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Horoscope as revenge zodiac signs, Leo

Horoscope as revenge zodiac signs, Leo

It is possible to offend Lviv in the most elementary way by deceiving them. Representatives of this zodiacal sign are very trusting and are well aware of this trait of their character.

Therefore, sensing deception, the Lions are ready to take revenge in all cases.

Try not to cause revenge on Lions, their opposition (even on trifles) may be inadequately strong. Think about why you need it.

The easiest way for Lviv to take revenge is to prove to everyone around you that you are a total nonentity. Knowing their ability to easily achieve excellence in all endeavors, they will be all mechanisms known and unknown to them, show you how much better things are in their work, leisure and personal life.

Leo will be able to surpass you even in the area of ​​your specialization, even if you have never done it. The easiest consequence of this revenge can be a deep depression.

The next highest ranking method of lion revenge is public insult and all sorts of exposing your bad deeds.

For this, the Lions choose the largest arena and wait for a large gathering of the public, before whose eyes all your bones will be washed. Do not doubt, public sympathy will be on their side. This is an innate advantage of a lion’s nature.

On this light artillery lion revenge ends, in the course come heavy weapons.

In the social circle of Leo are the darkest personalities who suddenly begin to curl around you. Leo’s protest will not allow you to receive necessary certificates, documents, pass exams or turn a profitable business in time.

Your friends and friends will keep you away from you, and in a dream you will be slowly dismembered by ghosts from the next world.

In a short time, a vengeful lion’s grin will begin to appear to you everywhere, and you will gradually turn into a miserable paranoid. Beware of the lion’s revenge.

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