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Horoscope for February Leo

Horoscope for February Leo

February of the year for Lviv will be much more eventful, compared with a calm January. You expect contacts with a variety of people, as well as many trips and adventures.

The horoscope warns you that this month you may have to take some vital decision.

The main objectives of the month of Leo

Most of the sun will be in the 7th house of your horoscope — the area of ​​entertainment, children and sex. 18 years it moves to the 8th house — an area of ​​extreme situations and inheritance. This month you will lead an active social life, communicate a lot with people around you, and often visit various friendly companies.

The most important thing is to try not to get scattered and not to waste time on some nonsense. According to Leo’s horoscope, February is the time when you will be full of energy — try to find a suitable application for it.

If you have any problems, the horoscope advises to seek the help of close people, do not try to cope with everything alone. But in your personal life is not expected any change. If you are alone, then February does not give you anything new.

But, in the end, loneliness is not such a terrible thing and it can also be a pleasure.

Horoscope for February Leo: study, business and contacts

Until the second half, Mercury will be in your 7th house. Then he moves on — to the 8th house of your horoscope. This month, Lions will especially like to communicate with people around them, they will even “work for the public” a little, exchange ideas and maintain constant contact.

This position of the planet, says the horoscope, is extremely beneficial for people engaged in social activities, a lot of moving, making public performances — politicians, actors, journalists, writers, advertising workers. Leo’s horoscope for February predicts that this time is also favorable for the development of personal business — if you take advantage of the moment, you will be able to strengthen and expand your business contacts.

Office workers will have to work a lot with papers, it is possible that they will have to assume some of the responsibilities of a secretary or accountant.

Love and money of Leo sign in February

The financial position of Lviv in February will be extremely stable. You have nothing to worry about. the money will come to you right on time.

In addition, according to the horoscope, at the end of this month, you can expect to receive some unplanned amount, for example — a premium from the leadership.

At the beginning of the second decade, Venus moves from the 7th house of your horoscope to 8 — the area of ​​emergency situations. For some representatives of the mark in February, this may give unexpected passionate feelings that will be very difficult to handle. Unfortunately, this love is unlikely to be mutual and happy.

It can bring only a lot of emotional experiences and even lead to depression. In established relationships or in marriage, everything will not be too easy either. And all because, as the horoscope says, this month it will be very difficult for the Lions to calm their temperament, which will demand a way out.

It is possible that some representatives of the sign even doubt that they are close to the «right» person.

According to the horoscope for February, Lions, try not to make hasty decisions, if there is such a need, you can just try to take some time off from each other and live separately.

Horoscope for February Leo: activity and health

Mars throughout this period continues to be in Lviv in the 5th house — the area of ​​family relations and marriage. This may give Lviv dictatorial manners in February, they will try to completely subjugate their partner and control him even in small things.

Of course, this behavior will present a specific problem for your relationship. The horoscope recommends that you better direct your energy to go in for sports or at least start running in the morning?

By the way, it will be very useful for the fight against obesity.

In the area of ​​your health is not expected any special problems. According to the horoscope, you need to try not to abuse bad habits and to establish a normal diet.

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Horoscope for February Leo

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