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Compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius — causes of conflict

The compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius is beyond doubt. Both signs are subject to the fire element, so they understand each other perfectly, and their relationship is usually very happy and harmonious.

Therefore, problems in the pair should not be. Let’s talk more about the characteristics and features of this union.

Compatibility in love

When these two signs are found, falling in love occurs almost instantly. It is difficult to understand on which side the initiative in the relationship — both are drawn towards each other with terrible force.

Compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this zodiac pair:

  1. A lion must be a patron and a wise mentor for his unpredictable and stubborn companion. It is for him the main role in the union. He will make decisions and choose a vector of common development.
  2. Surrounding, looking at this couple, believe that their relationship will not last long. But contrary to public opinion, Leo and Sagittarius daily prove that the ways to be together are very, very long.
  3. For Leo, this alliance is a real challenge. He is used to a slightly different format of relationships — when he is seduced, they admire him and try to achieve it. An independent Sagittarius does not fit this rule. He will have to seek to win the location.
  4. Both adore new impressions, bright emotions, travels and adventures. It is the similarity of interests that attracts them in each other. If this turns out to come to terms with recalcitrant characters and violent temperament, the relationship can last for a long time.

Leo and Sagittarius are perfectly compatible in business. They can create a successful business and together bring it to the global level.

The common cause will only benefit the pair. In their work, they will spend all their fiery energy, so only peace and stability will remain for the family.

Causes of conflict

Both partners have been searching for a “bright ideal” all their lives. They are ardent maximalists. Therefore, at the very beginning of the relationship, they will attribute non-existent wonderful qualities to the partner.

Of course, later they will be disappointed, because there are no perfect people, and the second half is full of flaws.

Compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

What it takes to work in a relationship with this couple:

  1. Sagittarius is not the surest sign of the zodiac. No matter how good and happy the relationship is, sooner or later he will start looking at the side. For the ideally faithful Leo, this is simply incomprehensible to the mind, so he will begin to be jealous with the full force of his fiery nature.
  2. It is important for Sagittarius to make it clear to Lev that he does not neglect them. Give flattery, admiration, speak compliments and every day to convince that he does not represent the best partner in life.
  3. Leo must always expose his strong shoulder, be a support and support.
  4. The relationship between them will be harmonious and happy, if Leo shows himself generous, tolerant and fair. And Sagittarius will stop flirting with everyone except his chosen one.

Also, during reconciliations, they should always say that, despite conflicts and disagreements, they value each other and love sincerely.

Male Lion and Female Sagittarius

Begins the relationship in this couple is a man. From it will emanate initiative.

She is quite happy with the woman, because she is used to choosing, rather than “hunting” for potential partners herself.

The problem with this couple is the irresponsibility of the woman. She never admits that something is wrong. Her main argument — do not want to be with me, go away.

Therefore, for Leo, such relationships are extremely unstable. He feels that he lives on a powder keg and can not rely on his chosen one.

Sagittarius girl is very self-willed, selfish, freedom-loving nature. She is used to thinking only about herself, so she often does not pay attention to the desires and interests of her partner.

She wants everything that happens to obey only her whims.

If a man does not want to endure her whims and self-will, she will turn into a child who will throw tantrums and run away from home at the first quarrel.

But there may come a moment in which she realizes that it will not be easy to find such a loving and patient chosen one after parting.

At this point, she finally appreciates the efforts of men, see his enterprise and dedication. And can love your companion.

Then she will stop harassing him with her tantrums and whims from scratch.

The most important thing for the couple is to live to this point and not to part earlier.

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Sagittarius male and female Leo

Very difficult option of relations in which the woman can suffer. Despite her strong and purposeful character, she will not be able to control and manipulate her chosen one.

She will never submit him to her desires, which is very painful for her, who is used to controlling everything.

But in the beginning everything will be easy. They fall in love with each other almost immediately.

A man will be fascinated by the manners and sophistication of his chosen one. And the girl will sincerely admire his extraordinary mind, boiling vital energy and sense of humor.

As partners become aware of each other, the negative aspects of their relationship will manifest themselves in all their glory. The woman will find the intolerable irony of the satellite, which «includes» sarcasm at the most inappropriate moments.

A man will miss the gratitude and admiration, from which he will glance in the direction of other girls.

Compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

If a couple came together at a young age, it’s easier for them to stay together. They will survive a lot, learn to put up with each other’s shortcomings and successfully overcome the lapping stage.

But for mature, already established personalities, it is incredibly difficult to find compromises. The selfishness and the proud temper of both compel them to clash over and over again without even trying to find a compromise.

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