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Horoscope Capricorn (Capricorn) 22 — 20 . Capricorn is characterized by vitality and stubbornness.

They always strive for the best result. Representatives of this zodiac sign, although a bit lazy, but still smart and proud of it.

They always strive for greater self-development and put a huge amount of effort into this, but they never stop learning.

Relations with others Capricorns build very ineptly, with certain difficulties. All this is due to their excessive pride.

It seems to people that Capricorns are too self-confident and do not immediately make contact, although they do not need a wide circle of communication, they have enough narrow, but constant. In addition, the representatives of this zodiac sign do not like the envy of others, so they prefer to act alone.

Capricorns are selfish people, but at the same time they do not exalt themselves in relation to others. Even more, they are constantly fighting with their own complexes.

It seems to those around him that Capricorns are calm and balanced.

However, within them there is a desire for leadership, or even power, which they cannot control.

From Capricorn get tough tyrants. They can stop only manners or traditions, as well as loyalty, which is inherent in the representatives of this zodiac sign.

Capricorns-Women: their main value is their own family. They do not stop after achieving success in their careers, but they do not put work above the family.

Even a good salary will not keep Capricorn at work if, because of her, you have to put family aside. They need a soul mate to feel complete comfort.

Capricorns Women are always confident in the correctness of their actions and do not even think about another scenario. They are not inherent vulgarity or rudeness.

Capricorn Man: modest, but with a strong character. Representatives of this zodiac (men) simply adore when they are praised and their merits are recognized, but shyness does not allow them to talk about it. In his youth, usually.

Capricorns obey adults, but later become insurgents, gain some levity.

Element zodiac sign Capricorn

The element of Capricorns is the Earth, and it gives them practicality and prudence.

Capricorns are real dreamers, but they also dream of realists, so they dream thoroughly. Representatives of this zodiac sign do not show their true nature to everyone they meet, their trust must be won.

But for those who know Capricorns well — lucky. After all Capricorns are loyal, responsible, prudent, real friends come out of them.

All of their actions, especially significant, Capricorns commit in the shadows, and go slowly to success. Usually Capricorns dispose of all resources with a rational approach and value everything that they have.

For Capricorns, stability and idyll are important, both in the family and at work.

Job and Career of Capricorn

Most of all Capricorns prefer such areas as farming, construction, industrial or mining. In addition, they are addicted to history, antiques, politics, can easily cope with personnel management.

Capricorns are persistent, responsible and careful, in this regard, they enjoy success in the eyes of the authorities, but the employees of their status see Capricorns only as competitors, but not friends.

Capricorns can achieve the greatest success alone. In this regard, they need to provide a separate room or just a working area.

For Capricorn in demanding positions inherent demands and despotic character. Those that are more cunning, when communicating with an employee below status, try to study it and find all the weak points in order to be able to manipulate them in the future.

Capricorns are a little envious people. But they can only envy the tireless pioneers, or lucky people. At the same time, they themselves will never take risks and do not commit a rash act.

When they achieve certain material benefits, they do not try to increase them, but simply want to keep what they already have. It is noted that Capricorns become successful only by mature age.

Psychological portrait of Capricorn

Capricorns are energetic people, but by nature they are passive.

This just proves that after gaining something, they are trying to save it, not to waste it.

By the way, it is a question not only of material resources, but also, for example, of impressions.

Capricorns usually do not start a dispute and do not try to defend their point of view. They just stay at their opinion sincerely, and just sure they are right.

Representatives of this zodiac sign, though not conflicts, are seeking benefits from conflict resolution. Failure will not allow Capricorns to give up, because they solve the tasks by inertia.

Restraint is inherent in Capricorn. They are not emotional and try to keep their feelings at heart.

Capricorns by nature are pessimists, of course, not all, but many. Believing in yourself is not about them.

It seems to them that circumstances are always against them, they can often feel like complete losers. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Capricorns is not easily given something in life, they just have to achieve their own.

Capricorns are responsible and caring.

Capricorn Health

Capricorns have poor health, however, they often get sick. Almost no one cold does not pass by them.

Taking care of their health in the background, they fully devote themselves to work and family. Capricorns avoid diets, massages, sports, or even jogging.

Yes, and doctors are difficult to force them to go. Capricorns must eat right, monitor their skin and sports form.

Capricorns’ weak spots are the stomach, teeth, bones and nervous system.

Because of the emotions that they usually accumulate inside of themselves, depression may appear. Capricorns are frivolous, they do not understand what mental problems are.

For happiness, Capricorn simply needs to make daily walks in the fresh air.

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