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Horoscope by date of birth — born on the 9th

Horoscope by date of birth - born on the 9th

Favorable numbers: 10,19,28

Successful days of the week: Monday Sunday

Lucky stones: topaz, yellow diamond

Good colors: light yellow, golden

Possible diseases: high blood pressure, heart and eyes

Include in the diet: garlic, orange, honey, saffron, ginger

The number 9, consisting of fours and fives, is a weakened number. People born on the 9th are leaders, but less so than those born 1. They are very ambitious and have clarity of thought.

In solving their goals, they are very hard and stubborn and never stop halfway, they always strive to fulfill all their plans.

When carrying out their plans do not like when someone tries to intervene; seek not to waste time planning and distributing their plans by the minute. Usually they are very lucky in life, but not as powerful and harsh as born 1 numbers.

People born of this number are very intelligent, possess creative abilities, courage and rich imagination.

They sincerely believe in luck and success, which, by the way, comes to them very often, and therefore they often make big bets to achieve their goals, without fear of loss.

By nature, they are leaders and strive to find partners around themselves who will unconditionally obey them and carry out all actions without any questions. In this, they have similarities with those born on the 1st, who are looking for obeying people.

In matters of sex are very strong and when choosing a partner, they give their preferences only to strong partners, since for them one of the main aspects is physical satisfaction.

They get along well and go on contact with people until they feel that they are being deceived.

By nature, these people are very sincere and are waiting for sincerity from others. They are very good friends and loyal lovers, demanding the same from their partners.

They are famous for their independence, and their main motto is: «Live and let live for others.»

Despite the fact that these people are eager for leadership and leadership, they do not like being blindly obeyed. They strive to work alone, so that no one intervenes, while others are admired.

At the same time, they are friendly and very easy to get along with.

Being energetic, energetic and smart, they achieve great success in life.

The number 9 is a very lucky and positive number.

Negative traits

The main drawback of the horoscope according to the date of birth of the number 9 is partial insensitivity to subordinates. Very quick-tempered. Because of their vigor can not tolerate inactivity.

Because of the reluctance to listen to others, they can acquire enemies for themselves. Because of their uncontrollability, they can sweep away everything in their path, so they must be controlled.

Very vindictive and do not tolerate shortcomings in people, they may even start to despise them. In connection with these shortcomings, they need to strive to cultivate tolerance in themselves.

The number 9 is lucky and successful. You only need to strive to overcome your intolerance towards people who perform tasks worse than they do. Try to control your ambitions and relax more.

Learn patience and restraint towards others.

In spite of everything, these people are very successful.

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