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Horoscope as revenge zodiac signs, Sagittarius

Horoscope as revenge zodiac signs, Sagittarius

Avengers from Sagittarius are extremely cunning and patient. Sagittarius can wait a long time for an opportunity to punish the offender and do it in a sophisticated form so that the offender himself may not understand who struck him.

Sagittarius are always ready to fight for their principles and always try to defend justice, and they are able to think for a long time about their future actions, which ultimately lead to the desired result for Sagittarius.

In addition, they need to have as many spectators as possible on the battlefield. For Streltsov, it is important not only to take revenge on the violator of justice, but to prove to the whole public how disgusting this person is, and then with great noise, with all sorts of special effects, try to destroy him in the eyes of this very public.

Possessing stable principles, Sagittarius remembers the offenses inflicted on them for a very long time.

And if in twenty years they meet a rival, they will not disdain to trample him in the dirt at the first opportunity.

It is difficult to beat Sagittarius only in bureaucratic revenge. Let’s say, you need to get any bureaucratic certificate, you go after it, and it is issued by Sagittarius, whom you were ten years ago, stepped on your leg and did not apologize.

You have to go through all the circles of hell for this reference.

Identify your identity, you can only collect your ancestry to the twelfth generation, then you will need to get permission for the necessary paper, having traveled to various institutions located in different parts of the city.

Then, this reference will be coordinated for three years in various commissions and, as a result, you will receive the necessary paper, but without the necessary seals. The further course of events depends only on the fantasy of Sagittarius.

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