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Horoscope by date of birth — born on the 12th

Horoscope by date of birth - born on the 12th

Your auspicious numbers — 1, 6, 10,11, 12, 20, 21, 23, 28, 30

Adverse Numbers — 4, 13, 16, 22, 7, 25, 31

Good days of the week — monday and thursday

Lucky stones — white sapphire

Your favorable colors — white or azure

Ailments to which you are prone — stomach disorders, high blood pressure, skin.

Recommended Products: grapes, mint, ginger, plum.

In order to understand the influence of the number 12 on the fate of a person, it is necessary to consider the number of which it consists. So, horoscope by date of birth.

The number 12 includes a one and a two. The number 2 marks the energy of a person in actions at work, in the family, in society.

People who have a two, have very low energy. In every possible way avoid conflicts.

Doing good is always waiting for encouragement in the form of praise. They love compliments, the main difference from others is leadership.

Located to the alcohol and drugs. They like to talk only about themselves, they are not interested in other people’s problems.

Physical labor is not interesting to them.

The unit, on the contrary, is a symbol of courage, courage and honor. The characteristic features of the number 1 are creative thinking, ingenuity, originality in actions.

People with the presence of the number 1 have enormous potential in leadership, in leadership, which pulls them to open their business. Physical labor is not suitable for units, mental work is more characteristic of them.

In sum, the number 12 turns into a three, which, like the unit, is a powerful number. Only under this figure is no longer a leader, but a dictator.

And ambitions turn into a desire to dominate.

As a result, a soft, sensitive, sentimental nature is hidden under the influence of these figures.

The sensitivity of two is that such people are very easy to persuade. Such people prefer to obey, avoid controversial issues and conflicts. They can be found through softness, tact and love.

Their uncertainty is smoothed by one and three. Such people always consult before making serious decisions.

They need approval from outside. They have the mind of numbers 2 and creative thinking of numbers 1. They possess self-organization of numbers 3 and methodical as figure 1. They leave diplomatic leaders who always listen to their subordinates.

They seek power, but with the consent of others. The number 12 is an excellent number, due to the balance of numbers 1 and 3, in which all the negative qualities of the two are smoothed out.

Living with them is easy. They are constant in their affections.

They want their partners to have moderate similar qualities, like their own. As a rule, their marriages are happy, provided that the partner does not have the same disadvantages in excess. They are sexually relaxed, while waiting for the same emancipation from their partners, do not accept any prohibitions and taboos.

They love the unknown and love to experiment.

They are considered gentle, affectionate lovers. But spiritual compatibility is not in the last place.

They do not feel complete satisfaction if they do not receive spiritual understanding from their partner.

Due to their calm temperament, they easily get along with others. They treat others with understanding, always listen and cheer. Choose a neutral side, afraid of offending and annoying anyone.

Although, if necessary, they can express everything that they have accumulated in their souls.

Because of their sensitivity, they remember the insult for a very long time. Scroll it in my head all the time. Why is it difficult for them to forgive and forget her?

Because of their insecurity, it is difficult for them to sort things out directly, which makes them deeply unhappy. Begin to become aggressive and annoyed when receiving advice. As air, they need not parting words, but the approval of the people around them.

You need to be tactful with such people. When difficulties appear, they are lost.

The number 12 is a positive number in all senses. But we must remember that people under this number often show self-doubt, they are dominated by the qualities of a dreamer. People born on the 12th, it is necessary to overcome these traits.

They also need to accept that in life other than white stripes, there are black.

Horoscope advises: no need to give up in case of any trouble, you should only go forward. As a rule, luck favors these people.

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