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Horoscope Capricorn for March 2019 — work and business

Horoscope for Capricorn on March of the year promises a very calm and measured month. After a series of difficulties in February, Capricorns will finally be able to breathe freely.

I have prepared for you the best predictions of the astrologers so that you can deal with it better.

General trends

In March, Capricorn will be so deeply immersed in itself that it will be unable to see and accept the opportunities that the Universe will give it. This will lead to the fact that any goals will be given at the cost of great efforts, nothing will “fall” from the sky.

Therefore, the results of the month are directly dependent on him.

Horoscope Capricorn for March 2019 - work and business

Forecasts and recommendations of astrologers:

  1. Your life will depend on the focus of your attention. If you constantly think about problems and difficulties, they will come down on you in huge quantities. If you concentrate on the positive, you will get a lot of good. Therefore, learn to control your thoughts and direct the energy in the right direction.
  2. It is very important to engage in mental work in March: to find and remove negative limiting beliefs and change them to positive ones. Choose the tool yourself. You can both turn to a psychologist, and do esoteric. What is important is not a “shovel”, but how you will dig it. In any case, your thinking will determine the rest of his life.
  3. March has to think. Think about what you want and how this can be achieved. Make a plan of action for the month, year and ten years ahead. It is for Capricorns that clear planning and goal-setting work best.
  4. Try to rarely include rationalism and more often listen to intuition. Inside you already have all the answers, it is only important to learn to listen to your inner voice. Such an approach will also help to activate the creative side of your personality and to secure colossal inspiration.
  5. This is a favorable period for creativity. If you have long dreamed of drawing, singing or dancing, start doing it. Classes «for the soul» will give a huge amount of energy that you can later use to achieve goals.

There are moments that may prevent you from achieving your goals. Consider that excessive demands on people and biased attitude can create you a lot of problems.

Get rid of it, and become much happier.

Love, relationship and family

The situation in his personal life promises to be very ambiguous. It seems that everything is well formed, but something is missing.

Why is this happening?

Horoscope Capricorn for March 2019 - work and business

Recommendations and forecasts:

  1. If you are single, then wonder how much attention you will receive from the opposite sex. But for some reason this is of little use. Fans around a bunch, but there is no one to choose. The most that can be expected is a fleeting “holiday romance” that will not lead to anything serious. Therefore, do not have much hope, just enjoy the moment.
  2. Those Capricorns who can easily relate to dating and socializing with the opposite sex will not insist on a relationship, they will ultimately benefit. After a certain time, it turns out that one of the series of fans is the second half that you have been searching for all your life. But this will happen not in March, but in a few months.
  3. If you are already in a relationship, then it is important to constantly show the chosen one that you are a stable and reliable person, that you always support, you can rely on. Work to become a partner and a friend, and an assistant and lover.
  4. If conflicts do occur, it is imperative not to wash the dirty linen in public. Keep yourself from sharing the quarrel with friends or colleagues. You reconcile sooner or later, and the residue from your talkativeness will remain and will spoil the relationship, turning into a time bomb.

Astrologer’s advice: in the area of ​​love relationships, stop analyzing, comparing and including logic. The habit of looking for a catch will make your worst expectations come true.

It is better to learn to give free rein to feelings and behave as sincerely, openly as possible, do not be afraid to show your emotions.

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Work and business

In March, you can substitute a colleague or business partner. At first, his action will seem to be a harmless deception, but in the end it can lead to serious negative consequences for you.

So be alert and carefully select people to collaborate.

To get a promotion or increase your income, you have to work very hard. It is possible, even to make tremendous efforts that you were not capable of before.

You can get very tired at work, but calm yourself with the thought that you are laying a solid foundation for a secure and rich future.

Horoscope Capricorn for March 2019 - work and business

It is important to concentrate on one business, one goal, and not to be sprayed on several.

In the first case, you can send a huge and very powerful flow of energy and get a great result.

In the second — you will not bring anything to the end and you will remain extremely disappointed.

In the second half of the month, sales are likely to increase. If you are employed, money may come from unexpected sources.

They will not get to just have to work hard, but you will significantly increase income.

  • Capricorns need to work hard to solve problems and achieve their goals.
  • Keep the focus on one thing, do not expend energy on many things at once.
  • Where your thoughts, there and your energy. Concentrate on what you want to get, not what you want to get rid of.
  • Be careful with colleagues or business partners. Betrayal can happen where you have not waited.
  • Do not count on a serious relationship. You will begin to show increased attention, but this is all very superficial.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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