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Horoscope by date of birth — born on the 13th

Horoscope by date of birth - born on the 13th

Your lucky numbers: thirty; 28; 21; 12; ten; 3; one

Adverse your numbers: 23; 22; 14; 13; five; four

Successful days: thu, weekends

Lucky stones: sapphire blue

Colors: gray, blue

Ailments You Affected: weak liver, back and head pain

It is believed that the figure 13 brings misfortune. But all this is superstition.

The character of the people of number 13 is not simple, but its owners are quite happy and quite successful. After all, the numbers 1 and 3 symbolize success in everything, especially in a career.

Born on the 13th, they always achieve their goals and never stop halfway, they are distinguished by firmness of mind, ambition, independence, integrity and conviction of views. Together with these qualities, pessimism, susceptibility to despondency and apathy somehow coexist. And this is not surprising, because if you add these numbers together, you’ll get 4 in total. These are not very good qualities and come from this number.

This is evidenced by horoscope.

Sometimes a person himself does not understand why he refuses from the chances that fall to him throughout his life.

And no matter how real the chances are, the tempting and promising, they cannot do anything about themselves when a wave of self-doubt and despair rolls over them. When he comes to his senses, incredible disappointment of missed opportunities comes to them.

Ambitions do not give them peace. But there are always chances that are ahead and which people of the number 13 will not miss, because they have a lively mind and grasp everything on the fly. They will be able to achieve success on the condition that they lower pessimism and a little diminish their ambitions.

What would they not have achieved, they are always enough. They should periodically recall Pushkin’s famous fairy tale A.S. «On the fisherman and the fish.»

An important success factor for people of number 13 are friends and relatives. It is important for them to be pushed for any actions, praised and approved of their actions.

All of this is the effect of the same number 4. It makes people number 13 be closed, not very emotional.

Their pessimism reaches the point of being able to annoy others so much that friends can turn into enemies. Or, at least, in the excluded people.

However, if they become attached, it is forever.

A loyal person is not found if he is attached to someone.

Equally important for them is sex, but as a physical process. You should not wait on the 13th number of sensuality and an explosion of emotions in bed.

Even if a person is in love, no emotion is invested in sex. Their desire arises at the animal level, it is difficult to control.

Next to such a person can only live a multifaceted and versatile person. The partner will have to learn to support, direct, and at the same time do everything as if the initiative comes from the number 13 people.

They will greatly appreciate the partner who will go after them even to the ends of the world, no matter what adventure they put in their life partner.

To cope with apathy and disbelief in themselves and their strength can only partner who lives solely positive and able to share it with her beloved. And since the number 13 people are pessimistic most of their lives, many positive things will be needed.

A lot of need and patience, because of the lack of self-confidence, they are extremely jealous.

Science numerology is serious enough, and if you study horoscope by date of birth, the contradictions of the characters will become clear. The problems themselves will not be solved, but, having understood the essence and their cause, it is easier to eliminate them and correct some of their shortcomings.

Some conditions can be overcome with the help of spices, for example, ginger and garlic will help to cope with pessimism and despondency. And spicy and spicy people born on the 13th, it is better to avoid, so as not to provoke liver disease, to which they have a tendency.

Only products with the main drawback (pessimism) of the number 13 people cannot cope. You need to constantly work on yourself, reducing the disadvantages, replacing them with advantages. Negative people and the second half will cope with the negative, which will give warmth and constantly support.

Getting approval makes it easier to make important decisions and struggle with your own bad qualities. And claiming themselves, the people of number 13 will be happy and self-sufficient.

One has only to start living a bright and fulfilling life, then there will be no room for whining and negative.

Everything in life will seem harmonious, and the appetites will finally become reasonable and moderate.

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