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Horoscope as revenge zodiac signs, Libra

Horoscope as revenge zodiac signs, Libra

The sign of the zodiac Libra is very touchy by nature. Representatives of this sign can be offended by any trifle. In response, Libra is always ready to take revenge, but the nature of their revenge is such that the abuser may not notice the actions directed against him.

Scales take revenge on a childish way, not seriously: I’ll pick up my toys and not let you write to your pot!

When Libra reaches practically the white knee, the limit of their rage is almost reached, the object of revenge can finally guess that a weak attack is taking place on it. In addition, Libra manage to lose control over the object even if it is possible to influence the development of further events, therefore, it is extremely rare for representatives of this zodiacal sign to carry out murderous plans.

Horse of their revenge can be called a verbal duel, this is their favorite way of expression. Usually it happens like this; Libra makes all claims to its counterpart and needs to be answered.

In this case, the respondent does not have to be as honest as Libra, and he can present a lot of arguments in his defense.

But one elegant and effective way to revenge exists in Libra. They can masterly repulse all sorts of sympathies of the offender to any person significant to him.

Also, Libra is easily able to break into warm, cherished places, only to wave a pen out of there, in which case the offender will surely hold his heart from envy and injustice of fate.

In a word, in the arsenal of their revenge, all methods of highly intellectual and underground intrigues are widely represented. Such people are good to use as negotiators.

They will be able to resolve any conflict that threatens to escalate into scandal, and even the most severe and vicious chief will be satisfied with the work of Libra in this field.

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