pig will provide full support to the wise Snake. This will need to be able to use.

For this animal, Year of the Pig will also be very successful. They can finally buy their own housing. In 219, the Horse must avoid gambling and financial fraud.

Otherwise, she may be left penniless. The rest of the horse can be sure — the Pig will fully support him and help him in any endeavors.

Sheep per year will experience a strong surge of vitality and cosmic energy. She will be able to finish the long-started business and begin to new challenges.

A sheep in a year can suddenly become sad and fall into apathy. It’s okay, because in this way she will get some rest and return to work with new forces.

Pig will help in the year of Sheep to start a successful business and profitable to buy real estate.

9. Monkey

Monkeys are waiting for big changes. The Year of the Pig is the beginning of the new and the end of the old. The monkey will be able to find new friends, change jobs and an apartment, fall in love and create a family.

A lot of interesting things will happen in the life of the Monkey, because she loves everything new! The monkey will quickly make friends with the Boar, and will cooperate with it throughout the next year.

For the Rooster next year will be difficult, but at the same time very interesting.

The bird will be able to survive any difficulties if it finds a common language with the Pig.

The rooster should work more, have less rest and stop being offended by the criticism of others. Roosters should not bully their beak!

Only in this case, the year will be very successful for these birds.

Dogs need to work on themselves. They should work hard to win their bosses. Promotion, the birth of a child, buying your own home — all this is waiting for a dog in a year.

However, she should not quarrel with loved ones, otherwise she risks being alone with all her problems.

Interestingly, what did the Pig cook as a gift to herself? She does not like surprises, so everything will be as usual.

A pig will improve its welfare, change its place of residence, or even move to another country. Good luck will be in all endeavors.

Piglet in time hears the smell of danger, and the pig will successfully avoid it. Pig since ancient times symbolizes wealth and luxury.

Why do you think all over the world make money for money in the form of a pig?

Obviously not just like that!

2019 will bring good luck to those people who are engaged in agriculture, farming and animal breeding.

Well, the forecasts are very interesting and inspiring. You only need to wait a year to see for yourself whether they will come true for all of us.

2019 year of the animal on the eastern calendar?

A few words about the «grunting» symbol of the year

The pig closes the circle of animals of the eastern horoscope. According to legend, the last pig came to congratulate the Buddha on the New Year.

To understand what the next year will be for all the inhabitants of the Earth, we need to figure out which pig really is. What is she like?

What are her character traits?

The pig is conscientious, merciful and very generous. She can even share the last piece of bread and will not regret anything to save her neighbor.

The pig is very purposeful. She will do everything in order to succeed in career, business, personal affairs. The pig is very honest and unsophisticated.

She will never deceive you, but at the same time she does not expect deception and dirty trick from you. Sometimes this quality prevents her from achieving the desired.

Our world is full of all sorts of crooks and just dishonest people, so the Pig is so difficult to get along with them.

Pig humbly takes all the blows of fate. She can cope with all her problems herself and will never ask for help from an outsider.

In general, the Pig is the strongest sign of the zodiac. She is very hardy, hardworking and decent.

These good qualities help her in life.

A pig rarely suffers and has excellent health. If she does not smoke and abuse alcohol, she will live a very long time. Even in old age, the Pig will look younger than all its peers.

A pig must stick to a diet, since it is prone to fatness since childhood.

Pigs are very vulnerable. Therefore, they so often fall into depression over trifles.

Pig need to take care of your nerves and sleep more. Work and stress can cause insomnia.

A pig should take more time off and leave somewhere with her family.

A pig can make a dizzying career, become a bank director, head of a large company. She is very hardworking and purposeful.

In the event of life difficulties, pigs always try to deal with them exclusively on their own. Possessing a natural sense of responsibility, the pig loves to do what she is interested in.

She has a very rich imagination and irrepressible imagination. That is why there are so many writers, scientists, artists and politicians among people born in the Year of Pig.

Celebrities who were born in the year of Kabana are: Elton John, Alfred Hitchcock, Hillary Clinton, Ernest Hemingway, Steven Spielberg, Mozart.

Pig can prove itself in the sphere of show business, restaurant business, medicine, veterinary medicine and interior design. Pig will cope well with transportation, party organization, trade and hotel business.

2019 year of the animal on the eastern calendar?

How to make friends with a pig?

Pigs love to be the center of attention. They adore gatherings of people, shows, parties, concerts.

Pig always has many guests at home. She loves noisy parties and gatherings until the morning.

A pig is sometimes selfish and even self-centered. She cares little about your problems.

It is like the sun — today it warms and caresses with its rays, and tomorrow it hides behind gloomy clouds.

However, the Pig really knows how to be friends.

She will never give up her friends.

Pigs love sensual pleasure. Sex is very important to her.

Pig will be a good wife and housewife. She will never change her spouse and will be faithful to him to the end. Pig — old-fashioned Monogamous.

She doesn’t want to hear anything about polygamy. Sometimes a pig can quarrel over trifles, but quickly goes to reconciliation.

If you are looking for a long relationship — Pig is your man.

2019 year of the animal on the eastern calendar?

What signs are compatible with Pig

Choosing a partner for long-term relationships, a person tries to pay attention to whether a particular sign of the horoscope suits him.

If your horoscope signs match, then you are destined to be together and die in one day. Let’s find out which of the signs of the horoscope will create a pair with the Pig.

So, the best partners for the pig are: Sheep, Tiger, Cat.
Not the best options: Monkey and Snake.

2019 is the year of the Pig. We hope that he will be the happiest for all people, regardless of what sign of the horoscope they were born under.

The pig will surely bring to all of us the fulfillment of hopes, aspirations, plans.

We must all live in harmony with nature and ourselves. The horoscope is our faithful assistant, who will always tell us how to act in a particular life situation.

Let’s hope that we all manage to make friends with the Pig and deserve her favor.

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