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Horoscope by date of birth — born on 15th

Horoscope by date of birth - born on 15th

Your lucky numbers:15; 6; 14; 23; 6; 24

Adverse your numbers: 17; eight

Successful days: Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Lucky stones: emerald, turquoise

Ailments to which you are exposed: diseases of the nose, uh

Secrets of numbers 1; 5. The number 5 is proud. The leader, with reasonable thoughts, bold, number 5 — Mercury.

The function of this planet is ideas, calculation, transactions, everything that underlies the business. In sum, these numbers give 6 — the number of love, the planet Venus, which is responsible for the romantic relationship with the opposite sex.

These people lure the other sex, not knowing it. In general, the number 15 is a leader, a calculating, practical person and believing in a fairy tale.

Belief in a fairy tale in this case oppresses prudence. The number 15 always keeps its decision and does not change it, even incorrect, because he goes to the end.

In his business he does not leave what he has begun, and always completes it. He occasionally completes the business left by him, he tries to betray him to others.

Features — romance, dreaminess figures 6. This is evidenced by horoscope by date of birth.

The reality of such people is present, but it is not enough. He is looking for a man like himself.

The partner’s finances, of course, seduce him, but this is not the main thing for him. Such people are quick-tempered, to change the mood for the worse, you don’t need much.

They also quickly move away from resentment.

Such people will not be interested with a dreamy man, just like himself. People born on the 15th, born to romance.

They are prone to money, but lack of them will not be much upset. Such people easily get along with wealthy people.

Their marriage is happy, but the main thing is the spouse’s answer to their emotionality.

Such people are recommended to eat apples, garlic, ginger, mint.

The number 15 can be pressured, and such a person can easily join bad companies and submit to clever individuals. Strong influence to money can serve the wrong choice of life.

About it horoscope warns everyone born on the 15th.

People born of this number, deceased, do not start the conflict first, prefer to keep silent better.

They are successful on the financial side.

But, before accepting for some work, they are recommended to think things through, as they prefer to subsequently step aside. So people need patience, which they do not have.

The number 15 has good luck in life.

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