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Horoscope by date of birth — born on 7 numbers

Horoscope by date of birth - born on 7 numbers

Your lucky numbers: 29; 7; 2; 16; 19; 11; 20

Adverse your numbers: 28; 3; 1; 10; thirty; five; 12; 21; 9; 14

Successful days of the week: Monday Sunday

Lucky stones: cat’s eye, moonstone, and also sea pearls

Favorable colors: pink, as well as all shades of green, white and yellow

Ailments You Affected: gastric diseases, possible nervous stress.

The symbol of the number 7 is the planet Neptune. This number is completely independent, and to some extent similar to 2, but has a greater personality and a stronger character.

People born on the 7th are independent in nature, have individuality in character and originality of mind. They are not materialists, but at the same time they use more wealth and material goods than others.

Thanks to their ingenuity and originality of mind, they become people of high culture, such as writers, poets, artists. A writer who was born on the 7th will surely be popular and successful in society.

Usually such people start their own business, and prefer to start it from scratch.

And if they inherit anything, they want someone else to run the business.

These people love to travel a lot and undergo many changes in their lives. Being philanthropists by nature, they prefer to donate to charity. They love their loved ones very much, and their love of neighbor is almost spiritual, although they themselves are not particularly religious.

They have a large number of new ideas, and this all makes them people of the highest society. Strongly developed intuition — they literally see through another person and this gives them the opportunity to outrun others by a step.

What will happen to such people tomorrow? No one can say, and such mystery gives them more mystery. They are usually very rich or without much difficulty can improve their well-being.

More often they live a luxurious life in the second half of life. People on the 7th are very lucky.

The number 7 itself is generally considered a good number.

By nature, people born on the 7th are very mobile and changeable. Therefore, they can not stay with one person for a long time. Very often such people marry several times to find the one and only (go).

They think about the future all the time.

Because of their variability, such people are often paid attention to and such people are very interesting sexually, because you never know what to expect from such people in the next minute. They have a pronounced sexual appetite, prefer to often change partner.

But such distractions will not affect ongoing communication.

A person who is married to people born on the 7th should not pay attention to such minor betrayals — in such cases they help to satisfy the desire for change. It should be accepted and understood that these minor betrayals will help to make a spouse a more interesting person, and life itself will become brighter.

Possessing many positive qualities, people born on the 7th also have negative traits.

Their constant volatility can harm them if they have no permanent partner or goal.

If they constantly rush from one to another, then sooner or later it will lead to a bad end. Of course, moments of small changes are good, but if you do not have constancy, it will lead to collapse.

Those living with such people should try to prevent such possible changes and fluctuations of the partner. They need to drop the anchor, which they are constantly looking for.

You can not pay attention to minor changes in life, to adultery. Do not make scandals because of fleeting betrayals, trivia.

People born on the 7th have no restrictions, and the partner must meet these requirements.

It will be useful for such people to eat: cucumbers, mushrooms, grapes, drink milk.

Number 7 has mysterious powers, and is included in the list of very good numbers. People of this number have excellent intuitive knowledge about their loved ones.

They are very developed in creative terms, and very creative.

The negative quality is that they like constant change, and this can attract a lot of trouble to their head.

If they make treason, then they must be sure that this will not cause any harm.

And in the rest of the features such people are just beautiful, and you can easily become friends with them.

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